Monday, June 18, 2007


Time to start making some plans..... first and foremost, who's coming????

If you think you are coming, please send me an e-mail ( so I can give you my address and phone number! If you want accomodation with me, I still have 3 single beds and 1 double bed settee available!


August 4th, 3pm till whenever.....

- Food: Bring a plate

- Grog: BYO

- I ask everyone to bring one Unisex "Xmas" present to the value of $10, to be put under the tree and exchanged during the evening.

- Attire: Anything goes

- INCIDENTAL... if you have any "Bigger" or "Smaller" clothes that you no longer want, bring them.... you never know who else could use them.

Right, that's all for now.... if anyone has any ideas to help the evening go well, party games etc.... bring em on.


Today: kids to school, walk Izzy, paint lounge wall.....oh and do some darn housework too I suppose.


  1. HEY! Some fab idea's there to make a FANTASTIC!! Party.

    The bathroom is looking absolutely gorgeous....I LOVE IT! And I just cannot wait to see my pic on the wall, I have infact held it up against the tiles to see what it is going to be like and GORGEOUS!! I just cannot wait to see the bathroom completed....before and after pics to follow and even now there is an amzing transformation....WOOHOO


  2. Love to. Too far to travel though....

  3. Hey girl...
    Housework??? what the fk is that???
    hehe... Kids go back to school today..wooooofknhooooo
    I have a pounder of a headchae tho..damn I hate waking up like that...and it isnt scotch related either!!!
    My mum is in town again today so wont have time to blog again... She is buying a car... Will try and post soon. I have so many phots I need to blog about...grrrrr And the kids wont be going to thier fathers til friday as he is off jetsetting at his leisure again!!! asshole...
    Catch ya soon...
    Party sounds like a blast... boohoo

  4. Had to laugh at the pigs - you had us all fooled!!

  5. What about 'spin the bottle' and 'strip poker' .... 'flaggert race' ... that is always a good one after a night on the grog .....
    It involves semi naked men ... a roll of news paper and a lighter .... lol ..... and yes it has been done at our parties .... often!! *pissing myself laughing*

  6. (sigh) wish I lived closer. I am sure it would be a bangin' time.

  7. Goodness - wish you didn't live on the other side of the world, would be such a good time. :) Great idea about bringing the clothes to the party though - very smart...hoping to do something like that here in CANADA! :)

  8. I wish I lived closer too. I must get to NZ one day. It's one place I have never been to.

    Sounds like you are on a roll with your painting. Do you want to come to my place and get me motivated??

  9. I wish I could come. Have a FABULOUS time!!!

  10. Let them go to HER mother's. Cripes once they've gone, they're gone. I love my kids but no way could I put up with their living habits now.... don't forget - you and I both have a couple of teenagers in the making to deal with in a few years. Lets enjoy ourselves a bit before we have to go through it all again. Oh man, I'm crossing all my fingers and toes for you.

  11. Wow! Thanks for the party invite, but it's a little too far from Atlanta to make it. I'll be there in spirit!
    I just donated a bunch of clothes this week. The not-so-nice ones went to Goodwill (not sure if you have this, but it's basically a store that sells peoples' hand-me-downs). The nicer ones are going to a women's shelter that focuses mostly on women who work or are looking for work. They got all my business casual and suits. I'm saving a few really nice items for a plus size resale shop so I might be able to make a few dollars on them.

  12. You know I am going to be there hun....

    Love CM

  13. um I thought it started at noon ... I'm gunna be there from noon *grin*

  14. looking promising for a pink elephants in attendance at the party...crossing fingers and if grab a seat on air new zealand would come to party. have a post it on my screen to check every morning. So what I need as inspiration just now.

    And as for your day wow u r a rocket all you fit into a day exhauts me just reading it.

  15. HEY! You said once they were gone, they were GONE! I don't care how UNEMPOYED they are, they can go back to her mother's. OR not live together! CHRIST! I left home at 17 and I coped!

    I will come over and boot your kiwi arse if you let them back in! It would be different if they showed RESPECT by keeping yYOUR home clean but HHHEEEEELLLLLLLOOOOOOOOO?

    Rant over.


  16. Wish I could make it - it will be a blast.

  17. "ummm, wht do you mean? Respond by email>?>? do ya mean not leave comments? "

    go here, its easier than explaining:

  18. Hope your party turns out to be fantastic. Do hope those kids don't come back. You seem to be really motivated to getting your house together. I've need to get the kitchen renovated and had planned on starting in the spring, I still haven't made a move to get the project underway. Looks like I'm going to have to wait till the fall now. Good luck with all your plans.


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