Monday, July 28, 2008


It's been three LONG weeks with the kids off school... I am so happy to be taking them back today! Walking them up there will probably be the longest walk I have taken since my surgery.... but it's worth it! I will let the school know they will be leaving in 5 weeks... quietly jumping for joy!

After that I'm coming home to do a bit of housework, hopefully Steve will give me a hand.... THEN I have a hair appointment/pamper session.... they give customers a free Hair Conditioning Treatment once you have spent $XYZ amount, and I have! So that will be lovely.

THEN I will come home and do some more decluttering! It is neat to be doing something constructive towards our move.

And for all you Worry Worts.... I don't have to do ANY of the packing or lifting etc... Stew's company pays for a Moving Company to come in and do it all for us! And I am going to get quotes from somewhere (?) and have the house cleaned professionally when it's empty so I don't have to do that either! So ya see, I am not going to do anything to stuff up my recovery, I'm not silly.

Right, on with the day.....

Darn... I didn't get the 'pamper session' afterall, they ran outta time... another time then. However I did get my hair cut and straightened... looks lovely.
Am off to the doctor's shortly (AGAIN) cos I have this really NASTY pain in me lower belly often and it's really pissing me off! Want to make sure it's nothing to worry about.... I'm turning into a hypacondriac!!!

AND... I'm expecting our Real Estate Agent this afternoon sometime too... seems he's bringing me flowers! AWWWWWW. And he's re-named himself just for me.. and now goes by the name of ARSEHOLE cos that's what I keep calling him! He even text'd me using that name, so funny!

Above: flowers from Tim.... the Estate Agent... so pretty.

Our family doctor reckons my pain is due to nerve endings and scar tissue forming... and wants me to tell the surgeon when I see him on Thursday just to be safe. So I'm reassured it's nothing sinister... I am paranoid about something else going wrong!

End of Day: I've been busy, and now I'm so tired... I do believe I might just sleep well tonight. Steve and I got one room 'finished' today... only 18 rooms/areas or so to go! And let's not forget the outdoor shed.....

NSV: been eating well, and feeling much better for it too. I think I need to not worry about the scales for now.... recovering is more important than a bloody number. nite nite


  1. Am so pleased that it is all happening for you now :-). Have a great day :-)

  2. omg! They get 3 weeks off? not fair! lol

  3. Enjoy the pampering:-)

    Take it easy! Will check to se how you are going during the week but ahve a sore throat / cold starting so will keep my distance until better.

  4. awesomeness!!!!!!!
    Have fun decluttering!
    Hugs Laura

  5. enjoy the pamper session, and kudos to you guys for having the movers & then cleaners! Ahhh!
    Save all the hard work for nesting in the new place!

  6. My kid gets off 2 1/2 months for summer and just 2 in winter/xmas. Been too busy to have fun but we will at the end of August before school starts.
    Glad you have a moving company, that will be nice.

  7. lol i aggree with janene! hope your days been ok and the doc can help you

  8. Hey girlfriend! Take care of YOU! that's what's important...always!
    In answer to your ?....
    SI...Sacroiliac-it's located in the lower back-and affects the lower back and intire hip area...I started having probs with it last year-and now go to the chiro every month-thought it was pretty under control-but certain activities aggravate it-like repetitive kicks and twists. Just goes with age and scoliosis!! total suck-but just work around it-like I've been doing.
    OK-enough about me-
    once again-take care of you!

  9. Have just been reading all your posts to catch up! And wow i cant believe its all actually happening at long last!
    Fab news!!! :)

  10. It's great that your agent has a sense of humor.

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  12. My husband's work moved us too. It was such a decadent feeling to just sit on a chair and watch the removalists unpack around me!

  13. Hope you're feeling better. And good for you for taking it easy---you need and deserve it!

  14. Pack the scales. Remember to eat (or you will never lose weight!) and when you unpack the scales you will get a lovely surprise!

    And give yourself a *^#$@ chance to heal, woman. I had a hyster 2+ years ago with NO clots or bleeds and it took me 6 weeks to get back to work and closer to 12 weeks before I felt normal. I felt fantastically well throughout - just tired and not normal. So listen to the bod and relax!

    Here endeth the lesson.

  15. Beautiful flowers - and so nice that he changed his name for you! That made me laugh out loud!

    I am glad you decided to ignore the scale for a bit. Get all better and then start worrying about it again!

  16. wow, kids go back to school early in your neck of the woods... kids around here dont go back for another month...

  17. You better be taking it easy., and you are right recovery is more important the the scale number.
    Lovely flowers from areshole....HEE HEE you are funny.


  18. purty flowers girlie!


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