Saturday, June 23, 2007


Anyone wishing to see photos of last nights "festivities" CAN order them.... mounted or unmounted.... ha ha ha....That's from Stew, the grubby bugger!

We did have a lovely evening.... and MIKE went over to Steve and Lisa's for the night as well, so we had the whole house to OURSELVES !!! And we did not nibble on anything fattening AT ALL.... I was rather proud of myself for that... usually in that situation we would have had lots of lovely yummies and some drinks too... but cos we are both on a health kick, we didn't.

I will tell you ... it is so WEIRD waking up to silence!!! I keep waiting for a kid to make a noise, and it ain't happening!!! Even Izzy is quiet.... and it's like 8.30 in the morning and I'm in bed still.... OH GAWD THIS IS BLISS.


  1. Mmmmm - no thanks!!

    I don't think I will make it today - we have a lunch to go to and it's going to be a real rush - don't fancy driving into town in this weather either:-(

  2. Enjoy the peace and quiet.

    It's quiet here too - husband has gone to the office to 'catch up', kids are all sleeping. Bliss! Pity I have to go to work now too...

  3. Have a great weekend!

  4. LOL Stew you are a grubby bastard!

    LOL@ 'mounted' and 'unmounted'.

    So, WHY are you on the bloody computer? Shouldnt you be prancing round the house in ya undies?

  5. Have not had lamb in ages.

  6. Ha ha... Glad you had a nice quiet time. Hope you enjoyed your morning tea. Lunch sounds yum too.
    12.27 and I am sitting here wrapped up in my dressing gown still.. been drooling in a drug enduced coma on the couch for the last hour and a half.. TTOTM hit this morning with a vengance AGAIN.. to the point the pain gave me hot flushes and stars I thought I was gonna pass out! What the fk is it with that??? So drugs and couch was all I could do...boohooo.. what a sooky lala I am.. haha

  7. sounds like you had a great night!

    also great idea to have a big meal at lunch time, I some times do that, it does stop snacking in the afternoon

  8. Ahhhh bliss... no kids for the night... sigh sleeping in WHAT IS THAT LIKE he he he??

    Love Chubbymum

  9. What a man ..... haha...

  10. Anonymous9:46 PM

    noice pic of stew.
    v. relieved he's got clothes on!!!!!!


    aka Linda Evangelista

  11. Anonymous10:07 PM

    Haha, never mind all of the steps that you missed out on... think of all the (s)exercise that you got *giggles*
    Sue xxxx

  12. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Chris, darling... I say the C word too much... not good I know but I am a Scottish lass and my mouth has a mind of its own... LOL
    Thanks for the comment on my blog, I have added you to my list... hope that is ok
    XX S XX

  13. Good to read you had a good evening!

    Stew is looking very saucy and seductive on that there sheepskin rug...LOL

    Strange you should mention Pink n Whites because I had just put them onto my shopping list.

    Fluff is a marshmallow......ermmmm how can I put it??.....marshmallow soft whipped filling type thing which comes in jars. DO you have the Tunnocks Snowballs in NZ? Fluff is like the filling that comes in the Snowballs.

    Baguette is a french stick...stick of crusty bread, James likes the half size baguettes that we have in our shops.

    Okey Dokey , that is all for now hun, have a nice evening/day

    Hugs to ya

  14. Uhm, no...I dont need to see photos of 'mounted and unmounted' activities...otherwise I might have to break outthe rusty spoons to gouge my eyes out...

  15. LMFO @ Stew, you two are great! I am pisse d abd can feela hangover ocming on already. I know there are mistakes in my writing but bugger it,.

    Locvas, Me xo.

    PS. Tell Griffin his drawing is u pon my pinvoard at work,.

  16. LOL - I love the pic of Stew - but even more than that, I love the pic of - is it Oprah? - looking shocked on the telly behind him! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!


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