Saturday, September 19, 2009


Tipping it upside down DID NOT HELP. It's all gone. I blame Lacy... she helped me drink most of it last weekend. *sigh*
I will have to go buy some more. I like it!
While out today we have a few things on the list.... but one of the biggest is a mouth guard for Brylee!

She grinds her teeth when asleep! And I don't mean just a little bit, she really, really grinds them badly! AND LOUDLY! We can hear her all night long. It can't be good for her teeth, or jaws! AND NO, she doesn't have worms! LOL... my Mum suggested that was the cause. She's done it for years.... but it's gotten worse in the past year or so... probably stressed out from the big move, her Dad being away so much before we came up to Auckland, etc, etc.

I have an appointment for her to see an Orthodontist in a week or so... not that they can do anything right now for her grinding, or her crooked teeth.. but I want to know what can be done, and the costs before it has to be done. It's not cheap! Oh happy, happy, joy... joy!

So it will be our usual Saturday really... out and about in the BIG SMOKE... (Kiwi 'slang' for Auckland, the biggest city in New Zealand!)....

ONWARD.... it's been raining most of the day, and it's gotten all cold again. Pfffft. We did our shopping, got the kid a mouth guard.. hopefully it works. Since coming home I've been doing a bit of sewing...

I'm really hopeless at free motion quilting, but I am still trying! I suppose I will eventually get better at it! This 'Sweet Pea Project' is going to be another Wall Hanging.. in case you are expecting to see a quilt! I am working on Xmas Presents... almost got all my girls gifts done and dusted. YAAAA.

Lamb chops are in the oven, roasting in mint sauce and onions. OHHHH YUM! AND I have some more Totara Cafe'... nummm nummm.

End of Day: dinner was really nice. The All Blacks won their game... ABOUT BLOODY TIME.... and I am doing really well on the latest sewing project. It's now almost 11.30pm and it's time to hit the sack. nite nite.


  1. I used to grind my teeth a lot when I was little and my kids did too. They say it's from stress. I hope I didn't have worms...

  2. We paid a forturne in braces for one of our girls - would hate that kind of cost now! Have a lovely day:-)

  3. Way to grab us with a title. I hope you got some more. My grandaughter entered the wonderful world of orthodontia at 6 with a spacer because she didn't have enough room for her new teeth to come seemed to work some, but she will probably still need braces. Ugh, so expensive.

  4. I have TMJ and just a mouth guard helps a *lot.* It was $300. I had dental work done since then so of course now it doesn't fit. I miss it.

  5. I love your "sweetpea" project you are working on . I can't wait to see where it leads you. Your work is awesome! You are so talented.

  6. Hi Chris,

    My partner grinds his teeth at night and I hadn't thought of a mouth guard! Must look at getting one for him. I have three sisters and they all had braces when we were young (we are now 27-36) and I remember my father saying I could go on a school trip to New Calidonia for French in form four because I hadn't cost them braces money. I think he was joking, but who knows...

    Good luck with the orthodontist.


  7. Hope the mouth guard helps! Mikayla's started that habit too and she's only just turned 1, she better not continue!

    What is it about alcohol bottles, they all seem to come with a slow leak ;-)

  8. I grind my teeth, so the dentist gave me a plastic mouthguard to wear while sleeping. You should see it! It's almost chewed through in places!
    Yes, it's bad for the teeth

  9. The quilt is looking great!


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