Saturday, June 02, 2007


Sitting up in bed, thinking.. what can today's title be... and Stew came up with it immediately!!! Such a good one too... Steve and Lisa spent last night at their new home.... it's impossible to dance up and down while sitting in bed, but I FEEL LIKE IT !!!

They still have heaps to take over there, and there is a shit load of rubbish to clean up, then it's into cleaning the rooms up there, the bedroom won't take too long ... the bathroom is another story... eeeewwwww. I feel like hiring some cleaners to just come in and do it! And then.... I can move Mike back upstairs, Brylee back into her old room and then... I will have a spare room downstairs to convert into my "dressing room/wardrobe"...wooo hoooo.

This morning I'm off into town for morning tea with my WW buddies, am going to the WW meeting too, I miss them ! Weird but true, I miss listening to all the same old drivel, I miss meeting all the ww girls/boys, I miss getting to yak to them! So I am going back just for that at the moment, not to weigh or anything silly like that.... my weight it totally out of control at the moment, I think it's cos I am stressed out.... too much going on and not getting


  1. Way to go!

    Of course what happens when they need to move back in 2 months from now...

  2. Great title Stew!!! Glad there's no empty nest syndrome going on there!! lol

    Ok funny stuff over, now for the telling off! Chris you need to plan ahead for times when you have stress/busy times etc. Get some healthy meals in the freezer so in those moments when you can't be bothered, you don't have to think about it. Like they say 'those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Rant over now.

    Have fun seeing your ww buddies today!!!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Must feel SO SO good to have them out! Wahoo!

    Crossing my fingers for you that they stay away....

  4. We listen to you no matter what Chris coz we love ya to bits girl... stress or no stress its just you!!!
    Just take it easy or you are gonna give yourself a heart attack or something equally horrid!
    And when I am reading your dramas it makes me forget about mine for a while.. haha
    like me sitting here at 12.15 having brekkie/lunch which is a plate full of scrambled eggs and bacon...;o)

  5. You are entitled to the stress/drama in your life. Besides, we like to hear about it anyhow.
    Hope your stress subsides and you get back to the healthy eating. At least your exercising, right?
    I kinda miss wt watchers too. A few buddies and just the leader and her encouragement.

  6. LOL at you today Chris - could just tell you wanted those kids gone, the house clean and back to normal and you wanted all this NOW!

    I used to stress (a lot) seem to have learnt how to calm down now days. Hope the stress doesn't last too long for you and you soon get back to normal.

  7. Mongolian restaurants are to DIE for... hmmmmmmm I love the one here and the one that used to be in Tauranga hmmmmm

    You know you silly chick that I am always here to listen and OMG girl WE love ya for you that is why we keep reading... smack hand.

    Love ya

  8. I need to take a bloody CHILL PILL and just breathe.... life is not GO GO GO all the time, I do not need to get it done ***NOW***.... what is friggin wrong with me???

    I totally get in those modes. You are NOT alone, girl. look cute as can be. Hope dinner was a blast!!

    Happy Weekend!

  9. Looking gorgeous there Chris.... ya skank.. hahahaha

  10. Anonymous8:46 PM

    you funny lady - the post on my blog isn't about ME!!!

  11. Yeah, we know you're an evil tart. But then we all are. Gotta love ya mate.

    Hope you had a good night. 48 -bullshite.

    Enjoy your house. Everything will get better from here on in. Trust me. Been there done that. Just like you.

    We're sitting here at home just about ready to put on another dvd - in the dark - just in case some teenagers turn up. See I can be evil too.

  12. Oh I love the skank outfit! I know how you feel, being stressed out all the time. And yeah, you gotta stop or you will drive yourself crazy. I have a smal book that is really cool to help with that (maybe). Its called "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff". I can send it to you for a loan if you like. I thin having less people in the house and your spare room back will help. Have fun in your skank outfit LOL You do look really great in it! I wanna borrow it! ..hmm it would help if I fit in it huh? Ack! Maybe next time!

  13. You are going to love having two less worries in your house, just don't replace it with worrying about what they do to their new house. They have to step up and take responsibility for their own actions.

    You are looking great, even if you aren't feeling it.

  14. We have some of those mongolian restaurants around here and a lady at wt. watchers said they are high in fat. I'm not sure why, maybe the meat or the sauce. I should have asked her why cause it looks healthy. hmmm.


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