Tuesday, June 12, 2007


You people are too funny ! I paint a room white... nothing else...just white... and I'm suddenly an Ace Decorator! To think I was going to do pink and white stripes or something similar... but opted for plain white and everyone claps!!! Maybe it was the bed linen then ??? Must be eh? Ha ha ha.

Today: First and foremost.... BE GOOD ! Do not lose the plot.... then, kids to school, walk the dog, go to gym and kill me thighs/butt again.... did I mention my legs and bum are killing me??? Friggin lunges! I swear they are the worst exercise ever invented! My bum is so sore you would think someone had beat me!


  1. Well if you didnt have so many fashion accessories to cart around...your legs and butt wouldnt kill you. :D

    Hey, we saw what the house use to look like....a coat of white paint was an improvement!

  2. The linen choice was very smart! It looks really good. But anyone thats not afraid of a paint brush (like I am) should be complimented.

  3. My butt hurts too! My boyfriend, being the loving guy he is, helped me do lunges up and down the street and then we went bike riding. *whimpers*

    Brylee is so cute with her tooth fairy money. I love her hair.

  4. its not just the wall you goose, its the whole pulling a room together. And I've seen other rooms you have done so know its a skill you DO have.
    Also you seem to love doing it, which to me is right up there with being good at it. Combine the the two together and I think you would make an awesome decorator. (and it certainly NOT just about painting one wall white) lol

  5. Hi Chris, Long time reader first time commenter!

    One legged squats are way worse than lunges. My trainer makes me do a drop set so that's 30 each leg then 25, 20, 15, 10. Then lunges.... my legs scream, I feel like i'm gonna die... I pay him and then come back again the next week for more!.......

    Be good today!


  6. Love the photos of Brylee's room. The covers are beautiful, - just perfect for a little girl.

  7. The bedroom looks gorgeous!! Well done!!

    No I didn't have salad for lunch but I did have the Weight Watchers Cherry Tomato quiche, it was lovely but very small and 6pts so doubt I will buy them again.

    No I wont be buying Creme Eggs again either, I have gone right off them.

    It is 11.44pm here and I have just had a bath after stripping the wallpaper off the bathroom walls....took longer than we anticipated.
    I have the washing machine going also so as soon as that is finished I am going to bed.....can't wait.

    Enjoy your day


  8. Hope your puppy is ok!

  9. Yeah, my legs are killing from my leg weights workout and from increasing my exercise the last 2 weeks. Oh well, we'll get thru it soon and have tight, not flabby legs. Well, not for me yet till I get the flab off. It is in there somewhere, that rock hard body. ha!

    Hope your dog's ok.

  10. Ja! Izzy and Jindi - both having phantom pregnancies! Has Izzy got a puppy? Jindi still won't leave little latex Simba alone (see photo on my blog) and spends most of the day 'nesting'. Is Izzy spayed? I'm guessing not. When Jindi is over her phantom pregnancy (aka Jindi' issues) I will get her spayed. As for painting? Any painting is wonderful to me. I can not be stuffed doing reno work, I'm a move in and live in it kinda gal.

  11. I agree, the lunge is the toughest exercise. I much preferred the torture of a spin class than having to do lunges.

  12. Well great to hear Izzy's going to be okay. Like mother like dog huh - just a couple of tarts. lol

  13. Ohh look how cute your doggie is - if she wants a baby, our retriever still has his bits...
    although he also has epilepsy, cataracts and clicky joints! so maybe not!

  14. Brylee's room looks like every little girls dream room .... colourful and fresh.
    Glad Izzy is on the mend ....
    Oh and YAY for the toothfairy!!

  15. Love the room but then I am a butterfly fanatic so you definately won me over!!!

    Am glad that izzy will be fine - couldnt stop laughing at the tart comment.


  16. Oh bugga about the dirty water... that sux...
    How the hell do you manage to make a decent cuppa???

  17. There's always something going on in your house!

  18. Well done on all those steps.. Managed to get the first coat on nathans walls today... arghhhhh stinks and is driving me nutso....
    Have taken photos.. might do a post tomorrow...

  19. Umm...I'm sure this sounds like a stupid question but....why is your water brown? I know you said it had something to do with the rain. Do you get your water from a well?

  20. Just had a moment to have a look at what you've been up to over the past few days and I must say. My my you've been super busy. Keeping on track on top of that. You deserve a medal.

    The room looks lovely. The water does not look tempting at all. That's one sad puppy. Ahh and the toothfairy photo, too cute.

    Gotta run keep well.

  21. Wow that is a lot of steps hun...

    Ewww the bath does look a little yukky poor kids he he he but you can only do what you can do aye.

    Poor wee doggy... going through pregnancy stuff and it isn't real awwwww.

    Love CM

  22. what a cute dog!

    my golden and my german shepard had skin allergies ... it was awful...


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