Sunday, July 06, 2008


STOOPID BLOGGER WON'T LET ME REPOSITION THESE PHOTOS! SO.... top photo: the mantlepiece in the lounge- I fluffed around and quite liked how it looked today.
2nd photo: Amanda, these are the flowers you sent, seeing as you asked.
3rd photo: This is the flower arrangement my Mum sent me yesterday, amazingly beautiful.

We have an Open Home today at 12.30pm so we have to get a move on!
I am going to just potter around and try to do a tiny bit of 'fluffing' around, put flowers in different rooms (I got about 9 bunches !)...

OH yeah.... I get to put clothes on today! How thrilling is that? Can't wear me fav jeans though, bugger. Me tummy is still very swollen and sore.... but clothes... *drooling*..... shit I crack myself up sometimes! LOL


Well another Open Home done and dusted.... 2 groups through... one looks kinda hopeful?
I am shattered, and I did bugger all this morning, but I was up all morning till now (1.30pm) and I'm now feeling rather ill so am going to have a sleep.
I can't wait to feel 'normal' again, being like this sucks big time.
I had a little sleep, and have woken feeling kinda "grey"... hard to explain really, but I'm sure each day will get better.
Stew is in heaven, he's watching rugby on the telly: Australia A Vs. New Zealand Maori...... and I don't give a shit. As long as he's happy.
End of Day: a mixed bag, started off feeling really good, then yukky, and now... back to good! Had a really wonderful play with Teddy tonight, he is such a funny wee dog! And NUTS.... lol. Steve came around and helped me learn how to download music to my ipod... I can DO IT!!!
NSV: I'm doing well, food finally staying down (reluctantly sometimes) but managing to get back into the swing of healthy eating. I have even managed to down about a glass of Diet coke today! WOOO HOOOO.
nite nite.


  1. LOL Im glad ya wearing clothes now!

  2. oh god i cant beleive what you have been through in the past week. Hope you feel better soon and get to use the new "gear" ;) lol. Hope your open home goes well too. Much Love Hayley xoxo

  3. Wow-I just read through some of your recent posts (I've been gone for a month)-sorry to hear about your harrowing experience but glad you are on the mend now!
    Take care of yourself dear!

  4. Hopefully someone will want to buy that house! Just remember when you feel tired that is your body's way of telling you it's hurting! Take it easy!!

  5. Oh and here is my trip so you get a feel for how far the "road trip" is going to be.,+ca&daddr=Dalhart,+TX&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=56.112824,99.140625&ie=UTF8&z=5

  6. Kia Kite... lol I have forgotten all the maori I had learned ages ago... comes with never using it... but I actually did know some a few years back... sigh... take it easy chris! dont over do it... blah blah blah you know what I mean LOL.

  7. Love all those flowers and I hope someone buys the house soon. Good on you for getting into real clothes. Take it easy and things will get easier and better. Hope your feeling stronger soon.

  8. I like that shell and boat arrangement, very cute. Flowers are lovely as well.

    Must have felt good to get dressed in normal clothes ... but, you naughty girl... what did I say about taking it easy!!

    You have been through quite an ordeal and it's no wonder you ended up feeling sick. It's your body's way of saying "OI, slow down a bit !!"

    Mind you, when someone told me the same thing, I din't take too much notice, either ..... until I passed out. :-)


  9. BTW ... with repositioning the photos, did you try cutting and pasting the html code for the photos ?

  10. LOL ... who knows maybe the flowers will be just the touch you need to finally convince someone what a fabulous house it is!!! Fingers crossed.

    Time to make sure you listen to your body and REST - somehow I don't imagine you'd make the most co-operative of patients ... lol

  11. Well not to b rude but am glad that i diddnt send flowers now you would have been sick of them. but glad to hear that you are feeling better, hope that you liked the photos that i sent dad.

    oh and have given glen and bronwin ur blog site so they can read.

    Lov ya lots
    Daughter #3

  12. Good to have you back with us Chris...stoked to hear that you're on the mend.


  13. Hey are starting to sound like the normal you again... woohoooo you are feeling alot better... look after yourself chick... we have to get together again soon...

  14. wow.. sorry i wasnt around to say i'm glad that everything turned out well with your operation......

  15. god you've been through hell... glad you're on the mend and you'll be in those jeans bfore you know it!

    glad you've got all your girly bits fixed up!

    take it easy!!

    K :)

  16. Yay fer diet Coke! You have some lovely flowers.

  17. I'm here hun.

    Sorry I haven't commented for a while. I don't know if you have been reading my blog but I have been rather depressed and am back on anti-depressants which are helping a lot. I haven't commented a hugs amount on anyone's blog but I have been keeping up to date with updating my blog.

    I have also been keeping up to date with reading your blog and I am VERY pleased you are on the mend - Oh! I too have had a Pulmonary Embolism, when I was 24 years old, collapsed lung and all that into the bargain...BAH HUMBUG, TYPICAL ME! It was during that that I had my Out Of Body Experience, I was really unwell at the time.

    Anyway, enough of the morbid stuff eh? The main thing is you are on the mend, just don't go rushing into things too quickly, give yourself time to get 200% better.

    Hugs to you hunny xx

  18. You really should take it easy. And what's with scheduling open houses right after your surgery. Are you nuts?


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