Saturday, June 09, 2007


AND... according to Lynda in the UK, Paris has been dragged kicking and screaming back to jail....oh what a shame! NOT.

Havn't got a lot of time to yak right now, slept in ! Got to pick up WW buddy Chris D and go to meeting/morning tea... so later...

Kek : thought I would ! *SNIGGER SNIGGER* ha ha ha.

Been out to WW meeting, Chris D and I didn't stay.. went browsing around the shops instead, then morning tea with a couple of other girls... home now and wondering what I shall do today?
There's always housework.... or redecorating..... or ??? Dunno, feeling a bit flat today... probably just cos it's "that time of month".... Stew and Mike are off to rugby soon.. so it could just be a quiet time at home for me, Brylee and Griffin. Kinda boring eh?
Oh yeah, it is our Eldest Son's birthday today... he's 24 ! Hope he is having a nice day up in Hamilton.

Oh, I'm proud to say I have been 100% "on track" since yesterday .... not bad considering how "off track" I have been the last 2 weeks.... I had salad for lunch and dinner last night, and no naughty food AT ALL... and so far today I have been excellent again. AND there are giant chocolate cookies in the pantry and they stare at me every time I open the door.... but I resist, I do I do. I am determined to be 10 kgs lighter when I have the PARTY !!!

I have been giving the PARTY a bit of thought, and have come to a few decisions, which I will post next week....all to do with food and drink mainly... nothing earth shattering like cancelling it!!! Hell, that would be disasterous now! I am so looking forward to it!

OI .... Shouting very loudly now.... Wanna.....Don't ya need one of these to leave ya country??? Huh????? ha ha ha.

Another day done and dusted, did 5/8th of bugger all ! BUT... I was a good girl and have eaten nothing naughty again! So I am happy with myself.... steps havn't been that crash hot but not bad for my "day off" exercise! Going to bed now, am still feeling a bit low with the TOM ... pills not working this time... major flooding "down there", bummer.

STEPS TODAY : 8035 nite nite.


  1. OMG! I'm so tired of hearing about Paris. It is all over the news here. They actually "broke into" the show I was watching just to report that she was being sent back.


    have a fun meeting....!!!

  3. Hey there... Hope you enjoyed your morning..
    I went out last night... and played up... haha slightly hung over but I have sucked in some panadol and a bucket of water and now onto coffee... umm thats what happens when you have a late lunch (2pmish of salad) and no dinner and drink copious amounts of scotch til 11pm!!! Gr8 start to the 10 week challenge hey... coz then we came home and I was into a huuuge packet of corn chips and somehow managed to garte cheese over them and put them in the oven for my supper..haha.. they were yum...
    oh and I had hommus to go with them as well...
    Bad bad bad....

  4. oh fk it.. grated that was supposed to say...

  5. Yeah, I think this Paris story is having way too much media coverage. Yuck, and the rest of the celebrities. sick of it.

  6. Good job about Paris I say and agree with vegas ... sick of hearing about her, the spoilt brat!!

    Happy birthday eldest!!!

  7. And one of those decisions is to shout Mellisa and myself a ticket so we can come to..isnt it.. huh huh...
    oh and ty so much for your delightful comment on my gloria jeans photo... ya biatch... hahaha

  8. Oh fk it... then I better buy myself a box of cornflakes and get me one of them thar passports hey!!!! Thats where they come from isnt it.... ;o)

  9. Missed the ring earlier - I love it! It's nice to have something that's different to what everyone else is wearing.

    Yes, you are truly evil - my son thought that my picking him up from work in my pjs was bad. Ha! He has NO idea what embarrassment really is.... I think you should get an award. ;-)

  10. Paris - she more pathetic than me at the momemt and that's saying something. rofl!!

  11. Good night... Got the bedrooms all sorted and ready for painting starting tomorrow.. Got Naths bed into Jo's room and went thru thier toyboxes and crates etc... omg.. they are gonna kill me if they see how much I have thrown out.. haha
    Hopefully they wont notice...
    with all the moving about and half of naths stuff in jo's room they wont notice...

  12. You are allowed a day off and you have still done well!


  13. Hope your weekend is going well - and got to love about the Paris thing - suppose any publicity is good for her right now.

    Have a great Sunday Jaxx


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