Tuesday, July 22, 2008



- 10 am I'm being picked up by an Agent and looking at one house that is a definite possibility...

- 1.30 another agent is taking me to about 4 homes ...

I also want to see two "private sale" homes.... will try to fit them in today, but if I can't they can wait till tomorrow.

The doctor last night: well I can't tell ya cos I'm actually typing this on Monday night, for auto publishing in the morning! Will let ya know later on this afternoon when I can get back on me Uncle's computer!

Yesterday my Aunt took Brylee for a haircut... she looks so cute! I am so lucky ... my Aunt and Uncle are doing everything for me... even bathing the kids and dressing them for me, cooking etc.... I am a spoilt tart.. OH ..... I think I have said that before eh? ha ha ha.... well I am! Hopefully I will be feeling so much better soon.... later...

IT HAS HAPPENED.... THE SALE IS 'UNCONDITIONAL'... yaaa hoooooooooooooo!!!!

Unconditional means they have paid their deposit and CANNOT back out of the deal.... soooooo... I am going to buy a new house this week!

The doctor gave me some Gees Linctus which is a stong (old fashioned) cough medicine... I have a viral throat infection.... just what ya need when you have a sore tummy/chest/fanny eh? Oh well, shit happens. I will be fine.... just have to take it easy (and I AM)....and before I know it I will be all better.

Stew has been coming out to where we are staying each evening, which is just lovely.... I can't get over seeing so much of him lately... I love him to bits... (and his bits!) ha ha ha.
He's coming out again tomorrow to look at house with me... can't wait.
End of Day: I've had fun while pacing myself so I don't overdo it... rest assured I am not overdoing it! I have had to do NOTHING but walk from the house to a car... and stroll around a few houses. BLISS.
NSV: Me black pants can be pulled on and off without undoing the button or zip... yee haa! Losing weight people, losing weight. I will be slim(ish) again one day! nite nite.


  1. Good luck on the house hunt!

  2. You must be feeling much better because I can just sense that ol' sauciness coming through the keyboard at me! LOL! I'm so pleased for you being able to look at new houses. Hopefully they're in the same low sort of market you had to sell in?

  3. Good luck for the house hunting. Which part of Auckland are you looking in? East, West etc, don't have to be suburb specific if you don't want.

  4. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Hey Chris and Stew
    sneaked in here.. it's my lunchhour after all. I am so wrapped that things are moving with the house but worried about you Chris. Hope it was good news from the Doc. Hope to catch up with you before you move. Take care of yourself you hear!!!!
    Luv KJ

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!! So happy to hear that the house is sold. Must be such a relief for you!

    Well done, and happy house hunting!

  6. Great news about the house going unconditional! Now go out there and find the best house you can! How exciting!

    Also good news about the black pants. Keep it up!

  7. How exciting house hunting!! If you need a second opinion I'm the girl for you. I love looking at properties. Good luck and I hope you find a house that is just what you want (within budget of course).

  8. Good luck on the house hunting mum i know that you will!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Daughter #3

  9. YAY! for the sale going through, I bet your relieved.

  10. yeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaa says it all...hope you find another house soon, good luck and Take it Easy!!!!!

  11. SUPER DUPER congrats on the house!

  12. Happy house hunting, let us know when it's all a done deal. Glad you went in to the doc, DRINK a ton of fluids (not coke) to get rid of this crap. How about tea? Do you drink tea?

  13. High five on finally selling your home. Can't wait to see what you decide upon yourself. Glad to see you got that cough taken care of. Nice to see everyone is taking so good care of you. All the best, see you in a few weeks.

  14. I'm so glad things are moving along nicely. Can't wait to see which house you decide on!

  15. Oh what a MASSIVE relief for you all. Now the fun part begins, good luck with the house hunting.


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