Thursday, July 10, 2008


Before I went to Melbourne I weighed XX kilos, in Melbourne I gained 2 kilos..... on my return I went to hospital and gained another 6 kilos in fluid.... then I lost those 6 kilos and now...
I have lost the 2 kilos I gained in Melbourne plus 1.5 kilos more! I am wrapt!

And ... the bonus??? I got a darn good detox from not eating any crap or diet coke for almost 2 weeks! I still can't drink Diet Coke much at all, just a sip here and there.... am going to try having some today with lots of ice added, so it's diluted and doesn't hurt my tummy so much!

I feel so sad I can't drink my diet coke....almost like a traitor to my favourite drink! LOL

No plans whatsoever... am going to try and do a wee bit more today.... perhaps take a tiny walk up the driveway and down the street a bit .... and back! That should be a good start! onward....

CONFUSION ABOUNDS IT APPEARS: MY fanny is me VAGINA people!!!! My VAGINA was given a major repair job and 'tidy up'..... not me bum, or any other part of me body!!!! OK??? Now that is cleared up.....

Steve is moving home (again) today, he is going to be here to help me out for a while and until he can find a better flat to move into. He hasn't been getting on with the owner of where he is right now.

We have a plumber coming this morning too, our ensuite taps just won't stop dripping, so Stew bought some new taps but doesn't feel confident enough to connect them. So, bring on the plumber!

Mummy is NOT happy, while her back was turned I did a HUGE pee on her bed!!!! YIKES TIME TO SCAMPER....don't worry, I still loves you Teddy!

Steve is home.

The plumber is here.

I'm getting bored.

What can I do when moving hurts and I get exhausted so quick???

OOOOO would ya look at that! Above, the old dripping taps, and Below: The pretty new taps.... and NO DRIPS! BLISS.

End of Day: it's been another good day, did nothing!!! Really, I did nothing all day, just sat on me bum and blogged, watched tellly, wandered around the house a few times.... was nice.

NSV: eating really well... lots of mussels, no diet coke! YET...

nite nite.


  1. congrats on the weight loss!!!Take it slow and easy, that's the ticket!

    You'll be back to normal before you know enjoy the rest while you can :-)

  2. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Hi mum.... luv u xox

  3. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Oh! You call your hoo hoo a fanny. Here in the states a fanny is your butt. I thought you had your butt reshaped or something and told my husband about it. LOL! So... what did they do to your hoo hoo?!?!? Uh... well, maybe I don't really want to know. I think it is enough that you are happy with it.

  4. SO I take it the toilet training is going well then!! hahahaha...

  5. Hi Chris! Good to hear things are going well for you and I really admire you for staying upbeat and positive throughout. Take care... xxxx

  6. LOL I am never gonna tell my BOYS to sit on their fannies again!

  7. omg ...look at that cute little face! How can you stay angry when he looks so darn adorable?

  8. I always get a bit of a giggle, when an American mentions their fanny pack (bum bag) to me or the excercise instructor tells us to 'shake our fannies'....

    Then there's the 'What team will you root for?' and 'He's shagging in the outfield' and not to mention 'Hi, I'm Randy' :-)

    I tell ya, for a Kiwi, living here in the US is a laugh a minute...

  9. Congrats on the weight -I know how hard it can be to lose ANYTHING! I am from the US and found the whole fanny thing hilarious! I too was thinking you meant your bum! What a shocker it was to find out that fanny means something totally different in your neck of the woods! Hee Hee!

    Keep up the good attitude and good luck with the puppy!

  10. Well done on the weight loss Chris. That is a great effort after all you have been through.

    LOL at Wanna's comment about Teddy. He is too cute to be mad at though.

    I like your new taps. They make a big difference.

  11. You are going great with the weight Chris:-)

  12. Don't worry Chris. I'm drinking plenty of Diet Coke for the both of us. No need to thank me. I'm happy to do it.

  13. Great on your weight loss! The fanny thing is so funny, learn something new, love Teddy not the laundry. I have drank enough DC for both of us,take it slow you have been through alot.

  14. LOL I was rather confused but am happy to know that I did not ask to see your fanny LOL but I wa swondering why the big deal about showing it... now I know... Blush!
    Huge grins and glad you are feeling better!
    hugs Laura

  15. Fanny got lost in translation, obviously we do not speak the same language.

    Big congrats on the weight loss! Glad to see you're attempting to relax and heal.

    New taps look great.


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