Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Lots of bloggers do a "Wordless Wednesday"... can you imagine me having nothing to say? Not likely to ever happen.... how would ya like to pop in and only see a picture?

Oh well... I really don't have much to say this morning.. it's blowing and wet outside, yuk, bring on summer.

After I take the kids to school this morning I'm taking my car and trailer to the garage for their Warrants of Fitness. It's a bit like going to the Dentist, you hope like hell they don't need any work cos it's gunna cost ya!

While they are there I plan on coming home and doing another room... probably the rumpus, which will no doubt take me quite a while cos it's such a big room and includes the attic under the roof too. *sigh* BUT it's got to be done. And seeing as I'm here on me own I suppose it's up to me! (well Steve IS here, but he sleeps all morning) so there is no point relying on him to help.

So there ya go, a lot of boring drivel about me day's plans....

OH yes, all this de-cluttering is tiring, so a welcome spin off is that I'm sleeping all night again! That is so good! Onward.....

YIKES!!! I just about killed me laptop! I spilt some of me Milo on it.... and now the mouse pad thingee doesn't work.... hope it dries out! For now I'm using a plug in mouse... I will be gutted if I've killed it. I suppose that's what we have insurance for eh?

WOO HOO, me car and trailer needed no work on them, so didn't bust the bank! It's blowing a gale here! Nice day to be inside clearing out the junk... YEAH RIGHT! I can think of a dozen things I'd rather be doing... like shopping, visiting a girlfriend, shopping, OH I have done the visiting a girlfriend bit already today... while waiting for me car/trailer to get seen to.... so that just leaves... SHOPPING! Not likely ... we be broke! So I suppose I better get back to clearing out the bloody junk.

MILO = hot chocolate drink.

Well... I listed my trailer for sale on Trademe about 4 hours ago and I've already sold it! wooo hoooo.... money in the bank! Now I'm gunna sell me upright freezer! *rubbing hands together with glee* Ok, scrap that idea! There's hundreds of freezers for sale on Trademe, and not selling for much and my freezer is kinda new.. so it can just go to the beach house!

I'm going to Weight Watchers this evening, I know I'm not focusing on the numbers right now... but I have pre-paid for my meetings and it's nice to go along and have a yak! I LOVE YAKKING! ....I wonder what the scales will say though? I had a gain last week weighing in on different scales.....

Last week I coughed and vomitted, could hardly eat a thing... and I GAINED .700 grms.

This week I've been eating heaps, chocolate biscuits even..... and I LOST 1.5 kilos! That is so WEIRD. But good!

End of Day: friggin shitty weather, got bugger all done... but I'm happy.

NSV: We had KFC for dinner, no dishes for me! And maybe I will lose some more weight if I now eat another chocolate biscuit? LOL. nite nite.


  1. Oh, yay... I'm so happy for you. Can't wait to see that moving truck arrive!

  2. hehe. That would be funny. Showing up to your blog with only a picture posted. We'd all think something awful had happened to you!

    good luck with the decluttering!

  3. Hi! I wandered over here from Karen's "Food, Glorious Food" blog. I saw your comment and had to check out your blog -- you blog with a Kiwi accent! I love it! I'm going to start saying "me" instead of "my".

    I look forward to browsing your blog!

  4. Yes - seeing your blog with only a picture wouldn't be right!

    Hope your computer is drying out! What is Milo? I know that is a horribly American thing to ask but . . . what is it?

  5. So rough up here. Still no power. Scared windows may blow in!

  6. hehe. I do wordless wednesday sometimes when I can't string two stinkin words together. :) AND I'm pretty sure I'd dig MILO if it's a chocolate drink. mmmmmmmm.

  7. Hey Chris! My birthday is the 1st, id much rather be 21 flavours and then some, than 16! school sucks! Im all up for a party even if it is a pity party ;) Hope you have had a great day

  8. I use to do Wordless Wednesday, but it's essentailly a free for all. Some people were wordless, other not. Some people posted on Wednesday and other people started on Tuesday. And some people posted videos instead of photos.

  9. I love the sound of your diet!! KFC and choccie biccies!

    Things are looking up for you and about bloody time! Isn't it great when things sell quickly? Now you can go shopping :)

  10. Nice photo mum, and good weight loss, keepup the good work..

    Daughter #3

  11. yay for trademe. Now that I finally have a camera I've taken pic's of some of my baby stuff and sold the bassinet and a ride on train thing to two seperate buyers in about the same time it took to sell your trailer.

    (sure beats having a garage sale)lol

    Oh you lucky girl with your nice loss. Hope I can start having losses again, heaven knows I've had far to many gains. Time to start losing again.

  12. OMG Chris your comments are so true! I SO know it about the fat V's skinny in the bedroom! And CHops has piled it on too since the wedding...
    You're great, thanks for the comment...

  13. Congratulations on selling your trailer so quickly........

    Yah for your weight loss as well. Hope your computer dries out soon and works properly again...

  14. i do a wordless blogging day about 5 days a week :)


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