Thursday, September 17, 2009


ABOVE: all Brylee's Barbie and Brat dolls... mine for the next few days. WHY? Cos every day I make that girl lunch for school.. and EVERY day she does not eat it.... cos she would rather play with her friends than eat her lunch.

Normally it would not matter.. if your kid was 'normal'... but Brylee has had an eating problem all her life... it's NOT physical or's just her being INCREDIBLY PICKY.... and having a very small appetite.

She has driven me nuts with her behaviour to the point of wanting to throttle her over and over again. If I fed her biscuits/lollies/chips/jam sandwiches/ice cream and the like she would not have a 'problem' eating it.... but I REFUSE to pander to her.

If she wants to stuff her face with crap food when she's older, that's her choice. For now... she is going to eat good, healthy food... even if it kills me!

RANT OVER... I think!

Some days I just want to forget I have any kids....cos they drive me nuts.

TODAY: probably going into a Telecom shop to get a new phone. Darn annoyed about that... cos my 'old' phone was really NEW. And EXPENSIVE. BUGGER, DAMN AND BLAST.

*smile Chris, smile, life could be worse*....sniff.

I went to town and bought a new phone... there was no point claiming on our insurance.. we would have ended up paying more than the phone was worth in penalties. pfffft.

That took over an hour... choosing a new, cheaper one that will be less enticing to be stolen, then getting all my old data transferred onto it from an even older phone I had kept (luckily)

I've spent the rest of the day learning how to use the new phone... and doing a bit of housework... sewing bla bla bla. I hope to catch up on some blog reading tonight while 'The Man' watches rugby! LOL.

I've been working on the latest sewing project... and the name for it popped into my head: "Sweetpea"...

End of Day: I'm totally bummed.. I soooo thought it was Friday today! DOH. Going to sulk now. nite nite.


  1. Phone shopping is so much fun! Enjoy playing with your dollies today!
    Kel xxx

  2. I had a very fussy eater - she still is! We sit down for a BBQ and she will have a lettuce and marmite sandwich! Weird as her kids eat anything! Yet our non fussy daughter has fussy eaters.

    Damn about the phone!

  3. Poor Marc [my hubby] was on the receiving end of my frustration and ranting last night. My kids are so lucky and so spoiled and so busy and I'm so tired!!!!!

  4. I don't blame you for not pandering to picky habits. The kids eat what we put on the table. My husband's grandmother had 10 kids and she would make something different for each kid every evening according to what they wanted. So there would be all these different courses on the table. Crazy! They are all still complainers. Sheesh.

  5. Boy, good luck with your daughter. I can see how frustrated you are. That's a teen thing...we all went through it.

  6. I haven't played Barbies for ages. ENJOY!

    Seriously, though, I fully appreciate your frustration with Brylee. My stepson was like that (he's 36 now!) I remember one weekend he came to stay with us and he didn't eat from Friday night till Sunday cos I wouldn't give him the crap he demanded. Still not really sure who won that round! And that was 33 years ago.

    Happy phone hunting. Hang it round your neck!

  7. Chris, I understand your frustration. I really do. Does Brylee have other issues? I ask b/c Elf and G also have eating problems and when G was in the hospital for stomach problems they found NO FAT on him with the CT scan. Um, he's fed, but chooses not to eat frequently.

    Then, they'll ask him if he's fed well. The kid is autistic and will say NO, he isn't. (Because to his mind? Fed means getting the food he wants.)

    *head bang*

  8. You can claim insurance for the replacement of your phone.

    I can't wait to see your next project.

  9. kids. Good ideas. How come they won't fix your NEW phone? You should sniff.

  10. Sorry to hear about the toe-rag stealing your phone. I hope you are able to claim some insurance towards the costs of a nice new one.

  11. *claps* I hear you with the picky eater thing ... Ayisha does it to me too ... she will pretend to have a belly ache at dinner if it is something she doesn't like!! Then she asks her father behind my back for a sandwich coz that will make her feel better!! *arrrr!!!!*
    She is 8 and has always been the same!! .... I make her eat it now ... she will sit and eat until she has had what I think is enough!! Fuck it ... too much money goes to waste!! Little shit!
    Ok .. rant over! *smiles*

    I am loving your quilts my sweet!! I have been reading but don't often get a chance to comment ... I know that you know that I still love you!! *lmao*

    Oh and when are you coming back over here?? huh huh huh???


  12. Chris

    Good for you with Brylee - I think you have done the right thing. With the phone - damn annoying to say the least. Mx

  13. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Trying to get caught up on your blog! You always make me laugh! I need you to come over here and give me some lessons on how to cram all you do into one day. You amaze me.

  14. One of the very most thankful for things about my mom is that she really encouraged me to eat a little of everything. She was not the type to make me eat everything because of the starving children in China, but just to taste everything. And I can say some of the veggies I hated as a child, I can't get enough of now. Like Brussel sprouts. Kids grow out of the junk food phase...they just have to be encouraged to do so.

  15. I like the name ofd yor new project, i remmeber you calling me that and now i call rena that!

    Daughter #3

  16. So sorry your phone was stolen. I just can't get my head around people who do this. I never leave my bad in the supermarket - always leave it over my shoulder. Shame it has come to this though.

  17. Sympathize with your picky eater, Meison is also picky but she likes things that are good for her - go figure! "Oral Sensory Issues", there are certain textures she just can't stand to put in her mouth but she is getting better. I did read an article about picky eaters a few days ago and it said the newest research implies it is your bodies own genetic makeup and can't be changed nor is it neccessarily inherited although it can be. Who knows???
    Maybe you can sew some new clothes to go with your dollies :)
    What is "marmite", I never heard of it, never heard a thief (?) called a "toe-rag" either. I love your blog it's such an education!
    Today I finish up two Mulan costumes for Halloween and for the little Empresses to wear to Walt Disney World.
    Penny Richardson
    I'll eat most anything but I'm
    still wondering about "Marmite"? It sounds like something that would be mined out of the earth like coal :)

  18. Since I live in the stone ages . . . under a rock . . . I don't have a cell phone. Okay, technically I do but it is a pre-paid one that is for emergencies only so it is never on and no one has my number. Anyway - I am living vicariously through you in the getting a new phone saga. It sounds like fun AND a hassle!

  19. I have to do that next week as my screen is only half working. It is not under warranty either as it was already replaced last year for the same problem. Must be a defect in the model, but now the service provider wants me to take care of it because they claim it is my fault. Sure hope Brylee starts cooperating. Have fun getting to know your new phone.

  20. You go girl......good for you for sticking to your guns....I love cheer me up when I am feeling like my day is goin' bad.....I love your "Sweet Pea" is beautiful.....and yes some days my kids DRIVE ME BONKERS as well.......hugs♥

  21. I am "bummed" too - just too tired to believe I am still alive. lol

    I had to laugh at your "youngster" because I had one of those too. The only thing he wanted to ever eat was peanut butter sandwichs.He would pop through that door and head straight to the kitchen and fix him 6 - I say - 6 peanut butter sandwhichs - while I was fixing their supper.I could have throttled him and today as a growned man he is still "picky" and his wife has a time with him.

  22. My phone is like my umbillical cord now lol.

  23. I've had a lot of eating dramas with my eldest boy similar to Brylee's. Billy-Joe would throw his lunch, in the bin at home, or even over the fence! I was livid, as you can imagine. For the last twelve months, I've stopped giving him lunch. He takes morning tea and an apple, and sometimes leftovers if it's something he likes. I don't like him not eating a lunch, but he's happier, because he doesn't feel forced to eat and I'm happy because food isn't being wasted. It's not idea, but much better than having angst attached to it all the time. I don't want to make a child eat who's not hungry, I think that can create more issues later on.


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