Thursday, July 17, 2008


Today I go for the first of many visits to the Hospital Haematology Clinic to monitor how my blood is reacting to the new drug Rivaroxaban... a new drug to prevent blood clots which is in World Wide Trials right now. I know I am in for a blood test....

But I feel very confident that it will be OK, they are experts at this, and the last time they took blood (in the Emergency Department) it hardly hurt at all! I am one of the biggest sooks when it comes to needles!

The things that I have remembered from my time in hospital... One thing that stands out is when I was in Recover after the first operation (I think).... someone kept asking me to 'poke out me tongue' ... UMMM WHY?

AND then the buggers pricked me ear lobes and ankles to get blood! UMMM WHY? I so don't get that!

Anyway.... what else is on today?

Well, we hope to hear from the Real Estate Agent with good news, but Stew is not hopeful, he reckons they will come back with a super low offer which we will, of course, reject. But, let's just wait and see eh?
I am trying to be positive and hopeful.... later...

I've had the first blood test, now waiting till 11 am to go back for the next one.... ikkkkkk. While we were there we picked up my UTERUS from Histology/Pathology... it weighs bugger all! Sad. Stew is going to bury it in the cemetary with my brothers and Dad on his way back to Auckland this weekend.

We walk into the house, Stew is carrying me uterus (in a brown paper bag)... Griffin sees the bag and says "Oh neat, you got lunch for us!"..... AHHH No mate, we did not! LOL *kinda grossed me out that did!*

To answer some of your quetions:
- yes we have permission to bury my uterus at the cemetery.... under a tree.
-No, I will not be getting it outta it's little box for a gander, put it under a microscope or anything like that!
- Yes, we will accept an offer on our home under our asking price, as long as it's reasonable! We want to move!

And for anyone who is even remotely interesed... above is me uterus in a cute wee box. It weighs bugger all.... so I suppose I had better continue with the diet then.....*sigh*
Oh and thanks for the comments... most of them really cracked me up and made a yukky day much happier!
HOUSE SALE... is still in negotiations, MIGHT hear something more tonight..... the 'buyers' are now consulting with their solicitor... I could throttle them for dragging this out so long.
It's 3pm, Stew has taken the kids to the movies, I'm bloody tired so gunna have a nap... so bugger off and come back later!
Well so much for a nap, the phone kept ringing, then Teddy started howling, so no nap.
I have just spent an hour sitting in the kitchen teaching Steve how to make Macaroni Cheese...he did well, and didn't burn it even! We will be having it for dinner tonight, AFTER I go to Weight Watchers! Am expecting a gain cos I have been EVIL.... well I gained 600 grms.... so not as bad as I expected.
End of Day: havn't heard from the Real Estate Agent... this is like psychological torture!
NSV: been totally on track today and feel good for it. Lots of ice in me Just Juice... so I'm getting some water! wooo hooo. nite nite.


  1. they took blood from your ankles?

    now THAT is something i have never heard about in my life!

  2. Aren't you planning a tattoo ...and you don't like needles? eek!
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you get an offer to your liking.

  3. Oh I know how you feel. When I had my pulmonary embolism I was rushed into emergency and they HAD to give me a NEW injection which had NEVER been used before on anyone. I know this for a fact because my OH's cousin works in intensive care and she told us, anyway they gave me that injection which also cost OVER £2000.
    When I had my Pulmonary Embolism, my lung collapsed and I was in a right mess. They also told my OH that if I didn't stop bleeding within 24 hours then I would bleed to death, BUT I stopped.
    I had an out of body experience and when I was later allowed onto the ward I told the nurse about a strange but very real experience (out of body experience) and she told me I would have because I was what they call, clinically DEAD.
    I was in hospital for a month. But I live to tell the tale!!

    Hugs x

  4. I remember also that the drs were in every 2 hours to take blood and this went on for days which resulted in my veins also collapsing and the staff told me if they can't get the blood out of my arms (I have little puncture scars on the insides of my elbows now after all the blood test) then they would get the blood out of my feet or neck.....YEEEUUUU! I told them "NO WAY" keep trying on my arms.

    I'm sure you will be fine and you will get used to all the needles.

    Hugs x

  5. ergh... hope you go okay today and get a nice big offer on the house!

    "Stew is carrying me uterus (in a brown paper bag)"
    ... this wasn't something I thought I'd ever read - anywhere! LMAO

  6. Anonymous10:59 AM

    OK - two dumb questions - can you bury stuff in a cemetary without permission in NZ or did Stew have to get permission for the womb dig?

    And what's happening with the house - will you accept anything below your asking price or are people just coming back with stupid offers? (you've probably mentioned this long ago and I've missed it) Would it be worth taking a dollar hit just to get the hell out of there?

    Now I am SERIOUSLY asking these two questions, not being a smart arse, so NO SCATHING ATTACKS!

    Am going to write part one of that blog post I promised!!!

    Glad you liked the card!

  7. Kids!!!!! Hope you got something nice for lunch though to make up for the 'brown bag' LOL

  8. Anonymous11:32 AM

    You have your uterus in a brown paper bag!!! Stew can bury it in the cemetary there? Huh... they don't allow that in the states. In fact, a legislator I know went through a heck of a time getting a law passed where families can have the remains of babies they've lost so they can bury them. The hospitals would just take them and either send them off for research or incinerate them. Unfortunately, his law didn't make a difference for him and his wife. He cries when he talks about it.

    So... I have to ask... have ya checked it out? Are you gonna take pictures of it? Is it very big? Is it sealed in heavy plastic so you can see through it? It is so gross but... I'd be all over it. I have a microscope too.

  9. You are giving your uterus a burial? Um are the rest of your remains going to be added later?
    I love to hear you talk what a riot. Stickin your ear lobes and ankles? Were you dying? what the heck? What kind of medicine do they practice out there in the outback?

    hope you sell,...

  10. My ex still has the twins placentas in the freezer at home.... still need to make a decision on what to do with them... Good luck with the house hopefully you can open up those bubbles tonight....

  11. Haha! I can't believe you have your uterus sitting in a box in your living room! Cracks me up!!

    Happy to hear that you came through the operation okay...

    And fingers crossed for your house!

  12. Okay - I am a bit freaked about the fact that you brought home your uterus in a box. Yuck! I don't think I would have ever thought of burying it either but it is an oddly nice idea.

    I know about the drawing blood from all kinds of places. Several years back I was having blood drawn daily and they totaly collapsed my veins - in both arms! The brilliant tech decided to take it from the back of my knee - VERY, VERY painful. AND it wouldn't stop bleeding for something like two hours! I would much rather go for the neck!

  13. AHHHH!!! I'm on the edge of my seat with the house sale!!

  14. Interesting. Here in the state it would be considered medical waster and therefore illegal to bring home. BTW, I hate needles too. I almost fainted once.

  15. Cracked me up about Griffin asking if the brown bag had lunch in it :-)

    That's a neat idea to bury your uterus near your brothers and your Dad. NZ is definitly alot more laid back about that sort of stuff, than they are here.

  16. I'm still visualising "SOLD".

    It's gotta happen.

  17. Anonymous5:01 PM

    What on earth does, "it weighs buggar all" mean?

    I praying for ya and that those people make an offer you can accept!

  18. We had a similar situation when we sold our first home Chris. In the end it all ended keep thinking positively!!!

    Good luck with the uterus burying bit!


  19. hey Chris sorry for the delay...I have lost all my email details so hope this is ok to contact u this way. Huggimals ar on sale this month $30 each till end of July. drop me a line if u r wonder if I can wangle a trip notrht and do a linen party hehehe

    send me an email to my xtra address please


  20. so I saw your comment on another blog about your 8 kids and had to check you out. You sound amazing. Raising your grandchildren is wonderful.
    I hope your house sells and that you get the price you want.
    And the uterus in a box...that rocks! Glad you get to bury it. :-)

  21. Well glad you survived the torture treatment, and that it's behind you. I'm really surprised that they gave you the uterus. Never heard of that before. The hospital here automatically disposes of it as biohazardous waste.

    Darn those buyers need to sh*t or get off the pot!

    Hoping and praying you get somewhere with them. All the best.

  22. OMG that is hysterical...
    your uterus in a box!!!!!!!!


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