Friday, July 18, 2008


Stew and I are totally over the house sale shit.. if it happens, so be it.... if not today with these plonkers, it will happen eventually.

Teddy has to go to the Vet's today to have his stitches out, I'm not happy with his hernia. It doesn't look like it has been fixed at all, in fact it looks worse. I hope the Vet can sort it out.

I was in a lot of pain yesterday afternoon/evening, so have started taking pain killers again, I'd been off them for about 4 days. I feel a bit cross about having sucumbed to the pain, but I am not a fool... pain is pain and ya don't have to put up with it.

Anyway... onward with the day....

Sorry but it's going to be a long, quiet day.
- The Estate Agent rang... another meeting is being held at 3.30 this afternoon... ! WHATEVER.
- I have woken up feeling really ill, and the bleeding 'downstairs' has picked up a bit, so I'm in bed and intend on staying here till I'm feeling a bit better. If I don't feel any better in a few hours I will go to the doctor. *bugger damn and blast*
- Thank God Stew is still home....

2.30 pm... feeling marginally better ... think I might be getting a cold? Head is all fuzzy...
COFFEE BEAN: I had reconstructive surgery of me Vagina, as well as the hysterectomy... so there's 4 'wounds' within to heal... and they are going to take much longer to heal because (a) I'm a bleeder and (b) I'm now on blood thinners to stop me getting another blood clot! So I will take much longer to stop bleeding .... shit happens. Thanks for caring babe.

End of Day: well, we have an offer on the table for the house... it is way way too low.... so we are sleeping on it.... I don't think we can afford to accept it. GUTTED.
NSV: had no appetite today... wonder why? hmmmmm . nite nite.


  1. I know a lot of people get anxioius about taking pills but like you say, pain is pain! Hope it's not a long spate.

  2. BLEH!! Nuts again! I'd be trying about anything about now to sell that place. Waah!

  3. I'm still in my pajamas, it's that kind of a day. You are wise to relieve the pain. Just besure your not running fever or anything. It takes time to get better. sorry about the house. My realtor used to tell me you only need one. she right but where in the Sam hill is the one? Baby puppy will be alright, a lot of them swell.

  4. Hang in there, the house will sell. Hope the pain is gone soon.

  5. Feel better soon! Try not to worry about anything, just relax!

  6. ohhhh bugger hope you are ok....take care of yourself Chris, and YES do see Dr if pain persists!!

  7. what a load of crap. Sorry but I've obviously hopped out of the wrong side of bed this morning and am starting to think these stupid 'potential buyers' are deliberately playing mind games with you. Who the hell needs to consult their solicitor before they have even entered into a proposed contract. I hate to say it but it sounds like similar games we went through when selling the farm last year. Our buyers were not kiwis and our lawyer even told us not to get too concerned as this type of thing seems to be the norm with forgein buyers. (by forgein I mean English is not their first language).
    If its there first home in NZ then I can semi understand how they need to find out all the in's and out's of buying etc, but SURELY they could find this info out before they start house hunting. When my parents bought a home in Argentina they checked out all the laws of the land first, then started to look at places.
    Anyway enough waffle, maybe I am far to suspecious for my own good, but it just seems a bit flippin strange. Its a pity you don't have another potential buyer who comes in and buys the place out from under them. That will serve them right for all the rediculous meetings and stalling.
    Have a great day, I will be back later to check on progress.

  8. Anonymous1:54 PM

    I'm worried about ya Chris. I don't understand why you'd be bleeding down under when they took your uterus out... and why so long? It just seems weird to me... did they not stitch you up so that your body heals from the inside out?

  9. Your right - if you have pain take something to fix it. Being in pain actually hinders the healing process. While your in bed, get Stew to tie you there so you can't do anything!!! Seriously mate, please, please take it easy.

    Re you previous post, I had to read it twice to make sure I had read it correctly - the part about burying your uterus - OMG I was on the floor !! If it were mine I'd want to look at it and dissect it(Sorry it's the nurse in me!)

    I can understand though why you want to give it funeral, it's been a large part of your life and has a sentimental history attached to it.

  10. So are SO right re: being in pain. We don't get any awards for putting up with it yunno!!

    I took that attitude to the delivery ward when I had Guy. I wanted ALL the painkillers they had... and I got them! I didn't want to be a hero... xxxxx

  11. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Hope you is still back in bed young lady!!! Bed rest is what you be needing (that's prolly what my ma would say, she's a nurse). If the bleeding gets worse, promise to call your Dr/medical adviser please please please!!! Take Care Chris :0)

  12. My GOD you are under a lot of stress. Selling a house SUCKS! And then all your pain and recovery topping it off. Girl you need some rum in that diet coke! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  13. Man, you are having a rought trot at the mo' with your healing. On the bright side, your uterus will have a proper send off by the sounds of it.

    You know, maybe you should not clean your house for an inspection. Cause that'd certainly be the day the damn thing sells!

    I've been thinking of you


  14. Take it easy and let those pills do their jobs. I always try to suffer through pain without meds and it never works. Of course, by the time I take the darn things the pain is so bad that it takes FOREVER for the meds to work. My doctor told me it is always better to take the meds at the first sign of pain so they don't have to play catch up. Of course - I never learn!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  15. If you need to take some pain pills to get you thru this spell, then take them.

    Still got my fingers, etc crossed re the house.

    Take it easy!!


  16. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Sorry you're feeling bad. Hang in there, we love you in California :)

  17. Oh man, you've been going through much more than I have by far!

    LOL! Like it is hard for you to understand us Americans, I have a hard time understanding some of your talk! Ha ha! One of them is "bloody". What does that mean? I think of yucky blood all over the place, but it seems like an expression for you guys. Hmmmm....

  18. Oh yeah, what does "bugger" mean? I really need help with some of this so I can understand your blog at times! Haha!

  19. How about counter offering back up to what your wanting. They will know what type of price your looking for, so to offer way below that will probably just mean they are 'playing the real estate game'.

  20. I agree with Lynise. Rather than just outright refuse their offer, see if you can drop your price a bit but show them you're interested?? Sadly, I think it's swung to being a buyers market more than a sellers. Hope something good comes of it hun.


  21. wow (from the previous post) I never dreamed that they would give a person their parts to dispose of or I do believe I woudl have asked for my uterus and tumor but I WOULD HAVE HAD to take a gander at it .... yeah I know I am sick LOL.
    Hope you and your parts feel better and Hope that the rediculous offer on the house ... well I hope you get a more reasonable one. Hang in there I am thinking of you!

  22. Anonymous12:44 AM

    Ugh. I hate the whole game associated with selling a house! Counter a bit higher than what you are willing to take but lower than the asking price. Maybe they will counter back closer to where you can let it go. You know those people have been told by whomever they are working with that your house has been on the market for awhile and y'all might be desperate to get out. They may even be expecting a counter offer.

    I'm still worried about you. I don't like that you think you are getting a cold. You don't need to be getting something else for your body to fight. I worried about Stew leaving and going back to work. I'd help you if I were close. Please take it easy!

  23. Sorry to hear your not feeling well and I hope your feeling well soon.

    Hang in there about the house I'm sure it will sell soon.

  24. Colds suck. I get one every season change. Winter-Spring, Spring-Summer, Summer-Fall, Fall-Winter.

    It never freaking fails.

    Hope you are feeling better!

  25. Hope you are feeling a tad better. How did the blood work turn out? I remember having to go for montly or bi-weekly blood tests when I was on blood thinners, not fun!

  26. Chris, I am sending some good thoughts, prayers and vibes.
    Worried about you girl!

  27. Now, I hope you are feeling better today!!!! Dear me please relax, we don't want you back in the hospital.

    Can't you make a counter offer and up their offer? Give a little and get a little. That's how it works here when you are in negotiations.

    Poor pup, hope you get that straighten out as well. Goodness enough is enough.

    Wishing you well. All the best for a wonderful weekend.


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