Friday, June 01, 2007


If my teenagers havn't got a complex by now, this weekend should do it.... I am soooo willing to help them move out... I can hardly contain myself! Hopefully they get the key to their own place today...

I have had a look at the house from the outside and it is soooo nice! It breaks my heart to think what it will look like in a few weeks. I really am hoping they take care of the house, the owner has it looking immaculate, both inside and out! If I get the chance I will take some photos before they wreck it.

Today I have RPM at 9.30, and will be doing my lower body workout and core... after that... "helping" the kids all going well! I


  1. Good morning party organiser, could I book 2 single beds for Helena and I please :)

    If everything is already taken, can you tell me the closest motel to you guys and I will book us a room.

  2. You never know....when it's "their" place, they may do a complete about-face and keep it neat.

    Stranger things have happened.

    RPM and a lower body workout? Are you nuts?

  3. Those teenagers may surprise you with the new house.

    bit away yet but are you free Sat 23rd June to go to Otaki and met up with a few others? Talk to you tomorrow.

  4. I moved out of home at 17 to go to uni and Dad used this analogy: "It's like when a dog dies. At first, you miss it, but as there is less and less of their hair about the place, you realise that it's not all bad." Charming huh?

    So, with this party, who gets to bunk in with the teenagers? They'll probably be back by August! Hehe...

  5. *sniff sniff* Give my bed to someone else.... go on ..... *sniff*

    (giggles) I am sure there will be future parties we can make it to!

  6. I can imagine how excited you are about moving the kids out... I was like that when i moved myself out of my ex's...haha

  7. Oh.... so you like blogging...i wouldnt have known that one...rofl...
    Love the "duck in the truck"...

  8. You must be jumping up and down shoutng"can I help you pack?" and "I can get a truck for your stuff, really" at this point.

    I can see it from here...

  9. LOL had to laugh at CKK's comment!! Did I definately confirm?? well if I didn't then book me in baby!!!

  10. No wonder we get along so well .... The things I like and love are very similar!! ....

  11. You know there are many defining moments in our kids lives. There first word, their first step, first day of school and the day they leave home. They all very happy days.

    Hey you might get a decent lie in tomorrow.

  12. Congrats on the kids moving! I don't think that my folks cheered when I moved out - ha, not that I saw though - maybe she did the happy dance as I pulled away - who knows? :)

  13. I love getting on the computer at night and reading your daily novels. Keep them coming.

    I bet you can't believe the time has come for you to move (shove) those kids out the door. I think I can hear you from here.

    Have a great weekend Chris.

  14. I'm a big fan of Sue Grafton's ABC series.

  15. I can tell you are gonna be one happy lady now that those kids are moving out. woohooo.
    Dumb question but what is rpm?

  16. We have the kids book you chose for your kids!!! Such a cool book.

    I need to know the nearest motel too hun... as hubby and I will try and make it down.

    Where on earth are you going to fit us all aye!!! he he he I mean for the dinner

    Love ya


  17. I love Duck in a Truck. It's one of my favorites to read to the kids--and fast too!


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