Sunday, July 01, 2007


Starting to feel better.... you can tell it's the school holidays around here... my neighbours went on holiday and left their teenage daughter at home... so last night she has a party eh? To think, we just got rid of our party makers and all their noise, and now the friggin girl next door decides to have a party and keep us awake! Can't bloody win!

Oh yeah, and Mike decided at 12.30am to go off to Steve's to play some game called Wii.... and came back at 5.30am, waking us up both leaving and coming home again. I am almost ready to believe we are never ever going to get a decent night's sleep.

To all you dear darling people out there contemplating having a gorgeous wee baby (fuck they are cute), just remember this.... THEY DON'T STAY THAT WAY!


  1. LOL - I have a feeling that the little comment at the bottom was sent to me! Ha. Have a great weekend.

  2. I agree with Chris about babies....yeah cuuuuute when babies but when you get home with baby....sleep deprivation starts INSTANTLY and basically NEVER STOPS!!....LOL

  3. Glad you are feeling better hun!!!

    Hugs to ya.

  4. Sleep wonder if that was y I stopped at one. Hope u can get some rest thru the day...gotta remember to rest to recover.

  5. just think of all those kids/grandkids around you when you're old and wrinkly! That's when all the hard work pays off :)

  6. Ha!! I'de have another 10 if they stayed 6 weeks old!!!!!!!! if only!!
    Glad your feeling a bit better too

  7. You know you wouldn't really be without your kids. I hate the thought of being without mine, although I guess it's gonna happen in the short term very soon and it scares the living shit out of me. :0(
    I wish someone could tell me it was going to be okay.
    Glad you're feeling better matey.

  8. Hi Chris,
    I'm pleased to hear your feeling better and I can't even begin to imagine what life must have been like with 8 kids. I think I am WAY to selfish to ever have more then maybe 2-3 (max) I love ME time too much, and lovely holidays, and sleep ins, and money to spare, and quietness way to much to ever cope with more then perhaps another one (or maybe 2) but I'm not getting any younger and I'm also not the virgin Mary so things would have to change in regards to my relationship status before I can even do that.
    One of my brothers has five kids under 12 and a visit to their place is the best contraceptive ever. An hour visit is enough to bring home the daunting reality of how life is with so many mouths to feed and clothe. Don't yet me wrong I have ooodles of time for most kids but everyone needs some alone time and time with their partner and if I lived closer you would be more then welcome to make full use of Aunty Lynise's free babysitting service :-)
    In regards to holidays, as Griffin and Brylee get a bit older they would probably really enjoy attending a holiday program. Evianah is going to a two day horse riding holiday program this week. Other holidays she has enjoyed arts and crafts the Franklin arts centre. (program designed specifically for children) and another time she LOVED going to the junior sharks which was designed around water safety and swimming at the local pools.

  9. Oh Chris... you would be bored without your kids... you would have nothing to stress about!!
    Glad you are on the mend...

  10. Dining room looks fab... We will be sorting nathan's room this arvo... after i go to work.. so I will have some pics to show you asap...
    ;o) dont stress about gym.. kiking this bug is more important at the mo...

  11. Great job on the painting! Can't agree with you on the kid front but then i'm still in the honeymoon period ... lol ... my 1st is only 15 months old and still so gorgeous and I do KNOW that that will change one day, i'm just enjoying it while it lasts!

    Glad you're feeling a little better, hope you feel much better soon.

  12. It has been two weeks for my hubby and kids and they are still coughing. I think this flu lasts for a quite a while hun... the guys seem to hang on to it longer.

    Hope things get better tomorrow hun.

    Love Chubbymum
    p.s the painting looks fantastic hun. xxooxx

  13. Anonymous10:17 PM

    i love kids 7.00 am to 3.30 pm after that i love my sleep too much!! plus im getting paid to love them at those times!!

    Hope your feeling better soon!! ive started to come down with the flu etc so yuck!

  14. I had three kids and I'm still jaded.


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