Friday, July 11, 2008


Yep, bald as a badger, just like my 'nether regions' were the other day (the buggers shaved me!)... but NOW.... the hair is growing back and IT IS DRIVING ME BLOODY NUTS!!!!


Today: well I so don't know! Steve is home now, so I am going to make the most of him being here somehow! Little shit ..... I have forgotten how many times he's moved out / back in!

I have woken up feeling so very good this morning! So I'm thinking... I might try getting on the exercycle for about 5 minutes and do a few light dumb bell exercises on me arms too..... JUST A LITTLE BIT.... cos I have to start somewhere eh?

Oh forgot... how's this for aftercare? The Hospital Heamatology Department rang me twice yesterday to check up on me, THEN my surgeon rang me too yesterday to see how I was!!! I was impressed and touched.... seems they really care and want to make sure I am not having any more problems. So nice.

When Teddy had his 'boy bits' removed the other day the Vet also repaired a tiny umbilical hernia too... I looked at Teddy's tummy this morning and was not happy.... he has severe bruising and the hernia seems to still be there and BIGGER.... so Stew has taken him back to the Vets.... he will be staying there for the day till the Vet can see him (he's doing surgery right now and will see Teddy asap) .... so the bloody dog is a copy cat it would seem! I have a: Drama Queen Dog!
After sitting in a cage at the Vet's for 7 hours the Vet FINALLY said Teddy was ok, and give me $45 ! The bugger! So, at least Teddy is not in trouble eh?
Been a quiet day, did not get on the exercycle afterall... had a nap instead! lol
Useless I am.
Had an argument with Steve this afternoon once he finally got out of bed, I don't have much tolerance for people who sleep all day, stay out all night and wonder why they can't sleep at night after doing that for years! He is useless too. I am already regretting him coming home... I can see it is not going to work. What to do? Dunno.
I reckon when I can't drag the photos down it's a glitch with Blogger... cos now I can get this photo of Griffin being a dork to come down! Derrrr......
End of Day: I'm feeling a bit grumpy, and have a grumpy face to match. Bored. Annoyed. Still sore... mostly the fanny (vagina you people who think it's me bum!)
NSV: think I actually ate too much today... must watch that cos I am getting no exercise eh? nite nite.


  1. My sympathies re the itching.

    I remember those days, from when I had the kids and they shaved you.

  2. I wonder if you could put diet coke into ice trays and freeze it? Then you could have a small portion that takes a long time to eat. Hmmm ...
    Here in the US, a fanny is the backside. I remember the first time I made that mistake with someone who wasn't from here. Turns out we call them fanny packs; other people call them bum bags. :)

  3. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Wow. Poor Teddy.

  4. Sorry not about tomorrow for a catch up. Will be around next weekend though?

    Good to hear you feeling so much betteer:-)

  5. Ewww for the itching. I hate Regrowth!!!!

  6. Chris, I think the exercycle is another 6 weeks away mate,you should not be doing anything like that at all. It takes time to heal particulary the internal wounds.

  7. I'm living in the wrong country. Nurses and doctors don't call us at home to check up on us. Sometimes I can't even get the advice nurse to call back after I leave her a message.

  8. yeah, I've heard about the itching from people that have grown out their hair. yikes.
    Hope your dog is doing ok. Well, maybe it's time to let go of the diet coke....oh my god...did I say that? No, I do love my diet pepsi caffeine free but I haven't given it up yet either. I know they are like rot gut and who knows what they do to our stomachs and such.
    Well, you will start your exercise when you have more are just out of the hospital and it will take a while!!! K????

  9. How do you move pictures down? I ony do it by cutting and pasting... is there another way?

    Re the itching, just keep most of it shaved... the itch stops after awhile and it feels quite good!!

  10. So happy to hear you are getting good care from your surgeon etc. What a difference that must make!

    Speaking of hospitals, I am going to have a small lump removed from my groin next week. I haven't blogged about it... it's quite minor, but I am really pleased that it is going to finally go away and I won't have to think/worry about it anymore. Hopefully I will have a good doctor too! xxxx

  11. Glad you are feeling good and I'm shocked Dr. calls to check up on you, that has never happened to me. Poor Teddy glad he is ok. 6weeks is right on the exercise though, you might take it easy.

  12. Anonymous1:55 AM

    I laugh everytime I see the word fanny on your blog now. Golly, that cracks me up.

  13. Itching drives me nuts - and it isn't really polite to scratch "down there" is it?

    Poor Teddy! It seems both of you are having some surgery drama.

  14. Chris, I'm so sorry to read about Steve. I am not at that part of life, but I see where G (he's autistic) is going to have a LOT of trouble adjusting to the world and it's going to be tough knowing when to help and when not to.

    You have a dopey anonymous commenter every now and again, but there are a lot of people out here who care about your family and how stuff is going. You guys are great parents and every child/young adult is so different. I hope you have IRL friends who have been in the same boat and know how to JUST LISTEN without jumping down your throat, you know?


  15. Just getting caught up on your blog...I've been out for a while...and you have been through the ringer!

    I will be thinking of you as you continue to recover...and coveting your new knickers! I am still on an all black kick...makes you look thinner!

    What a great hubby you have to post updates for you. You guys are precious!

    Hang in there!
    The Maid

  16. What great service from the hospital - perhaps they just miss their star patient ;-)

    Poor Teddy - but at least you have the peace of mind of knowing he's ok.


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