Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Teddy is off to the Vets this morning.... he's being nutered! No humping dog thingee happening around here that's for sure! BOYS... ik. Still, he's totally beautiful.

I'm pleased to report I had quite a good night, slept for several good hours at a stretch... not too much tossing and turning.... and the pain in much more managable. Weird how you wake up in the morning and feel almost totally 'normal' till ya get up and realise that your legs are like jelly! It's really funny.

Well....gunna go to the pet shop to find that exercise pen... and that will be it I reckon. I think I did overdo it yesterday just a pinch....

FOOD..... looking forward to lunch! So neat to be hungry again....

- anyone know why my arms feel so totally dead/heavy/tired/weak???? I am getting really mad about them!
I can't seem to do anything with them. GRRRRRRR.

Stew's suit is finally ready to be picked up from Otaki, so we are probably going for a drive today to pick it up. I am sure just sitting in the car will be fine for me! Maybe a nice lunch in Otaki, there is this devine eatery called "TRAFFIC" just off the main road... ooooo can't wait!

Lovely little trip we've had.... picked up Stew's new suit:

What a HUNK....

We only went in ONE shop (the Menswear Shop), but I managed to spy this lovely top on sale.... I just had to have it!!! The menswear shop also has a women's section OK? I just can't help myself...*ducking head for cover*... lol

And would you look at this! I sent an email yesterday and I already have a response to my complaint about Ward 27! I am gobsmacked ....

End of Day: it's been a good one! Not too much pain, an outing, shopping, puppy fixed... nice relaxing afternoon/evening.

NSV: the scales are going down.... Ok I know that's actually a 'scale victory' but sometimes they count! I am thinking of going to weight watchers tomorrow night too! Stew will take me so I should be fine.

nite nite.


  1. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Hey Chris, I read your blog everyday, don't have one though! My name is Kerri and I am from Sth Aust. After surgery wind can travel to your shoulders and be painful and cause your arms to ache! Glad to hear you are recovering, have a good week.

  2. I'm so glad to see you up and around. Sorry for not being by earlier, been a tad crazy around here.

    You look fab. You will be in your favorite jeans soon.


  3. Hope you have a good lunch :)

    Re: Diet Coke - I probably drink about 3Lts on Sat and Sun, I feel so heavy after it! But I can't help it, it's an addiction!


  4. At least the hospital didn't waste anytime getting back to you.

    Catch up with you soon:-)

  5. Glad to hear your on the mend.

    I'm super impressed with how quickly the hospital responded to you. Whoever is in charge of complaints needs to get into politics. I wished our politions worked half as quickly. I'm still waiting for something the Minsitry of Education promised me almost 12mths ago. Apprantely the matter is being 'handled' by the actual minister of education, but our last correspondence with his office was almost 9mths ago so heaven only knows how long a simple matter will take to resolve.

  6. You reckon there won't be any 'humping dog thingee' ???? hate to tell you this, they don't exactly lose the urge, it's just that they can't replicate any longer. :-)

    Our neighbours dog is in heat...poor Sparky is quite beside himself...

    Re the arms. Looks like, from the photo, that they had catheters in both hand/arms. That can sometimes cause those symptoms. Are your arms or hands swollen at all. It might be a good idea to give your Doc a call and tell him your symptoms. You can sometimes get a thrombosis in your arm vein as well.

  7. hey

    that is great that you got a reply from the hospital so quickly! lets just hope that they do something about it.
    Make sure you take it easy over the next few weeks until you are feeling better.

  8. Always enjoy reading your blog and am really glad you are getting better each day. Stew looks great in his new suit!

  9. i feel bad for poor teddy. everytime i have taken one of my pets for that procedure i have afterwards felt like i betrayed them in some way..

  10. Look at you, out and about, shopping and dining. Wonderful to see you getting back to your old self. Stew looks very smart in his new suit. Take care.

  11. Chris, now is not the best time to diet, except from junk food. You need lots of extra protein and dark green leafy vegetables because of your blood loss. I still can't quite figure out the blood thinner thing/clotting thing. Maybe you need to talk to the doc and get a clearer picture. Your probably weak from the blood loss, a CBC would let you know that specifically what your hematocrit is. Some people think that if your on blood thinner you can't eat green veggies but that is not true. You'd have to eat buckets of them. If you can tolerate iron that would help. A one a day type vitamin could help too. Do you like vitamin water drinks? Somehow I can just hear what your going to say! Give yourself some time and super good nutrition. A nice big medium rare steak! Glad to hear your feeling better, poor puppy, misery loves company.

  12. Oh, I forgot to mention...Stew loks quite spiffy in his new suit!!!

  13. OH MY WORD!!!!!

    I thought POOR STEW!!!!

    LOL! OK, you meant the DOG!

  14. How impressive that you got a response so quickly!


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