Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Oh what fun... I'm off to the hospital again today to have yet another blood test with the Haematologists.... they like me blood! I hope they have good news for me on another front... two weeks ago I had to have tests for high glucose levels and low iron levels... so we will see how they came out.

Just before my operation my blood glucose level was at 16.4... dangerously high! I reckon it was just adrenalin coursing through me system making for a high reading... well that's what I'm hoping for anyway! I am OVER being a Drama Queen, I want to be 'normal' again... feeling fit and healthy!

It will happen, I know it will.... and then just you wait and see, I will be getting all sorts of exercise .... and feeling fantastic again.

so ... today:
Kids to school
hospital visit
few jobs in town
home for more decluttering!


So much for taking it easy! I went out at 9am and I'm finally home at 1.30pm ... and I've been all over the place! Paid some bills, bought some filler-stuff for Griffin's quilt, had me bloods taken... yakked to the Haematologists... me blood glucose levels have come down again and me iron levels have come up... so ALL GOOD there!
I will probably have to have my glucose levels checked again soon cos there really was no reason for it to be so high! Whatever, think I will put that off for as long as possible.... friggin needles!

OH YEAH, I decided to cheer myself up by buying new carseat covers, mats and a steering wheel cover for me car.... in BLUE of course!

And Yes, we drive on the right hand side of the road! We do! We do!

What else... I had half a glass of Diet Coke with my lunch too... waiting to see if it stays down! Fingers crossed....

End of Day: well the diet coke stayed down... but I really don't feel like it still. Mike came around this afternoon and enabled me to have a two hour nap... I needed it too.

Having Steve living here is not the help I thought it would be, I havn't seen him all day, so as a consequence I have had to do everything... I have just got in all the washing off the line and am airing it before folding it and putting it away. Then I might move on to another area to de-clutter.

NSV: I am loving drinking Just Juice with bubbles (Lite) with Sparkling WATER! So yum, I have it half/half..... gotta be good for you! nite nite.


  1. Just wanted to say "hi"!

    Haven't been by in awhile.

    Hope you feel better soon. :)

  2. good luck at the doctors... i know that all these tests cant be too fun :(

  3. :]

    Hello! Hope all's well over there. I like the flowers - how thoughtful of your agent!

  4. I hate hospitals. I hate doctors and I hate tests. I just want to go back to feeling healthy again too. And tomorrow I'll start, but today I kind of goofed by drinking regular coke and eating Pringles. There's always tomorrow though. ;)

  5. Hi, I hope your glucose levels are better, I need to exercise again...just not enough hours in the day. Lets us know about "me blood" I love how you talk.

  6. glad the sugars are down and iron is up... love the covers ! and I giggle everytime heather and I get into driving conversations... (she lives in melbourn) hugs Laura

  7. Good news about the iron and glucose levels!!

    You're going to feel so much better now that your iron levels are coming back up. I had chronic low iron levels for years and often felt tired and out of sorts. Now that AF has left the building my iron levels are back up o normal. I feel like a new woman!!

    Like the car seat covers. A dragon !!! I love dragons!! :-)

  8. Glucose doesn't usually have a decimal point. 164 would be high but not dangerous. Maybe you are diabetic. Keep following up. That would explain some of your trouble with weight loss when your trying so hard and not cheating.

  9. didn't think of you as a dragon mother but hay its what you like i suppose.

    Daughter #3

  10. Glad your iron levels have come up - you should start to feel much more energetic soon (although just reading about your days makes limp with fatigue!)

    Just in case there is some confusion with your levels amongst readers from other hemispheres our measurements for things like glucose and cholesterol are completely different from, say, the States. Normal glucose here (Oz and NZ) is between 4 and 9 (with decimal places). So yours was a tad high :)

    How long til you move?

  11. you must feel like a pin cushion!

  12. Anonymous11:49 PM

    Hey! I just read that you weren't spending any more money on stuff coz owning a new house is hard work! And here you are with new car seat covers!! The shame : P

  13. Hey, Great news. I read through your other posts to get caught up. Congrats. on selling your Home and the new home looks fantastic. Hope you recover from . I am glad to hear that you are going to take it a little easier. You deserve to be pampered and waited on. It is time for the younger ones to look after you for a change.

    Well, we are planning on putting our Home up on the market in the fall and downsize once again.

    If the Doctors ask you; if it hurts? tell them . You know what type of car they drive so they better be extra careful.

  14. Glad to hear the good news about your blood. I always hate waiting to hear how those tests turn out!

    It sounds like you found a good alternative for the Diet Coke!

  15. Amazing how different your medicine is. The 418 I understand. I think out here you would be back in the hospital. Have they got you on any corticosteroids? Prednisone something like that? Those elevate sugars. I hope they gave you some insulin. I'll be praying for you. Don't eat any sweets.

  16. Better stock up on Diet Coke for the day you're ready. Coke in the USA announced it will raise prices next year.


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