Thursday, July 03, 2008

What's that saying about "counting your chickens"

Well you all must be gagging for an update and if you hadn't guessed yet, by how late it is that I am blogging today, things have taken yet another turn.

This morning as I was taking the kids to school after the usual morning rituals, I got a call from Chris. She had been in pain in the early hours of this morning and they needed to send her back up to Palmy North hospital to check out what is happening.

So I get up to SouthernX, get the rundown and Chris is then taken up to Palmy Hospital about 9 am for a CT scan [just likes those ambulance rides I think]. This was done straight away and it showed that Chris had Pulmonary Embolism [a blood clot] on her right lung. This needs to be treated up at the hospital with blood thinning medication. That was OK but anywhere except ward 27 [even the ambulance officers had heard about ward 27].

So the options for the medication for the clot are the old tried Warfarin [commonly know as Rat Poison] or a new drug that is in a world wide trail at present. The Warfarin has a number of injections and pills over 4-6 days to get the dose right and then pills for 6 months, whereas the new medication is just pills for 6 months. So Chris ended up on the new stuff, which she is really pleased about as she hates needles and has had so many put into her in the last week that she's feeling like a pin cushion.

She was transferred up to ward 26 at about 3.30 pm and I went home to check on the kids, dog etc at 4, then back up with Brylee at 6 after I had feed the tribe. When I got back she was sitting up eating her diner and feeling not to bad, all things considered. She has found ward 26 a huge improvement on ward 27 and feels a lot safer in ward 26. Her surgeon called in this arvo as well and said the 2 things that can go wrong after surgery like hers which can potentially kill you are bleeding and clotting and she dodged both bullets. Shit it's bloody scary, lets hope we are over it now and there are no more twists to this tale.

Well I'm feeling a bit drained and rather shagged, so it's now 7.30 and I think I'll put the kids to bed, sort out the dishes, give a quick tidy up round the house, give the dog a run around and try to head to bed early tonight.

Not sure yet but Chris may be home late tomorrow, but I will up date some time tomorrow and let you know what's happening. I'll try not to keep you waiting to long tomorrow. Thanks for all your kind wishes. Nite Nite from Stew [Mr C].


  1. Glad to hear that she is feeling better, I was starting to get worried when there was not an update until so late!
    thinking of you chris and wishing that you get better soon!

  2. Phew - another complication - and they say a cat has nine lives!!

    Tell Chris hugs from me and will catch up soon.

    Take care:-)

  3. Geez...just when we thought nothing else would happen!!!!!! Stew are you sure that Chris just wants to keep us all on our toes.LOL Seriously though I am pleased you are here to keep an eye on all the goings on and keeping the family safe and happy. Big hugs to Chris. Take care both of you and here's to better days ahead. Jenny in Fxtn.
    ps. Hope it wasn't the ginger crunch!!!!

  4. Bloody hell! Another problem. I'm sure she's bunging it on to perve on the doctors. :P

    My Dad and my Partner both went through the same problems. They were on Heperin, Clexane and Warfarin with positive results all round.

  5. Well i hope all goes well with mum, just letting her know that we all love her and she is going to b fine.

    Daughter #3

  6. Blimey, dodging bleeding and then blood clots?? best you go and buy a lotto ticket I think. Thank goodness Chris is well - can't wait to hear from her, and thanks for the updates Stew.

  7. Hi Stew. Gee, that IS scary! I hope Chris finds her way home tomorrow. Please give her my best.

  8. I knew something was going on. I have been checking all day for an update.

    Gosh I hope that is the end of your dramas. I bet you are both so over all this.

    I really hope Chris is home and back to normal very soon.

  9. Anonymous10:07 PM

    Oh geez you guys.. I worried all day when I didn't see blog or get a text back... I am so sorry you're going through all this Chris and
    It's your job so hang in there..... My thoughts are with you both. TC Karen J

  10. That all sounds quite wrrying. I'll be glad to hear when she is home safe and sound with you and the kids on the road to recovery.

    Take care Chris.

  11. Prayers and love is being sent your way!

    Keep us posted....

  12. Hey Mr C how bloody scarey for all of you, i am glad to hear Chris is doing better, man what a week for you all send my love to Chris.

  13. OMG what else is going to happen. I'm glad to hear that Chris is better this afternoon and I hope she is home soon.

    Thanks for the update and you look after yourself as well.

  14. ohh goodness! it never rains but it pours hey Stew?

    i do hope things start heading (and continue to stay heading) in a positive direction from here on in.

    my love and best wishes to Chris xxx

  15. That is BLOODY scary. Oh, Chris I'm so sorry you're having to go through all this.

    Believe me mate, I know just what you're going through. I had a deep vein thrombosis in my left leg and a very small part of the clot moved and went to my lung. I was in hospital for two weeks (but that was about 23 years ago) and on Warfarin for 6 months. No fun!!

    Good thoughts and Big Hugs winging your way!!!

    And a big hug to you as well, Stew. You are really doing an excellent job. Take care that you don't run yourself ragged.

  16. Anonymous1:52 AM

    wow! I'm glad to hear you are a trooper! Keep getting well.

  17. My gosh, who would have thought all of this come about. How scary! Your family is in my prayers and I hope she gets to come home tomorrow. Thanks for the updates.

  18. Let's hope that this is the end of the mishaps and Chris can get herself home to recuperate. Wishes you all well.

  19. Anonymous3:32 AM

    DANG!!!! What a wild ride for y'all. I'm still praying!

  20. oh no! not a blood clot... wosrt thing ever to get... very painful. I know what your going through Chris,I hope they take good care of you and that your INR is regulated quickly... make sure you get your blood tests done on time to make sure your taking the right amount of drugs to keep your blood from clotting more. Take it easy... but not too easy... be sure to keep moving around. I will be thinking of you!!! HUGS Amanda. xox

  21. I left Chris an award, when she feels up to it have her come by to get it. Rest up!!

  22. So sorry to hear that Chris has had another set back. Thats the last thing she needs. I actually logged on thinking I would be hearing that she was doing great and almost ready to go home, so really sorry thats not the case (just yet).
    I hope things get better fast as I can imagine how upsetting it must be to have one complication after another.
    Please pass on a HUGE hug from me and tell her I'm thinking of her and wish I was closer so I could pop in for a visit.
    Thanx in advance Lynise

    PS: your doing a great job keeping us informed so thanx for posting updates for us.


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