Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hump day and Things are looking good

Sorry bit late with the post this morning, you'll all be waiting for Chris to get back so you can get some timely posts, some colour and some pictures.

Usual start to the day, cuddle in bed with the kids, deal with all the morning kid things, dog, tidy up etc. Kids at school now and when I am done with this post I am off to see Chris. She just txt me and said she had a good nights sleep & is feeling good. The Specialist Doctor has been into visit this morning and he is very happy with things. They want to keep her in at least 1 more night to make absolutely sure that she is ok before they let her go home. So I'll give you a further updated later in the day when I'm back from visiting Chris.

Ok another apology, this time for no middle of the day post. It was me being busy or Steve was on the computer, so it had to wait until now. It's 5.15 pm and we are just home from visiting Chris.

So went up this morning and she was up in the lazyboy chair looking really good. I took up some magazines and her watch & earrings so she could feel a bit more like normal again. Some of the fluid that had built up all over her is starting to come off slowly and she is able to get around a bit more as well. She has had a few walks up the hall and been up & down to the loo a lot today. Anne & Jenny visited this morning and Janine at lunchtime.

I went home at about 1.30 to tend to the dog and popped back up with Steve and the kids at 3.30. She was feeling a bit tired & sore by then and was back in bed. We stayed for an hour and left her talking to Sandra, you know all that girlie type stuff. The Doc is due back in the morning to see her again and assess if she could go home tomorrow. I think she needs a little more time to recover properly and I know if she is not feeling right she will be telling him so.

Well it is great that she is on the mend and improving daily. Thanks for all comments of support and I'll update again tomorrow with more news.

Nite Nite from Stew [Mr C].


  1. OMG... she must be feeling alot better if she is bossing again... haha
    Wooohoooo for the pink ipod... You are an absolute legend Stew...
    Take care all of you.. it is going to be a long road to complete recovery. And look out when she is in tip top condition!

  2. Glad that she is feeling better and will be home soon

  3. Hey Chris
    Was lovely to meet you today. Really glad that you are feeling heaps better.

  4. Woohoo, fantastic news - fingers crossed she will be able to come home soon.

  5. awesomeness! I am so glad to hear how much better she is feeling and hopefully after one more night of good (HA its never really good in the hospital) rest then home to really recover!
    How are you doing Stew hanging in well or just putting on the strong man face for us readers? you guys are in our thoughts and prayers!
    HUGS laura

  6. Anonymous5:06 PM

    That is great news!

  7. I'm glad that Chris will be coming home soon....let her know I'm thinking of her.

  8. Well hope is all going well and as i promised i spoke to Glen and Bronwin 2day and updated them on the blog they send there thoughts and hope that you feel better soon and hope that dad stops in on way back to auckland to catch up..

    Daughter #3

  9. Great to see you on the improve Chris.....keep it up :) Hope you & Stew enjoy the 'ginger crunch'. Anne & I missed out on going for lunch due to my flat battery....LOL Bloody car should have a bell thingie that tells you when you leave lights on. My last car did!!!! Sill we did have a laugh and Anne stayed with me til the nice man came :) Hope to see you next week when I am next back in town. Take care and don't be chucked out of hospital til you feel ready. :)

  10. Please give my best wishes to Chris... we are thinking of her!

  11. Anonymous11:14 PM

    So glad she is feeling better day by day and so glad the Dr is happy withher progress - Cathy

  12. Sounds like everything is getting back to a more normal situation. Glad to hear Chris is doing much better. Hope she gets home soon.

  13. I am so glad that she is feeling so much better. Tell her to try not to over do it. And yeah, I know that is like the pot calling the kettle black!! :-)

    Probably a good idea to stay at least another night. the temptation to start doing things, once you get home, is just sooooooo strong.

    Hugs and more wishes for a speedy recovery!!

  14. Chris, I posted on June 30th, just for you. When you feel better, take a quick look. I hope you are up and about soon!

  15. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Stew, you're a marvellous bugger.. sorry blogger. Hey fingers crossed Chris is feeling even better today and can look forward to going home. Sounds like she overdid the walking yesterday. Make sure you wipe the fridge door ah! Hehe Karen j

  16. LOL She needed her earrings in the hospital? She has to be feeling a whole lot better, bless her!!


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