Monday, July 07, 2008


I am going to town today a new woman... well CERTAIN parts are kinda new eh? ha ha ha.

I am going to pace myself... I want to:

- get a Thank You card and gift baskets of yummies for the nurses at Southern Cross hospital. I need to get enough to cover the 3 shifts.....they were fantastic to me the whole time I was there, and even rang up to the Public Hospital to make sure I was OK in there after the Ward 27 debacle!

- Get Thank You cards for the surgeon who did my operation and his off-sider who looked after me as well. Both of them treated me so very well I want to let them know how much I appreciated their care. I will probably find a 'wee something' to give them as well... not sure what yet.

- Then I want to get Teddy an exercise pen to attatch to his crate so he's got more room when we want him confined.

THAT should just about do me in I reckon! But don't worry, I will be with Stew and he won't let me overdo it. If I can't get it all done today, well there is always tomorrow! later...

Above: my daily breakfast now... masses of pills, friggin water (yik yik yik) and some food. I don't usually eat breakfast but now I HAVE to in order to have the blood thinner pill. BUGGER.

Well we went out, got all we needed to make up 3 gift baskets for the nurses, got 2 men's Toiletries Gift sets for the doctors, dropped them all off at the hospital and came home. I faded rather fast I must say. Am now just chillin out in the lounge.... might even have a nap.

No nap ahappening afterall, got 2 visitors back to back... but that was nice too. Maybe I will be able to sleep tonight after not having any all day? I hope so.

End of Day: baby steps today, found I have definite limits still.... but that's ok.

NSV: I'm enjoying food again.... I think it's better to be eating than not..... for sure! Looking forward to another good day tomorrow. nite nite.


  1. That will be a nice thankyou for the Nurses and Docs.

    Don't overdo it though!!!

  2. Be sure to pace yourself! It can take a long time to get back to "normal" after such an ordeal! I am so glad that you are feeling better.

    Your flowers looked great in the last post. I need to convince Hubby to buy some for me!

    Congrats on the Ipod learning. I adore my Ipod and can't live without it! I have all of my music on mine now and love to "shuffle songs" so I listen to them all mixed up.

    Have a fabulous day!

  3. Get rested! I'm glad you're home.

  4. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Shopping!!! Wasn't it less than a week ago that you were in the ICU?!?!?! You crazy lady! You crack me up! It is nice of you to be wanting to send thank you's to all. My goodness... you do love to shop don't you? I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! LOL! You are amazing!

  5. Mother Hen here! Hope you are up to the shopping - keep resting while you get the chance!!!

  6. I'm so glad it all went ok with the surgery. Just caught up on your blog for the last week. We had the same hail storm here and bugger me I was out WALKING IN IT!!! But was too determined to stop so as you can imagine I got VERY WET AND COLD but proud of myself all the same! lol

  7. So great to see you back in action and posting away like the old Chris.
    We missed you!

  8. Try not to over do it girl! You're meant to be in recovery mode, not shopping mode!!! *hugs*

  9. That is such a nice thing of you to do :)
    I'm sure you will make their day!
    Great to hear you are up and about


  10. Glad you are back Chris! And safe and sound an on your way back to good health!

    Stew is a doll! Definitely a keeper!

  11. I couldn't believe you went shopping lol....mmm, then again, I did really. Glad Stew was there to help you out. Hope you have a restful afternoon, take it easy. You don't want to overdo things..... That was a lovely gesture giving all those thank yous, I am sure they will be very appreciated. There's no better feeling than having your good work acknowledged - very kind of you.

  12. Chris, that's beautiful. You are awesome at picking out gifts, ya know. That's seriously a talent.

    Hey, we are very excited that the Flat Stanleys are movin' on. Are you going to surprise us with the destination on your blog??

    PS. We just figured out the "Henry" book ya sent us is full of rhyming couplets and "Weta" and "Theatre" must rhyme when you speak New Zealand. It doesn't remotely rhyme with an American accent. I've got to do my best fake job when I read it. I sound like "an American impersonating the Wiggles, who have gone to London and tried to impersonate the English." ;]

  13. It is so NICE when patients say thank you, much less come back with gifts. WOW.
    Sorry about the diet change and the water,...yuk yuk. But your body it neeeeeeds it. Do you have a filter or anything to make your water taste good?
    Your little doggie is sooo precious.

  14. Gload your home and feeling better. Please though TAKE IT EASY! You have been through so much and it will take longer to get over everything.

    I agree with lodging a complaint re Ward 27.

  15. Great to see that you are up and about and that you seem to be recovering well.

    I am looking forward to hearing about this new fanny, not quite sure what it really means... You must feel like a virgin again! ;-)

  16. He he you have to have water but hey so does evey1 else.

    Dnt ova do it mum you have to let things heal properly in order touse them aye (u know what i mean he he he he )

    so how are the kids doing not running you raggered i hope but hey you have dad there use him, dnt b a he woman and try doing everything urself aye (we no what you like)

    oh well thats all from me 2nite lov ya all.

    Daughter #3

  17. Must feel good to be able to get out again... dont over do it tho!

  18. Anonymous8:50 PM

    HI cHRIS
    just caught up with your blog after my computer has been missing without leave for a week or more...still havnet got everything back and all my blogging journals are GONE but found yours.

    Wow u have been to hell and back with your op and after care-yes I'd vote for a complaint re the 'care' you got or lack there of in ward 27...glad the old Chris is back albeit a little slow.



  19. welcome back Chris, by god woman you had me worried!!

    mu hubby had an op too, had veins stripped from his legs, his incisions in his groin are now infected coz the bugger wont listen to the dr's n take it slow and steady, well now hes been ordered back to bed, and been told to take another week off work... that'll teach him eh?!

    its great to see that your on the road to recovery hunny xxxx

  20. What a lovely way to say thank you for all they did for you.
    I apologize for not visiting alot lately so I scrolled down to your past few posts. Sorry you had such a time in hospital. I've had a blood clot too - in my leg 0 hurt like hell. Did you have to do those injections for a week afterward? Those totally suck.
    Anyway, glad you are up and aroudn again.
    Take care and will be back later in the week!

  21. Anonymous2:23 AM

    Baby steps?!?!?! Holey Moley Woman!!! That's a lot more than some little ole baby steps. Baby steps to me are... you know... taking a shower, fixing your hair... maybe walking around the block once. I'd like to know what you call big steps or going full tilt! You amaze me with all you do with low iron. Are you superwoman?

  22. Wow! I'm just getting caught up on all you've been through. Glad things are turning out fine. Go slow and you'll be back to 100% in no time!

  23. I'm so glad you are on the mend. I'm sure the dr.s and nurse loved their gifts. That was so sweet of you.

  24. WE has a busy weekend here, and I've finally got a chance to catch up on your blog. Loved the pictures of the hail storm, and the pic of you and Teddy is adorable.

    You are a kind hearted person to go out of your way to get gifts for the hospital staff. So many people wouldn't even think to do that.

    Glad to hear that Stew won't let you overdo it. Force yourself to rest, it sure will help you heal faster!

    It sure is good to have you back blogging!

    (When you have an extra minute, I posted a blog just for you on June 30th, give it a quick look if you feel up to it.)

  25. Well you're looking alot stronger. Take it easy, don't rush yourself. It's great to have you back and all chatty. You can keep that snow all to yourself, we've finally managed to have a nice summery weekend, at long last! Keeping my fingers crossed about those buyers. Hoping you have a wonderful day.

  26. GOOD GRIEF! You have been through it during the last few weeks!

    I am glad to hear you are feeling better!

    Hang in there and try to get some rest!

  27. Good to hear the nurses and surgeon treated you well. And that's really nice of you to get them something.

  28. Oh there's no stopping you! Back to those busy sounding posts already - glad to hear that you came home and rested though, i'm sure everyone appreciated your lovely gesture.


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