Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Ahhh, all is well in my house! All clean and tidy after what feels like years of having no control over the mess. It is a wonderful feeling.

Ok, we still have one teenager home, Mike, but he's not too bad! I even like him! Well, most of the time anyway. Brylee and Griffin are ok too, in small doses. Lucky school is compulsory is all I can say. PHEW !

Not sure what the day's like out there, but I can hear a fair bit of wind... so walking this morning may not be on, will wait and see.

My gym buddy does not like walking in yukky weather...so may have to just go do a gym workout instead.

What else? May just chill out ! Work on sorting out 5 years of photos and put them in albums... that is the next job on me list! Oh joy.


  1. Yeah, I always have trouble walking when it's yuck outside but the gym is always good. I'm happy we are getting some nicer weather and can get outside more.
    Too bad your dog was chewing up his couch!
    Nice wardrobe room, cool.

  2. Want to come and sort my place out? You're a machine!

    I was 10 when I got my period and used to crack my Nanna's friends up saying I was hanging for menopause :oP

  3. I think school should not only be compulsory, but should take the little buggers off our hands for at least 12 hours a day....

  4. love the picture of the fish. Am glad that your able to start getting your house back - I will be spending 6 weeks with my family in Townsville in a few weeks so am going to make a real effort to behave.

    Hope you have a great day


  5. YAY the teenagers are gone!!! hahaha.

    Met up with Helena on the weekend and it seems she is going to be my safe driver and we will be heading home that night, so won't need those gorgeous beds....sorry chic!
    I'm sure there will be other ladies who you will use them.

    Izzy looks adorable but guilty.

    I love that you say you are going to do something and it is usually done before your next post..haha.

  6. AHahahahaha, 2 weeks of cravings will wreck any gym work.

    Mrs occasionally had that lateness by that much before she had our first...hers was always weird.

  7. Yes, yes I do know too mcuh about cycles. Scary isnt it?

    You monthly stuff doesnt scare me.
    SO ha!

    And mr choo is fine. I find it cute in fact....

  8. I've just caught up on your weekend posts... wow what a busy weekend you had changing all those rooms around! Must be a fantastic feeling now on the other side of it all being done!! Enjoy!!

    I think that wind is headed up our way ... bugger!!

  9. Otaki sounds like it will be the 30th June - is that ok with you?

    Photos - do you want to come and do ours - they go back for years!!

    I did a wardrobe re-organisation in the weekend too, looks good and feels good to have it all sorted.

  10. hahaha about the wee bucket... welcome to Melissa's world...rofl... Oh thats right she doesnt have to use a bucket anymore...

  11. LOL .... peeing in the bucket!!
    I have one thing to say!! ....


  12. rofl..... omg..thats bloody scarey....

  13. Oh Chris don't be like that .... I didn't do anything wrong .... I was just sticking up for myself!! lol ....Just a little unsteady that's all .....

  14. Wanna just wants to be me!! lol

  15. Rofl.... Yeah i am jealous of the bucket world... NOT!!!

  16. Come on Wanna.... admit it!! lol ..

  17. It is like reading a blog within a blog with Melissa and Nannette he he he sooooo funny.

    Ewwwww in a bucket huh.

    Love ya

  18. Can tell you're a good ole kiwi gal and done a bit of camping in your day.

    I was thinking about you on Saturday when I was on my deathbed and it was p***ing down with rain. I thought poor Chris how's she gonna get those kids out of her house. Then I thought duh as if the rain would stop her.

    Your world is going to seem a bit unreal, but in a great way. Lower power, phone and grocery bills - not to mention a cleaner house and less time spent cleaning it. Now what are you going to do with that extra time?

  19. You in for a 10 week challange?

  20. I am soooo not admitting anything...haha... hey whos blog is this???
    maybe we need to start a group one???hahahaha
    Oh bugga... Chris you ahev been bloody busy.... so have I... i have lay on the couch watching telly... had lunch... then some corn chips then some marshmallows then some white chocolate.. and then i got off my lazy arse and resewed a baby cot bumper with pink binding after pulling off the blue binding for a girlfirend... ( yes melissa I do have friends..) and then I went and lay on the couch again... and then i thought I would come here and see what you two tarts were up to... and now I need to pee... but i might use a toilet... haha... Ok.. time to change the kids from the playstation to the nintendo.. saves fights that way... set the timer and thats it.. they fight they both go off...

  21. Hehehe, you said BEAVER! LMAO, yep, I'm immature ;oP

  22. 20 years hey... my comiserations to Stew...poor long suffering man..rofl...

  23. congratulation for tomorrow! 20th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY

    Men don't know how easy they have it not having to sit down to piddle, just as and when eh?

    Have a fab anniversary!


  24. And yours will be very busy tomorrow!

  25. 20YRS WOW!!!!!!!!

    thats soo exciting!!!

  26. Yowza! Nice photo of your nephew.

  27. Congrats on you 20 yr anniversary. Wow, that's awesome. We will have 16 this August.
    You have been one busy tart. Cleaning your house. Like the word tart, tart, tart. I know in England it isn't the best term but found when I worked in cayman that the english used the term lovingly as a joke. We were the tank tarts when we drove the scuba truck with the tanks for the boats. ha.

  28. I'm just so envious of your clean house. As I was away this weekend no cleaning took place. The dog is shedding like a demon and has been tracking mud/sand all over the house. Just itching to get it cleaned up proper. I really don't know how the rest of the family can just ignore the need to clean.

    I'm going to post a picture of me from the weekend on todays post. My friend took the picture and it was god awful. Think my clothes were too big, which in turn made me look bigger. However everyone commented that I lost weight.

    I'll be thinking of you for inspiration while I get the house in order. Have a great day.

  29. good morning. I hope everything is well in your neck of the woods.
    Logged on this morning (with my coffee) to see what you were up to and saw you hadn't posted, so am concerned that your ok.


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