Monday, June 04, 2007


Still in bed again, and it's 8.40..... bliss !!! We should get the rooms finished today, yipee! Then all I have to do is paint / paper them...

Brylee LOVES pink, so her room will no doubt have pink on part of the walls, but not all me thinks.. it would be just too much. Mike's room is going to be cream wallpaper with an accent wall or something? Not sure yet.

Mr Choo: HA ! too late about the kids learning bad habits etc from Steve and Lisa, these kids have grown up with Steve... let me assure you they have learnt "heaps" of bad things from him already! Griffin in particular is like a "mini me" of Steve, talks like him, acts like him.... bugger!

Isn't it neat when something you have been wanting for ages finally happens? I am going to have masses of room for my ever growing wardrobe... wonder how many times I am going to just stand in my "dressing room" and smile??? ha ha ha

I am hoping to visit Janene today, she just moved into her new home with Jorja....


  1. Brylee (I love her name BTW) loves the same colour as I do. I'd do soft pink, with some light lavendar and a bit of white. I was thinking that combination would be lovely in a necklace so it came to mind. I can tell you are having fun and its nice to read about :)

  2. The painting sounds great, and your dog!!! didn't she have some fun too!!

  3. Umahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh about the pooch....
    I love the sound of a room dedicated to clothes... ahh bliss..
    Hows the weather over there at the moment... bloody cold here... according to my blog weather thing it is suppposed to be 7.7 degrees.. feels colder than that...

  4. You have to admith though Chris, Izzy does look cute there.

  5. From Mr. Choo:

    Oh its never too late. Now just imagine what they will teach them while you arent around to correct it....especially if its a balchelor pad....:D

    Very nice room!

  6. Oh toooo cool...
    You are as bad as I am ... I hang my clothes all in order.. shirts / jackets / trousers/ skirts / dresses... and each of those in colour co-ordination too... haha...
    But i have mine all squished up in 2 double wardrobes.. awaiting built ins... oneday we will get round to it.. still have to finish the bloody kitchen!!

  7. Naughty Puppy!! lol .... But ain't she cute!! lol ....
    I love feature walls ..... if you go all white then the main wall vibrant pink .... that is what I am doing for my girls .... mine is going to be green ..... and Jamal's room is army green with camo wallpaper boarder...
    I love feature walls ... very effective!
    I don't have that many clothes ..... I wouldn't even fill my walk in robe.... lol

  8. I like your dressing room it looks great. I need to have a major clean out of my wardrobe, its such a mess. Izzy does look cute even though she trashed the lounge - my little buggar trashes the garden, so Iv'e given up for a while

  9. Oh you are so neat!!!!
    Cute puppy! Must be the day for it. My cat tore up a huge piece of lino in her room last night and then looked so innocent today.

  10. Your place looks fabulous.

    AND is the cutest doggy ever grounded?

  11. I came home to a couch like that once although it was in the family room. After that I made sure she had tons of toys to keep her busy. Mine was a puppy when she did that, and luckily it hasn't happened since. That was 4 years ago. What can you do right? They just look up at you with those loving eyes! Your dog sure is a cutie!

  12. Nawty Izzy! LOL

    You weren't kidding when you said you'd been busy with moving all the rooms around, no wonder you were buggared when you got here. Great to see you this arvo, we'll have to catch up more often now that we are "300 steps" away from each other hehe

  13. I had a good ooe giggle when I read alllll your posts to me....thanks and (((hugs)))

    Oh yeah, can always tell when a dog knows he/she has done wrong because the ears always go back...teehee and they glance at ya and then glance funny but I love dogs they are such the best animals oh! And monkey's are pretty cool too - dogs and monkey's.

    Dressing room looks fab! Well done! And enjoy it!


  14. Mmmm - we were thinking about another little puppy to have on board - you've just reminded me about what they are like!!

    You've been a busy little beaver over the past couple of days. I just knew you wouldn't be happy until your house was sorted again!

  15. Both my daughters have pink bedrooms but my oldest wants to change hers to a lime green.

    I bet your house is quite peaceful without the teenagers under your feet.

  16. What a busy bee you have been. Congrats on claiming back your space.

    Doesn't just feel wonderful when things are in order.

    Your dogs too funny. All the best

  17. WOW!!
    What a productive weekend you've had!! That's gotta feel good - you're checking so many items off of your 'to do' list, whoopeeee!

    Izzy's still darling, eventhough she'd been a bit bratty. Can't get too upset at that sweet face!

  18. ROFL... your doggie is soo cute...
    I have to send my buddy over from "Dancing Through" (Janet) .. her dog Artie does the same things...


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