Saturday, July 19, 2008


Stew and I are quite sure our Counter Offer will be rejected and the buyers will walk away... but what can we do? It is too low an offer for us to accept and still be able to buy a semi decent home in Auckland! I AM NOT GOING TO LIVE IN A BLOODY HORRIBLE LITTLE BOX...

So, we wait for the Real Estate Agent to come around at 9.30 am, then he takes our offer back to THEM at 11am..... and then we will see.....

DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH cos we arn't....
No morning tea with the girls today obviously ... but hopefully some of them can come around here in the afternoon to help me drown my sorrows! LOL....

Oh and I've been up since about 4am... can't sleep, Stew is snoring (the shit)... and my mind is just going around and around in circles. One good thing ... I sneezed in the night and didn't immediately SCREAM at the same time from the pain! So, things are getting better....

Please don't go thinking Stew and I are being unreasonable with our house price expectations.....we have droppped our price 4 times already... and this latest offer is $95,000 BELOW our last offer and $65,000 below our government Valuation! There is no way we can afford to accept it and buy something in Auckland that we would be happy to live in.


Well we did it, we sold the house! Unfortunately for way less than we thought we would ever go, but we just HAD TO.... we know that the market is still dropping and this has been the only offer all year... we would have been fools to reject it... we did get them to come up a bit from their original offer.... but still not that much... we have to move on... at least now we can finally be back together.

We are going out for lunch, then home for afternoon tea with some freinds I hope! Maybe a wine or two? OH HELL NO, THAT STUFF IS EVIL... evil I tell ya!

You all can have one for me OK????

We have had a lovely lunch, I had a chicken burger thingee, it was lovely and I enjoyed every bite! Now back home fielding calls.... texts.... comments!
The house goes UNCONDITIONAL on monday... so the kids and I are going up to Auckland tomorrow with Stew... house hunting. I wish I felt more excited, but what with the low price of our home and me not feeling the best.... I'm just feeling a bit FLAT. Maybe by tomorrow I will start to feel more positive about it all....

End of Day: I've had a two hour nap, woken feeling knackered still... but ready to have dinner so I can take the all important blood thinning pill.. then pack for tomorrow's trip up to Auckland.
NSV: hmmmm....wore me jeans again today, which always makes me feel happy! So, I'm happy. nite nite.


  1. I've got my fingers crossed that you are able to get the price that you want! :)

  2. I know it wont be the ideal but it is not worth cutting your losses just to get up to Auckland and looking at a cheaper house for a year or two just as a stepping stone till you can afford the perfect house...... Just a thought if it means you two would be together.... I know it is hard to not get what you want and I wont go on about it being a buyers market etc.. Take care and glad you could at least sneeze without the pain. :-)

  3. Oh, Chris, I'm so sorry things are going crummy for ya right now!!!

  4. Ugh! I know I've been gone for awhile, but had your uturus out and ON THE TABLE?!?! That just seems SOO wrong. LoL

    Good luck with the house sale. Just the experience of buying a house was insane for me --I can't imagine trying to sell one.

  5. I agree with Hippygal - of course I don't know how low the offer was that you got but surely living apart, paying rent in Auckland, travelling etc is not ideal. It really is a buyer's market up here too and you might be surprised at what you could afford. Your call though :)

  6. Fingers crossed they're more reasonable than that Christ. Glad to hear that the healing is coming along well. Remember to take care of yourself through all this rubbish.

  7. Oh Chris,
    I am so sorry this saga is dragging on the way it is. I can totally imagine how gut wrenching it must be to be living so far away from Stew.
    The housing market has taken a huge drop and with the interest rates the way they are at the moment, the experts predictions are that its only going to get worse. (in the short term).
    Back in the mid early - mid 90's I really wanted to travel but had the deliema of having a lovely new townhouse that I didn't want to sell. The place was immaculate and I worried that if I rented it out that people would wreak it.
    In the end I rented it to a professional couple for a fixed term of one year while I travelled. (I even left my furniture) but on my return I found they had bought taken extremely good care of my home and it was in exactly the same condition as when I left it.
    I then decided to do it again and after a bit of searching found another professional couple (intern doctor and his wife was a nurse) both times the property was so well taken care of.
    I know you havn't wanted to rent it out, BUT there are professional people out there who may be the perfect fit for renting your house until the market picks up.
    Palmy has the university and a friend once moved their for a years contract as a lecturer so I'm sure there must be others who may need something like that. You are allowed to be very picky and choose your tenents carefully. I know you have always said no to this option, but imagine if you were able to interview possible renters and found a couple who could take care of your home. You could then move to Auckland and rent something nice while you wait for the market to go back up and sell.

  8. Anonymous11:24 AM

    WOW. Is the housing market in NZ in a slump? It is here in the states too. At least, in our area.

    It amazes me how low some people will go. They've got to realize somewhere in their mind that y'all can't do that. If they can't afford your house they need to be looking for something they can afford and not wasting your time.

    You know, it kind of reminds me of when we used to have garage sales before we moved... we would put prices on things and they would be really low... like clothes in good condition for 25 cents a piece. Time and time again people would grab up a bunch and say... I'll give you $5 for all of this, when it would have been twice that per piece. The last garage sale we had we had a solid oak table with four chairs in great condition. We priced it at $125 which was a great deal and 1/4 of what we paid for it. People would literally offer us $25. We decided after that that we'd rather give stuff away than have another garage sale... and that is exactly what we do.

    You can't do that with a house though. My heart goes out to ya!

  9. if it doesn't work out, it just doesn't. if the potential buyers are looking for something for free...well, then maybe they just need to look elsewhere. you're right: you don't want to be stuck in a house that you can't afford, or stuck in a house that's so small or needs so much work that you are miserable!

  10. Okay...I am not judging---but I have to ask. Why are you burying your uterus? Is it a cultural or religious thing?
    I want to know so that I can be more culturally or spiritually learned & sensitive.

  11. The never ending nightmare! Stress, stress, stress.
    Fingers crossed

  12. YAY!!! What a huge relief. We went through this earlier this year (went to auction *ugh*). And the main thing is that you can move on - together.

    So when do you move?

  13. I'm sorry you didn't get what you wanted for the house, but at least it is now sold and you can get on with your life.

    What part of Auckland are you looking at?

    Hopefully you will now start feeling a bit better. All that stress was probably holding your recovery up a bit...

  14. YAY YAY YAY YAY - doing the happy dance for you guys Chris. Yep, it might be heaps less than what you first expected but it's S O L D and now you can move on.

    Well done mate.


  15. Congratulations on the sale you will be relieved that you can finally move up.....

  16. Well, I think it is fantastic news! I presume its a solid offer? Not selling another property or anything? If so, then great - move on. There are some great buys in The Gardens that I can see advertised and you will be able to come in as cash buyers and get a good deal. Welcome to Auckland!!

  17. Yay!! Congrats on the house selling! I am sorry that it is lower than you wanted but at least you will be together all the time now!!!
    Will try to have a wine or two for you later on ....

  18. congrats!!!!!!!!!!! Hey am I the first one or are there other comments! You had to do it - you can move on now!

  19. Congratulations on the sale, moving on, getting the family back together full-time and being happy!

    Bloody sub-prime mortgages!! Did you know that a few years ago in the States you could be unemployed and 'buy' a car on credit. You could then use the car as collateral to 'buy' a house on interest only repayments? They have sub-prime mortgages everywhere, but I can't see and Aussie or Kiwi bank loaning to someone who had no means with which to pay it back. Crazy. Now that house of cards has come crashing down and we're all paying the price.

    Anyhoo, enjoy your day out - I wish I was there to help you drink your fridge of bubbly!!

  20. yay!!!! I am so happy for you that the house has finally sold!!!! yay!!!!!

  21. Congrats on the sale. Even if the price wasn't right, at least you can make some concrete plans now - it must have been hell being in limbo for so long. Hopefully the price slump will mean you can get something decent in Auckland.

  22. Anonymous2:41 PM

    WOOHOO that is fantastic, i have been thinking about you all morning and hoping that you got good news. I'm so glad that things are now looking up for you and your family *does happy dance*

    Thanks for checking in on me, all is well here i just don't have much to blog about at the moment, well that and i've got a little slack about it tut tut Cat!

  23. Excited about the sale! I'm glad y'all will be able to be together full time again.

  24. wooooo hoooooooooooo (and thats all I've got to say about that).

    oh, except, I'm so happy for you that you can finally move on with the next phase of your life.

  25. yay!!!! I am so happy for you that the house has finally sold!!!!

  26. What wonderful news Chris. I know you are probably disappointed that you didn't get what you want, but like Lynda said - it is a buyer's market. Go to Auckland and do what has been done to you. You may be very surprised what you get for your price range.

    And just think - NO MORE OPENS!!!!!

    I really look forward to following the next chapter in your lives.

  27. great news to hear that the house finally sold, suck that it was not for the price you wanted. But the up side is you get to be a real family again a lot sooner.

    we will have to catch up for coffee when you are up here and settled... start an Auckland girls coffee group :)

  28. Yay you finally sold your house! what part of auckland are you look to by a house in?

  29. CONGRATULATIONS About bloody time now you b closer to us all YAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Daughter #3

  30. I'm happy now that you can move on and you guys can be with Stew! I'm sorry it is way lower than you wanted...that sucks. The market is in a big slump over here in the US too.

  31. Anonymous6:00 PM

    That is wonderful news! Congratulations!

    On the bright side... you may not have gotten what you wanted for the house because the market dropped... but that also means that the other houses you look at will have dropped as well.

    Please be wise about how much time you spend out and about. Your body is compromised right now so you are at risk.

  32. Well congrats anyways! At least now you can move on and maybe put a low bid in on a nice house!!

  33. I'm with everyone else - it doesn't seem fair that you didn't get what you should have but the bottom line is that people are more important than things - and I'm sure you'd be happier living in a two bedroomed flat in Auckland with Stew home every night than spending another six months (or more with the way the world market is going)on your own. And as a few people have said - you are now sitting in the box seat when you buy in Auckland - one last word of advice buy with your head not your heart and that way you can bargain the hell out of it. Take care and don't go doing too much. Love Z xx

  34. Huzzah! You SOLD your house! You're wearing your jeans! Big congratulations for BOTH achievements!

  35. Congratulations!!!!

    Now your newlife can officially start.

    Happy House hunting!

    Oh, and congrats on sneezing and not blowing out your new bits. *grin*

  36. Hi Chris, I'm that slack blogger from central-west NSW. I have been following your blog again for the last month or 2. Congrats on the house sale. I understand your mixed feelings with regards to the end price. I'm sure you'll feel much better in a few days when you start concentrating on the fact that you'll be a family again, even if the money wasn't right. My own blog is really not up and running yet, except for a post tonight, so I don't expect you to leave a comment at this stage, but I just want you to know that I still love reading yours and hope you're feeling much better really soon.

  37. Congratulations on selling your house and wearing your jeans again. I'm sorry to hear that you had to drop the price so much but fingers crossed that now you can find a new one that you can afford.

    Hope you get a better nights sleep tonight now that the house has been sold.

  38. So, is this a new update? It's sold???? Whoohoooo!

  39. Hopefully you can offer somebody in Auckland a lower price and get the house you want. I'm glad you sold your house. Wish it had been for more.

  40. YAAAAAAAAAAAAY girlie!!! The market is in the toilet here too. Right on though at least you can join your sweet hubby finally! xo.

  41. Well congrats on selling anyway - at least you must be feeling relieved.

  42. Yay.. I'm so glad it sold!

    It's a pretty house!


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