Friday, June 22, 2007


I don't particularly like fridays, it means the weekend looms... and everyone is home... annoying me, messing up me nice clean house, why oh why can't they learn to pick up after themselves ?

I am sure I can hear thunder outside... so unusual for around here... we don't get many thunderstorms and I miss them! We got lots in the Waikato and I loved them! Today I've got RPM, I hope my energy levels are up a bit compared to Wednesday when I seemed to have none!

Then I think I will continue stripping the paper in the lounge and do another wall.
RAINBOW: I know my language is atrocious often, but that's just me! I do know when it is not appropriate to swear in public though, so you could take me out in public without being embarassed! Maybe! later...

MR CHOO: just for you, a photo of our teenagers room to illustrate what really happens when you STOP PICKING UP after them! And this was actually quite tidy for them.

All I can say is.... just you wait! Maybe you will be lucky and have really lovely tidy kids.....????

I have just finished stripping the last two walls in the lounge, filling gaps etc... and already I'm knackered! I will be so happy when I finally get all the redecorating finished! And I think I'm about 2/3rd through the house.... 3 bedrooms, 1 rumpus room, 1 dining room, downstairs toilet and laundry to go ! I think ! Far out, what did I start???

I'm feeling really blah today too, middle of my cycle, popping out eggs I reckon, and I get pain at ovulation time, oh the joys of womanhood. It has stopped raining here, but it is soooo windy! Very very blustery, the sort of wind that takes down trees. Hope everyone is being careful on the roads.

Steve just rang to remind me that he and Lisa are having the kids tonight for a SLEEP OVER !!! Oh my god, this is going to be A FIRST EVER !!! Brylee and Griffin have never spent a night away from us... ever !! I am nervous and excited all at once! Does this mean we get a sleep in for the first time in years ???? I'm so excited I have already packed their overnight bags, got the sleeping bags and pillows, packed some food.... oh man.....

And there they go..... woooo hoooooo !!!!!! I thought I would feel nervous about them going away for the night, but I don't! Ha ha, we forgot to pack their teddies, so Stew has just popped out to take them over there... it's only a 5 minute drive away, so that's ok. I have some plans this evening that involve a sheepskin on the lounge floor..... *HEEE HEEE HEE*...... ummmm , errrrrr, nite nite. STEPS TODAY : 10733


  1. They HAVE learned to picup after themseleves. They learned that YOU will do it for them....come on, you know its true....

  2. Bloody kids ... mine had driven me to distraction this week... well this month... nah this year... oh fk it.. all thier lives... hehe little terrors... hate winter...bah frikkin humbug...
    gotta go peg out a huuuuge basket of washing in 0 deg... ffs... bring back warm weather.... waaaaahhhh

  3. Sarah is a neat freak. Although I dont know where she gets it from.

    But I'm sure that will change when she gets older.

    I swear that looks like your room though. Hard to tell through the cameras....

  4. Goodness, Chris - that's positively pristine, compared to my eldest son's room...

    And I most definitely do NOT pick up after him, I just insist that he keeps the door closed so I don't have to look at the pigsty. And when he can't find something important, do I help him? No way!

    Maybe he'll learn one day. Or not.

  5. Hi ya,
    your comment about being able to take you out in public reminded me of two things, one was an ex co-worker who used to swear like a trooper. Everyone excepted that was just her but I know she was over looked for a promotion as the role would have meant contact with customers and she didn't seem to have the ability to watch her language at all. On one occassion I had time off but popped in with Evianah (who was about 5 at the time) and true to form D still used all the usual language, I was actually quite shocked and NOT very happy, as I expect adults to tone it down if there are children around. I could see Evianah's eyes as wide as saucers looking at her.

    The other thing the comment reminded me of was I have just arrived home from the supermarket. There was a woman in q talking to her friend and I think her husband. During the five mins I was in the next q she was talking so loudly that I got to hear the full run down of her neighbour (refered to several times as the trampy whore) and what a poor bastard her husband was to be stuck with her. The conversation went on to discuss he probably only married her because she had huge tits and probably gave good oral. Her husband looked like he wanted the ground to open up so he could disappear and I noticed the friend looking nervously around to see who could hear her.
    She seemed totally oblivious to the fact that she was so LOUD and pak n save isn't the place to gossip about people in a loud voice.
    LOL,,, what a crack up. (All class, NOT)

  6. Yay for sleepovers!! My little Ayisha is having a sleepover at my sisters tonight! One down 2 to go!!! ........ Bugger that won't happen!! lol
    Enjoy your sleep in!!

  7. Oh! Have a lovely child-free night.

  8. OMG!!! You guys home alone.Quick - while they're gone - leave the country. Your passports still current. Go, Chris, go. Don't look back.

  9. That's sweet of Steve and Lisa to have the kids - enjoy your time without them!!!!

  10. I love my car too!! I always wanted a Triumph Daytona in the yellow but fell pregnant with Dude .... couldn't have it ... then I loved the Monaro in yellow .... two seats in the back ...couldn't have it!! Then they bought out the XR6 in the same yellow ..... SOLD!!!! lol ...!!

  11. Oh Chris.. that sounds awesome!!!
    And I bet you cant sleep in .. haha..
    Hang on my kids are going tonight..wooohoooo lets go out and party!!!!! oh bugga... just got that little problem called "the ditch"

  12. woohoo, we know what you are going to be doing tonight!!!!!

    Enjoy your night. I just heard it's going to be 1 deg here tonight. It might as well be bloody snowing.

  13. Have a nice and peaceful time of it there,maybe some candles, rose petals,massage oil..... arrr bliss!

  14. oooooooooooooo sleep in!! excellent!!!! ENJOY!!!!!!!

  15. Shite I just realised. You'll still wake up early. Because your body clock will tell yer too.

    Oops sorry to burst your bubble. But hey, once you realise that you will still be able to enjoy it.

    Ha, ha.

  16. We have been having a little bit of thunder and lightening here also AND it is our summer....teehee

    Oh I say....I hope the sheepskin was comfy and you enjoy/enjoyed your evening....wooohooo

    Hugs to ya

  17. to much information. Anyway, isn't Mike still around. (wouldn't want the poor boy traumatised. :-)

  18. Ewwwwwwwwww too much information tart.....
    plzzzzzzzzzz dont take photos..... hahahahaha

  19. Chirs hi its jill sorry long time no post or comment have been with out interenet for 2 months we have moved house we were living iwth my mum for the time whilst we waited for the settlement on our new place and man she only has dial up so i really didn't bother so here iam back on broadband and catching up on everyones blog i will have update my blog. hope all is well and i hoep you didn't delete me lol cya jill

  20. Enjoy you night off from the kids. woohooo! Have a lovely romantic time with the hubby.

  21. You know if you move quickly, they wont find you ever again...

  22. Anonymous6:32 AM

    NICE!!! Enjoy your evening without the kids! Maybe it can be a couple times a month sorta thing and you and your sweetie can have some treasured alone time!

    Good luck with all of your redecorating endeavors, sounds a bit overwhelming, but seems you're plugging along.


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