Saturday, June 30, 2007


Morning! It's 6.20am and I've been up for hours already! Stew has this flu too, so he's snoring right? So, I can't sleep... so I'm up checking blogs.. I mean, what else can one do in the middle of the night without waking anyone up?

Griffin finally stopped coughing and vomitting around midnight and has slept soundly since, poor wee man needed to. I am not feeling that much better today, but I think maybe just a bit??? Gawd I hope so, I'm sick of seeing the dining room in such a mess, I need to get on to painting it and getting everything back in it's place! I hate a mess.

Today: hopefully


  1. Bugger - just read your post from yesterday and see that you are not coming today! But I do hope you (and the family) are feeling better real soon! Take care and rest xx

  2. Awwe I thought you were maybe picking up plenty but like you said hopefully after today you will be feeling good again.

    LOL at your comment left on my blog....Yeah, yeah me is more stoopid.....nah neh nah neh nah nah!!.....I'm more stoopid than you are....teehee - well that is one thing I'm better than someone at...LOL

    Hey you will need to get some sleep today if you have been up for hours because if you don't it wont help you get better, it may knock you back a tad.


    Hugs to ya hun

  3. You must be feeling better.... I am lucky in that my kids done seem to vomit as much as yours do when they have a cold or sinus infection..actually ..touch wood.. my children havent been sick for ages....

  4. ooo and make them eat dinner standing up at the table!! lol i do that to my kids when they rock on chairs at chair for them!!!

    GO THE HOLIDAYS...*runs away before she loses her chair too*

  5. Yep, definitely too much info. Sorry about the chair. As for diddly squat - me likey diddly squat :) I feel like doing diddly squat for 1 year. 1 full glorious year. But I'd settle for a month...or a week....

  6. Hehe. This happened to me at home years back too. My mother was pissed! LOL! Take care of yourself.

  7. bummer about the chair KIDS ggrr

  8. Hi Chris, have had your blog saved in my favourites for a while and have finally gotten around to reading a few recent entries!

    Just wanted to say what a remarkable achievement it is to lose 60kgs in the first place! With that determination it's only a matter of time before the gained weight will be off again.

    Look forward to reading more of your blog in the future. Hope you're feeling better really soon.

  9. For God's sake, get some rest, woman! The painting can wait.

    Of course, I'm the worst person to talk....when I'm sick I still try to impersonate Superwoman. It never ends well. :(

  10. My grandma still give my dad a hard time about breaking one of her chairs. When he was dating my mom, her daughter, she constantly told him not to lean back in his chair and balance it on two legs. One day he did it AGAIN, the legs snapped off, and down they both went. He stopped doing it though ;)


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