Sunday, June 24, 2007


Hells' bell, you are all going to think I slept in, and I didn't!!! I have just forgotten to do this morning's post! I have fed the kids, and have a huge pot of soup on the stove cooking for tonight.. pea and bacon bones.. though I don't actually have the bacon bones yet! I'm waiting for Stew to get outta bed so I can go buy some..... wasn't I a nice wifey letting him sleep in???

He DID stay up late watching the rugby afterall! Like till about 3 in the bloody morning, and then Mike went out with the girls (Lisa and Kushla)... Kushla, who he's kinda hanging out with.... AND then he arrived home around 4am with a tale to tell of Kushla's ex-boyfriend crashing her car last night and writing it off !!! Far out, just so pleased no one was hurt....but come on people, there are better ways to pass the time than hooning around in cars and crashing them! So now Kushla doesn't have a car.... at least it was her's and not the company car... she works at Dominoes too, we all know the company car from there was totalled LAST week !!! Steve is having to use his own car to make pizza deliveries to hold onto his job at the moment... so is loosing money hand over fist. Twit.


  1. Awwww soup.. I love soup in the winter always makes you feel warm inside I rekon... Im glad no one was hurt in the car crashes.

  2. Ohh young people and cars... dangerous mix hey..
    You are a good wifey arent you... pat yourself on the back and have a break... Soup sounds devine...
    Not sure what we are having yet.. I bought a whole scotch fillet yesterday and had it might sample that for dinner tonight with roast veg... yummooooo

  3. could be worse. Some one could have gotten hurt.

    And maybe he likes the pizza job...

  4. Hell's Bells! I love that saying.

  5. Hey girl...hope its not too cold for you...
    just done the second last coat of topcoat on Naths skirting boards... haha...slow and steady wins the race...
    cant hurry these things...
    Poor child will forget what its like to have his own room...

  6. Can you come bring me some of that soup, please? *sniffle*
    I agree; there is nothing worse than puking. You know I'm really sick when I succumb to it, just to get it over with!

  7. Glad to hear no one was hurt in the car crash.
    What a nice wife you are, letting him sleep in and making up soup to give to Lisa. It sucks to be sick. I get cold a lot but rarely get the flu.

  8. I noticed you are not that far from a bmi of 29. Your doing great!!!

  9. Hope those kids are feeling better real soon. Surprised they let you snap that picture - ha, I would have hid under the couch if anyone would brought out a camera.

  10. Poor babies! Lucky they have you there to bring them soup and give them hot water bottles! Makes me miss my mum!

    Keep safe in that wild weather!!!

  11. Hi, sorry I haven't commented much lately, bit busy. Your life is very full as usual. I don't know how you do it mate. Take care eh?

  12. Hey there Chris... do you keep an eye on what griffin is eating???
    cut out anything with preservatives etc... excess sugar...
    might help calm him down.. my son is a shocker when he has chicken flavouring etc...
    not as bad now as he was when he was a little tacker..
    but he gets wound up thats for sure... Not too much crap in his diet is a good thing...

  13. Pleased no-one was hurt in the car crash.

    MMMmmm soup.....ahhhhh!



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