Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Wooo hooo... another award given to me! This time from Coffee Bean.... and this time... I ain't passing it on! If you want it, it's all yours! Or if you know of a really good blog... you can give it to them from me! What ever...... I'm just too lazy to find all me great blogs and do it... I'm on an old computer that doesn't have me favourites on it.... fogive me OK.


Got to go into town and pick up me new boots from the cobbler... got new soles put on them to extend their life.

Hopefully my laptop will be ready too... I miss it so much.

Not sure what else... maybe we will hear from the Real Estate people? Man I hope so.... they are still 'working' on the buyers..... they are Asians and are having trouble understanding the 'ins' and 'outs' of it all... An interpreter has been brought in to help it seems.

I live in hope....

I just had a call from an Aunty... she insisted on me ringing my doctor to see if I can get some Home Help when Stew goes back to Auckland... so (feeling like a fraud).. I did and.. she's working on it. While I am feeling much much better, I am a bit concerned about how I'm going to cope once I'm on my own.... still hurts, still bleeding.... got some concerns still about having another hemmorhage... so maybe it's a wise move?


Our Agent rang an hour ago: "Can you get outta the house in 10 minutes, they want to have another look with their builder?"....

alrighty then, mad dash around to make sure it's tidy .... then off we go ... drive around for about 45 minutes, then...

"Ok, you can go home, I will call you later today with any news"....

WAITNG.... WAITING... YET AGAIN. Visualise 'SOLD'.... cos I am. Power of the Positive and all that .....

ANNE: you are a darling for offering to do me housework... lets wait and see if Midcentral Health come to the party and help me eh? Otherwise... YOU ARE ON! lol

STOP holding your breath! The Agent rang, he's got a meeting with 'THEM' tomorrow at 10 am.... so maybe things will start to move then! Far out I hope so, I am sooooo over all this anticipation, and I bet you poor buggers are too!

Here's our darling wee Teddy, on me legs .... which are covered with the most lovely cuddly rug ever.... he is so spoilt! And doesn't he know it? LOL
End of Day: another long one... with some suspence thrown in for good measure. Had a grumbly, sore tummy today too.... think it's just me insides settling down... and trying to get back to 'normal'... well I'm hoping that's all it is!
NSV: had pizza for dinner, didn't mean to, it JUST HAPPENED.... nite nite.


  1. Good luck with the buyers fingers crossed for you. Have a great day :-)

  2. Anonymous7:40 AM

    oooooh! I'm a hopin' for ya too!!!

    And, yes you are a popular little Tart!

  3. You deserve tons of awards! I'd give you another one if I had something to give!

  4. Of course you're popular! We all love your blog.

    Fingers crossed about the buyers.... hope something works out soon.

  5. Hi Chris - I can pop in each day next week to help with washing, folding, tidying up!!!!!! I've kept away while Stew is about but will definately be available for you!

  6. Your Aunt is a wise woman :) Hope you are soon feeling on top of the world. Take as much help as you can get :) Also hope you hear from Real estate Agent with good news :)

  7. Home help sounds like a fantastic idea, and I think your situation would be well warranted to qualify for it, would definitely make it easier once Stew has to leave.


  8. I think having someone in to help is a great idea, especially with kids and a puppy to care for.

    If I had married for money, instead of love, I'd buy your house, cause from what I've seen in photos's absolutely a dream! *sigh*

  9. I'm visualising "SOLD"!!!!!

  10. I have everything crossed that these are the buyers for your house.

    And I agree, you deserve all these awards. You are one dedicated blogger and I love reading about your days.

    What a sweetie Anne is to offer to come and help you. You could come and help me too but I think Adelaide is a bit far away - LOL!!

  11. sending copious amounts of 'good vibes' southward. gosh I feel like I'm edge waiting for your news. You have had to wait far to long so have EVERYTHING crossed that this will happen.

  12. Boots rock. If you love them, resole them.....a good pair is very, very hard to find!!!

    Congrats. on the award!!!

  13. If you get a lower offer than you were previously thinking about TAKE IT... TAKE IT!!! Prices up here are low too now and if you were a cash buyer up here you'd get a great price for less than you think.

  14. Anonymous2:23 PM

    good luck, good luck, good luck!!!!!

  15. Fingers crossed honey!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. Fingers crossed Chris that they come up with a decent offer and that they're willing to move ASAP!!!!

    Sold vibes being sent across the ditch.


  17. Anonymous2:58 PM

    I'm praying!!! I praying real hard!

    Teddy is adorable!

  18. Oh happy thoughts happy thoughts on the possible sale!! Fingers are crossed for you!!

  19. If the power of positive thinking can get your house sold - I think it is a done deal!

    I think it is a good idea to check on some help - especially if you aren't up and about on your own yet. You don't want to push yourself and end up in worse shape!

  20. Oh i've got everything crossed, I hope it's all positive for you honey.

  21. OMG Teddy is sooooo flippin CUTE.

    Hope everything works out for ya

  22. I'm furiously crossing everything !!!

    That's so sweet of Anne to come in and help you. A great friend you have there !!

    Hang in there ... I am getting a good feeling about this one...especially if they've had their builder in.


  23. Congrats on your award. And you're scaring me. I hope we never have to sell our house.

  24. Good luck on the buyers....I know it's hard to stay positive after all this time but I'm hoping for you.
    Cute doggie ya got there. Our neighbor just got a cute terrier that looks like 'toto' from wizard of oz and he was having me scratch his tummy and wanting to come in my house...I wanted that dog so bad for a second. I nice friendly dog who doesn't talk back...ha.

  25. Cobbling seems to be a dying art, at least here in America.

    Good luck with the house!

  26. Shucks Chris...thank you so much for my award... even tho I am a slack blogger...
    I have been miserable too girl... Chin up... fingers crossed tomorrow! I expect a sms at work if you sell!!!

  27. Good luck with some good news tomorrow....fingers crossed for ya!!

  28. CONGRATS! Of course your a fun fun blog to read.

    Has it been a year yet on selling the house? It feels like it.

  29. hope today was good news for you. Another heat wave here in Nova Scotia today. Shouldn't complain as the winters here are very long and cold. Thanks for the pics of Teddy.

  30. congrats on all the awards... you deserve them!

    and that dog is precious! i want to steal him!

  31. Wishing you much luck with those buyers. My you are a popular person, good for you! Hope you're feeling better tomorrow and get some good news. Take care.


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