Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Why the hell do teenagers have to stay up till 3.45 am ??? That's the time Mike came home after being over at Steve and Lisa's, and I'm sure they woke the whole neighbourhood with the noise from Steve's car roaring down the bloody road in the dead of the night.

I sure hope the people at No 1 (house at beginning of our driveway) don't come and complain AGAIN about the noise! Derrrr, like I can do anything about it. I am shitty as hell cos I couldn't get back to sleep after that, and I have RPM this morning and I'm sooo tired.

On a happier note, I WAS GOOD again last night, I resisted food again and I couldn't be happier! I can feel a loss coming up this week... about bloody time! Every day will get easier I know, it's all in the mind this weight loss shit, and I think my mind has finally accepted that I really really want to shift these excess friggin kilos for good.


  1. Try to maybe have a rest today, just relaxing not necessarily sleeping can sometimes help.

    WELL DONE for staying on track, I'm sure you will be in for a loss this week!

    Enjoy your day!


  2. excellent work no night nibbling I have to get out of that habit myself. So I have set myself a personal challenge today no night snacking tea and food is out of bounds...just water.

    Loved ya 'posh' clothes very swanky

  3. Too bad your teenager is keeping you up at night! I remember the days when I was young and probably caused my mother some of this anguish. ha.
    Good luck on getting a wt loss this week you deserve it.

  4. Very proud of you for recognising your 'danger time'. I reckon that's a big part in overcoming our downfallings, is recognising them!!

  5. Oh stop. when you were a teenager YOU were up to all hours of the night.....

    Glad yoru feeling great!

  6. Well ya better not move to my neighborhood... minus 2 this morning.. and frost friggin everywhere!!!! Just got back from dropping the kids off at school. Now I have to go and meet up with my mum to take her shopping inbetween bowls games!!!

  7. Cold here today!!

    You are sounding like you have your mojo well and truely back!

    Chris - when you get a moment check your emails.

  8. Ha, no riveting day here either, it's tooooo bloody cold here as well!!!

    Can't wait to hear about your good loss this week, good luck!!

    Have a rest while there are no kids home, stuff the housework!!lol

  9. So that was the noise that kept me up last night!

  10. Thanks for the sympathy. *cough, cough* There, I've coughed my germs all over your blog.


  11. oooooooo waikato...cold damp hole aye?? i loved my time there, but the fog and the damp flats we stayed it WERE NOT SOO FUN.

  12. I'm hopeless in the cold also Chris.

  13. Looks gr8.... Frikking cold here still....

  14. I believe it's listed in the teenage handbook as the earliest time you can go home. Since DS has been on summer vacation from University that would be the earliest time he walks through the front door. Aren't they special!

    Good for you staying on track. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will show on your weigh in.

    Try and keep warm

  15. I must have given my folks alot of grey hairs by staying out all night - I will apoligize on behalf of your kids, haha. Good to hear you are doing well!


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