Friday, June 15, 2007


I woke up with a completely blank mind.... said to Stew "What could be a good title for today?", he came back with:

- Potential Hospice Volunteer?

- Hospice Helper?

- Woman with a smile!

Any idea what the last one could be alluding to??? Friggin men!

Today: all the usual, then ring the Hospice lady and see if they have any need of a very willing volunteer! And.... I'm sure I could just paint the bathroom upstairs where a certain person splashed hair dye up the bloody wall....


  1. Good morning - been flat chat all week and had no time to comment but been following the news nevertheless. Just another thought - have you considered market research? I did it for a couple of years when the kids were first at school - meet some fascinating people, hear some incredible stories, discover that overall Joe Public is a nice guy and contrary to rumour knocking on doors when you're only selling yourself (don't take that the wrong way!!!)isn't difficult. And you get paid - not a lot but pocket money at least. Anyway have a great weekend - love the painting! Cheers
    Z xx

  2. Come on, nothing is a better pick me up than a pretty lady with a smile....

    Dying your hair again, are we? Not a natural blonde then?

  3. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Good for you for volunteering! That will certainly ease any pangs of lonliness you're prone to experiencing.

  4. AWESOME hey... hmmm I like that label... haha ye nutter... Have to bloody well keep it off now dont I... grrrrr and party weekend for Jo... Ppfffttt mean pav and corn chips and dip and cheese cabana and scotch and stuff... you knew what its like... hehehe

  5. We are away tomorrow so can't catch up - have a great day! Good luck with your enquiries at the hospice.

  6. OMG I go away for ONE DAY and everything changes!! Ok so caught up on what the hospice thing is all about now ... sounds like you! Hope they come up with something interesting for you to do.

  7. Hope it all works out for you..... The bedspreads I got have butterflies on them coloured with the army camo design in all different pinks ... get what I mean ...?? They have silver sequence too .....

  8. Ha! What do I know what you do in the bathroom?

    Would it be rude to say prove it? :D

    *ducks and runs*

  9. Ok will post it over the weekend!!

  10. Shall I say once again that I think you are rather talented Mrs H! With all your painting and artwork.

    You will love being a volunteer, it will be hard emotionally but so rewarding as well.

  11. PS Peta's hair was completely teased up after a night in heaps of plaits, especially for crazy hair day at school. Ben's was shaved into three criss-crossing mohawks and dyed blonde.

    Phoebe is a bloody handful and Sian is a darling.

  12. *grin* Hey, one has to try when one has been challenged to figure out "where"....:D

  13. Sound like a good idea, the hospice. You sound like you like to be busy so this would be a good opportunity. Some day I would like to volunteer at a old folks home but it's hard with the little one around all the time and all my other things like school. Maybe someday.
    The earphones for the game sound like a great idea!! I need to use that idea.
    Have a great weekend.

  14. Do keep warm this weekend. It's been the most perfect week weather wise here in Montreal. Sunny and high 20's venturing into the 30's with humidity. Next Thursday it will officially be summer.

    Managed to get caught up on my work, but the forces of nature were working against me. Probably going to be an ultra quiet weekend here as no plans.

    Do hope you have something fun planned. Take care and have a great weekend.

  15. Ahh....
    if I could...
    I'd love to be a volunteer baby cuddler in the ICU's....

    someday.. I will do that...

    in the LV hospitals... there were several little babies where the parents didn't come see them.


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