Monday, July 14, 2008


Hey LORI (sister)... I don't hear from you in weeks, you read me blog.... and all you can say is "make me poor dog a quilt"? ARE YOU MAD?

Where is the " sorry to hear you have been so sick/nearly died" eh? *shaking head in disbelief*

Right, now that's off me chest (sorry about that faithful readers who care)...... I will start me day!
Steve is going to take the kids out soon so we can whip around and get the house tip top again....

Then we will bugger off and go into town, drop off me poor laptop to be fixed hopefully, dunno what else for now... but I'm sure I will find something to do!

We made the house all beautiful and warm, left..... came back an hour later and now... it's 3 hours later and we still have not heard a word from the Agent... that is just piss poor! I am going nuts waiting to find out what's happening... or not.

Having a quiet afternoon, kids are watching some stoooooopid movie on TV (George in the Jungle)....
The Mail today consisted of all the usual stuff, PLUS a letter from America from the Flat Stanley's Family! Elf and Emperor made me Get Well Letters! How lovely, it really brightened my day no end! THANK YOU BOYS!

Aren't they just lovely?

While I'm thinking about them... the Flat Stanley's need a new place to visit... so if you feel you would like to 'host' them and show them around, get back to me! They are SICK TO DEATH of being in my handbag! LOL

We have heard from the Estate Agent, he is 'working' on the buyers.... won't hold me breath.

End of Day: feeling really depressed, does not look like a 'Go' for selling the house today. I am so over getting my hopes up only to have them dashed yet again. And Stew will be going back to Auckland end of week.... leaving me here AGAIN .... just want to cry.
NSV: none. too tired/grumpy/sad to give a shit. nite nite.


  1. I really hope the second viewing goes well and that they have the money!!

  2. Sisters dont ya jut love em!

    Hope you have a good week, only 6 days till the holidays are over!

  3. see, im an only child, so i dont have to deal with any of that shite :)

  4. its the name my sister is Lori too an about as thoughtless LOL
    you sure cant pick family LOL

  5. *sigh*

    I was talking to D about this about an hour or two ago and how upsetting it was. He said, you know... it's POSSIBLE she just looked at the last entry in the blog and hasn't been a regular reader lately?

    That she didn't know you were sick because she didn't scroll back to old posts??

    Just a thought and hope that that's it. I'm praying for this situation tonight and been thinking much on it. Hope it resolves well, and soon.

    God bless ya much, hon. Take care of yourself.

  6. Sighhhh...Sisters!!!

    Taylor went through a stage of loving 'George Of The Jungle'. Ughhhh and the stoopid song used to get stuck in my head!

    Awww...those cards are just sooo cute. :-)

    Keeping my fingers crossed re the Agent and the house sale !!

    You're welcome r the award. And the fact that it is your second one is okay :-)

  7. Hope you get good news today re: the house.

  8. Arrggh sisters dont you bloody love them. You make me laugh thanks for the comment

  9. send them up to the north island to vist me! :o)

  10. hi there,
    Hope things with the potential buyers turn into a nice big unconditional offer.
    I can understand how awful you must feel when Stew has to leave and your on your own. The last of my Brazillian girls left a few days ago and its so quiet and LONELY around here, I hate it. Don't mind during the day, but come evening I like to have some company.

  11. Chris just caught up, am so glad you are ok you do give people a scare hey
    What a hubby you have there to even blog and let everyone know awsome

    Ahhhhh family ...

    Take care x

  12. Those Flat Stanlys are sure getting around arnt they! Hope you find them a good next home!!

  13. Hang in there mate - can't begin to imagine how frustrating this waiting game is but it will sell soon, it HAS to!

  14. Thanks, Chris, for looking for a nice home for the Stanleys. :]

  15. Working on them?!? Just what does that mean anyway?

    I know we have been trying to sell our house in Wheeling for close to 2 years - I wouldn't mind if someone would work the realtors over - with a hammer or something!

    Here's hoping for some good news.

  16. Anonymous12:31 AM

    LOL, family can be like that, can't they? There's always at least one.
    My nephew sent me a flat Stanley once. We forgot all about it. So at the last minute we went out and bought a bunch of postcards from around Chicago. I took a marker a circled an area of the crowds in the pic and wrote "Stanley at Wrigley Field", " Stanley at the Sears Tower". And took pics of my kids in the snow pointing arrows at "Stanley buried in the snow" etc.
    I thought it was week, my nephew thought it was so cool that Stanley did all those things!

  17. I don't have a sis. I have a step-sis though and I SO get it!!! GOOD LUCK today, girlie. I know that's getting old!! ug. I shudder to put my place on the market. NOTHING is moving around here. I love the beautiful surprise you got in the mail!!!! xo.

  18. Chris - I am so glad I found your blog! I love your pictures and wish you well on the viewing!


    Jerry in Tampa

  19. Anonymous1:50 AM

    Chris - I love your blog... I never have anything to say because you have a terrific way of saying it all! However, I'd love to host the Flat Stanley's. I'm in Maryland, on the east coast of the US, near Washington DC. Glad to hear you are feeling better and hope your nether regions continue to heal. And I'm sending you good house selling Karma!!!

  20. Good luck, Chris. Sure hope it works out.

    Hope your sis gets the idea about how you feel after that! (smile)

  21. (I just typed a comment and blogger ate it)

    Sorry about your sis AND the house. Cheer up! Hopefully things will change for the best.

    I'd fix your computer for you for free if you lived here in Tennesse. (smile)

  22. Sometimes sisters do things without really knowing how it makes the other feel. I am sure she does care.

    I hope you have a wonderful week. Thank you for all of your kind words and encouragement.

  23. Darn, I'm sorry to hear you're still waiting on the house. Hopefully you'll find someone soon.

    Sorry to hear your boy is giving you grief. I know the feeling.

    You've been super busy for someone in recovery. Hope you find some time to relax and heal.

    Sisters I got a few doozy as well. Parallel lives continue.

    Hope tomorrow you're feeling better.

  24. Hey Chris,

    hope you heard good news about the house showing.

    Cute pictures. How is the puppy doing? we are dog sitting a little fella for some friends for a few days.

    Hey, i went to the airport to see my wife's "blister"
    off. Really just wanted to make sure she got on the plane. She reminds me of Hyacinth " Keeping up Appearances"

  25. My brother drives me crazy too. I hope you feel better soon.

  26. Hey lil Sis, one of your readers mentioned that maybe i just read your last entry, and this is TRUE, its all i read, i dont read blogs as a rule and how many times have I told you to bloody well ring me if you get sick for whatever reason, no reason to slang me off to the world.
    Forget the bloody dog blanket ok, didnt mean to insult you or infer to your readers I dont care about you. Get your facts right in the future before publishing shit.
    I do hope your ok and recovering well. I am sorry to hear you are not well.
    Now lets see if you publish this international apology and if you respond, do it as a sister not as an attacker.


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