Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I FEEL BAD, a while ago I was given an award from http://kaykayskids.blogspot.com/Marykay... and now I've just been given it AGAIN from Karen! So here it is:

It's called Arte y pico, and I now have to pass it on to 5 Bloggers....

Bugger me! How the hell do ya narrow it down to 5 deserving bloggers? I will try...

- My Grimm Reality.... cos he's a nice Dad and Dude! And he's not too bad for a 'bloke blogger' !

- Lynda in America..... cos she's special, and loves her kids and hubby and has gone through hell lately with one of her precious kids.

- Nannette..... cos even though she's not blogging much at the moment, she's me mate and I loves her.

- Anne....cos no matter what, this woman just keeps on going!

- http://homeschoolnetc.blogspot.com/Mrs C.... cos she rocks, and is an inspiration to all who homeschool their kids!

I was only allowed 5... so the rest of you don't go pack a shit on me! I know how it feels when others get 'awards'... and you don't! Ya feel ..... sad. (sorry)

Onward with me day....

who knows what's in store? When I went to bed last night I was feeling so low, I cried even, I didn't want to talk to anyone, in fact I was REALLY REALLY MISERABLE....

And overnight I get 18 comments from you lovely buggers who read me blog and I'm feeling so much better! Thank you so much for perking me up....

I am still feeling 'FLAT' and unhappy, but I'm sure if I force myself to get outta bed and move around a bit I shall start to come right. I am just dreading Stew going back to Auckland.... and can't see an end to Open Homes and trying to sell this friggin house. I WANT TO BE WITH MY HUSBAND IN AUCKLAND SO MUCH... settled in a new home and all that.

Right, bitch and moan over, shall start me day.....

My girlfriend Janene gave me this thingee that you can attatch to ya jeans (mostly for pregnant girls) and it means you can wear your jeans without having to do them up.... so I'm so happy... I can wear me jeans without hurting me tummy.... it's not the best shot of me belly, but I don't care!

And here's another crappy shot... of the wound on me belly.. it is healing so very well, I'm rather happy with it all things considered. It goes RIGHT DOWN past the pubes.... so ya only get to see 3/4 of it!!! lol

There is only one tiny bit left at the top that has a scab on it still.... once that falls off it will be all better....

'downstairs' is still not right.... quite a bit of pain, still bleeding... but that is to be expected I'm told... being on blood thinners is slowing down the internal healing... bugger! I wanna wear me cute new knickers! Still can't.

I really do have the most amazing, understanding husband! He took me out for some RETAIL THEREAPY... and we bought...

A BOAT!...... Ok, it's a replica to sit on top of the credenza... but it's a boat... I love boats! Well anything nautical in fact!

AND I saw a really pretty Ceylonese Sapphire and diamond ring I wanted too. Stew would have got it for me, but I think I should wait till it's me birthday.... did ya all know that in October I turn ***50*** ? Fair warning right now.... I want LOTS AND LOTS OF CARDS from you buggers too!!!

Right, I'm tired, gunna have a wee nap.....

End of Day: a much better day... there is a tiny glimmer of hope in relation to the 'buyers'.... just a waiting game. And tomorrow will be another better day I am sure. Must be positive eh?

NSV: wore me jeans, and a nice top .... and me lovely winter coat.. so felt great ... funny how wearing me jeans perks me up! nite nite


  1. Thanks for the award:-) Have a good day. Are you having coffee this Sat? Will be around.

  2. Anonymous10:46 AM

    I'm sorry you had a bad day yesterday! I hope today has been better. And... I won't pack you a wobbly or a shitty or whatever even if you didn't give me an award! I just have fun reading your blog and am glad you are out of the hospital and healing!

  3. Well there is one thing I have come to know about you... you are not shy in holding back... hehehe... hugs to ya...

  4. Anonymous11:53 AM

    You better pop on over to my blog because there is another award for ya! It is a loooooong post and there are two awards... yours is the second and a way down the post!

    Have a great day Chris and... I'm so very glad you didn't show us your whole scar!

  5. Hmm ....I need one of those thingee's so I can wear the 32 pairs of jeans that my ass grew too big for.

    Your wound looks fabulous, glad you're healing quickly!

  6. *packing a shitty* Where's my award??? Just joking girl! My blog is hardly award-worthy of late :)

    Glad you can comfortably wear your jeans again!

    Sorry you had a bad day yesterday, hopefully today's looking better...

    PS Mum just adores Teddy, and I'm sure she's still keen to get another one! (she's been thinking about it for a couple of years now LOL)

  7. OO! Bloggy bling! Thanks!

    Hope you are feeling better on all fronts. Prayers for your whole family. For the house, your kids, your sis, your healing and EVERYTHING. God bless ya, hon.

    Since you have been awarded this twice, you are allowed to show it twice on your blog LOL!

  8. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Sorry you had a shitty day yesterday :0(

    Birthday Bling, now that sounds like something to cheer you upski!

    Hope today has been better.

  9. Big hugs to you.....hope you feeling better today....thinking of ya!

    ohhh when in October is the big 50 ??

  10. Your belly looks awesome. I would kill for it so quit complaining!! I am sure your blues are also due to the hormones. Hang in there girl! Even if I can't comment every day I do think of you and say a little prayer. You will be feeling like yourself soon, don't rush it! Your body has been through a shock and needs to heal. Hope you are having a great day!! Is it day?? Can you please give me an idea on what the time difference is? I am in Arizona so we are on the same time as California right now.

  11. Hey Chris - thanks for your kind comment on (as you say) "me" blog. (I think I sound like Popeye when I do that. It works better for you.) Anyway - glad to have made you laugh. I hope you're feeling all the way better soon. Nice scar, by the way.

  12. Congrats on your awards. I could use of those pregnant thingee too. It'll come in handy when I eat too much.

  13. The award is much appreciated Chris - just wish I could post enough to make it worthy.

    Who knows, this might be the nice swift kick in the rear that I need.

  14. the incision looks good. did you ever get some labs drawn?

  15. Hi mum glad to here that you are being spoilt. but hey i know what ring i get when i 30 and me happy (hey shit that only 4 years away YA)

    like tha boat ma really nice.

    And ya know that i dont forget your birthday i never forget my mothers birthday even if it is just a card witha voucher aye!!!!

    Didnt know that the dog came from aunty lori.

    Hope you liked the photos that i sent dad you will havew to scan them to put onto the computer..

    Lov ya allways

    Daughter #3

  16. Fingers crossed re the buyers!!

  17. I hope that your house sells soon, this is just dragging on for too long - you have had far more than your fair share of crap happen of late. Hope you are feeling a little brighter this evening. Your would is healing really well, so that's testament to the good things you must be doing for yourself.

  18. I'm cracking the shits now :oÞ
    Nah, i don't need awards to know i'm awesome!! lol

    Why are you replacing "my" with "me" all of a sudden?? lol

    The scar looks good. I have an overactive scar tissue thingy, meaning whenever i have a bigish wound, the scar is huge, lumpy and gross! Dreading getting all my access skin cut off when i'm thin, eewww :o/

    Chin up girlfreind! :o) [[HUG]]

  19. Retail Therapy is the best! Why just the other day I bought an incredible box of Corn Flakes. Oh wait... I covered that already. ;) I hope you're feeling better today.

  20. I love the boat its beautiful. Your scar looks great and how do we send a card I need an address! Jewelry for your birthday that would make me smile!

  21. Please keep taking it easy and feel better soon Chris!!! Hugs to you!!! :)

  22. Glad to see your mood has improved. Hopefully today will be even better. I can certainly understand your frustration. Keeping my fingers crossed that things workout ASAP. All the best.

  23. i have recieved that award before and I got tickled when I looked it up as it is an ART award and honeslty I dont consider anything on my blog from ME as anywhere near artsy but it is a very cool award and you could not beat me away from your blog with a stick so there LOL.
    Hope the house sells for you and you get to move .... and I do believe it will in the right time...anyway hope you ahve a great day (wednesday) as I am pretty sure you are sleeping lol... hugs Laura


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