Sunday, July 27, 2008


But with one HUGE exception... no more OPEN HOMES!!!

- morning tea with some girlfriends
- go home and finish unpacking
- see Stew off back to Auckland for one of the last times!

- start decluttering some more!

I know I have done a huge declutter already, but getting such a smaller house necessitates doing even more.... I can do it! In fact I am looking forward to it... we all keep far too much crap!

At the moment, I am sitting up in bed having me piece of toast... so I can take the blood thinner pill.... must be taken right after food... so as a result I am now hungry in the morning!

Oh and I got on the scales and seems I have gained weight? Totally NOT FAIR, I have been eating bugger all...... no exercise is obviously making a difference too. Grrrrr, must try and start working on that.

When I got home yesterday I had an email from a lady in Auckland, seems she reads my blog (is a Lurker) and saw me at Weight Watchers in Manurewa on Thursday night, but was too shy to come and say "Hi" ...... so HI ANITA! Next time just come up and yak would ya? I am just a normal person!!! I hope we can catch up once I'm living up there!

Morning tea was lovely... so neat to catch up with me girlfriends. Then Stew and I went to look for a flat screen TV for the new house... and ended up getting the new Barstools instead! I KNOW I'm supposed to be downsizing our 'stuff', but we needed barstools! These ones were the most comfortable, they swivel and are height adjustable, and are made of leather for ease of cleaning. I'm wrapt with them! We got 4.....

We also will need a smaller fridge/freezer for the kitchen, at the moment we have a big double door fridge/freezer which will have to go in the garage. *sigh*....

Stew has gone again, he got through the Desert Road ok.... last I heard he was in Taupo.

I have spent the afternoon sorting out all the 'paper stuff' in the house, it does get spread all over .... now it's all in only two places, the writing desk and the china cabinet drawer... it's only taken me 4 hours so far! And I havn't finished yet! I have decided to just go through one room at a time after this.... I'm knackered.

End of Day: lovely.... lots to do which is good... just so long as I pace myself.

NSV: been too busy to eat much... hell it's dinner time and I still havn't given it a thought. nite nite.


  1. hey

    that must be a great feeling to have no more open homes! have a great sunday!

  2. Woohoo for normality! It's amazing what can be decluttered when you put your mind to it, I remember that only too well when we were selling our old house - I ended up decluttering so much stuff we had to hire a small storage shed to put it in - thankfully we didn't have to get rid of it permanently because we were moving to a bigger house.

    That's the thing about breakfast - until you start eating it regularly you never feel like it! Those scales will be heading back down again really soon.

  3. Yippee !!!! back to normal!! Well, apart from the decluttering and sorting and all that stuff. :-)

    I like the bar stools. They have a backto them. I hate those ones that are just a tall stool and that's all. A back is a must!!

    How's the weather there? Getting any of the storm?

  4. Well nice bar-stools. if you dnt want the big fridge we could always use it hint hint as you keep saying (we only got a sml bar fridge).

    any way cant wait till u up in aucks.

    Daughter #3

  5. Thanks for getting the bar stools in just for me!! I can see myself perched up on those while visiting... (hopefully I'll get an invite :) )

  6. Stew gone again - but smile!! Not many weeks now until you are all together once more.

  7. Oh the joy of no more opens. And I love the bar stools. Similar to ones we bought for our new place. You have to have something new when you move, dontcha?!

  8. Anonymous11:35 PM

    Ooh! I love those bar stools! I need some for my new house too!

  9. Oh my, i've missed HEAPS!! Congrats on selling the house, that is soooo awesome!! And the new house looks REALLY nice! I'm jealous lol

    Whats the story with these flat stanleys? What and why are they?

  10. Sheesh... I don't envy the amount of tasks you have ahead of you with moving. I think you have such a great attitude about it though - plus, as you said, keeps you busy and your mind off food.

    Wahoo for no more open homes!


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