Monday, June 25, 2007


Thanks to Beckie (passworded), I have found the best thing since sliced bread! Google Reader, like bloglines .. which didn't work for me.... it tells you when blogs are updated.... so I never have to scroll through my huge list of blogs again to see who's updated!!! It's bloody fantastic, particularly when I read over 100 a day!!! This is going to save me sooooo much time every day! I LOVE IT!!!

We havn't had a very good night, Griffin has been coughing fit to kill, and has complained of an ear ache, so I will be taking him to the Doctor today.. so he's home, so am I... booo hoo. Maybe we can sneak out later and do some shopping, the kid loves shopping!!! Must take after his Mum/Grandma eh?

Not much else planned now....will just wait and see how the day pans out... might take more soup around to the sicko teenagers too.


  1. ooOO...Google readers sounds good.

    Awwe poor little Griffin, I hope he feels better soon and his ear ache clears up quickly, awful when our kids are in pain and or in distress, the shopping should take his mind off things a little.

    RE -Comment
    Yeah the work around the house - up to now the only thing we have had to have someone else do is the tiling in the bathroom but we are doing the grouting and other bits and pieces, we are also doing the wallpapering on the stairs, landing and hall ANNND we are going to tackle the tiling in the downstairs loo ourselves....yikes but it is a small area and only half way up the wall so we should manage that bit of tiling ourselves, I will be glad when it is all done.

    Have a FAB DAY!!

    Hugs to ya

  2. See? SEE? See what happens when you let the kids stay over the pigsty of a teenagers moving out?

    Next time you'll think before your so eager to let the kids go....

  3. Poor wee Griffin, I hate being sick but it must suck when you are a kid and don't see an end to it all. Plenty of cuddles and special attention and he'll be right.

  4. Sorry to hear your wee man is unwell... enjoy shopping.. if he is happy to go anyways...My son hates it!!!

  5. That's what I ahte about this time of the year with all the bugs, illnesses around - hope that they are soon better!!

  6. OMG hun... I can sympathise with ya.... I have had all three of my men at home sick (I haven't yet cross fingers and toes etc) Feeling a little under the weather today though but hey that is life..

    Cute photo of boys watching tv... poor you for not having time to yourself and don't ya find that males are terrible when they are sick he he

    Love ya

  7. I will have to try google reader! sounds like it will make life alot easier!

    Hope they both get better soon

  8. oooo .... Yummy toasted sandwiches!! mmm....
    Thanks for tagging me!! .... Hope the little snots get better soon and out of your hair!! lol

  9. Isn't google reader unreal? I don't know how you kept up with all the blogs you must read.

    I can relate to the sick kids. My daughter is coughing and wheezing too and I have started her on the ventolin as well. I have an asthmatic son so I know the drill.

    Hope your house is better very soon.

  10. Help, I need advice.
    I've come to grief with the re-do I am suppose to be doing on Evianah's room.
    Last week I took a good look at the wallpaper thats already in there (as advised by the guy in the paint shop) it looked to be in pristine condition so I decided to paint over the top. Well I put on the prep undercoat and it all looked fine, then I started doing the top coat with the regular paint. I painted one wall but then got REALLY picky as I didn't like seeing the fine lines where the wallpaper met. In a moment of haste I decided that I should really strip the wallpaper and paint the undercoat on from scratch. Now here's the bit where I'm stuck, (well actually the paper is) I don't know if its because I have put the prep stuff on, but I'm having a terrible time trying to strip it off. I have spent 4 hours this morning (with a spray bottle of water) spraying and scraping and I still havn't even finished the first wall. Arrrrrgh. Is this normal?
    Is there anything more I can be doing to help strip it faster. It is going to take me all week at this rate.

  11. I haven't tried google reader yet. I will have to give it a try.

  12. I hope the kids get better soon so you can get to Hospice on Thursday.

    Every now and then they can come up with something cutesy.

    I hope you are a good Florence Nightingale. I'm definitely not.

  13. I love google reader too!!!

  14. Awww, Griffin's a cutie. I know his hyperactivity must be full-on to have around all the time, but I can't help but really like him. Can you imagine a classroom full of kids who need to curb their impulsivity??! I can...and I STILL want to be a teacher LOL.

    I hope your household is feeling better very soon, Chris.

    PS. Thanks for your comments on my blog, I am getting there and it's invaluable to have your support along the way.

  15. Oh gorgeous... why cant they stay like that....

  16. Oh fk it..I am supposed to be ironing... oops nope... painting I think....
    Nearly finished...
    Slowest interior decorator in Aus.. haha

  17. Thanks for the great idea about the google readers. So, so, so very helpful. Thanks again. :)

  18. 100 blogs? Man, no wonder you gave me a shout out! LOL

    Poor little sausages. It's funny how vunerable they seem again when they are sick.

    I hope the bug leaves soon!

  19. Oh dear...not a happy household....
    But guess what... wooooohoooooooo I finished the fkn painting!!!!!!
    I am sooooo happy....
    Now I just need to wash up the days dishes and do my fkn ironing.... arghhhhhhhhh

  20. "See me mum, I'm sitting nicely and learning to curb my inpulsivity"- I LOVE that! I'll have to tuck that little parenting tip away for when my future children start to act a little too much like their father! ;)

    Adorble kids!

  21. Awww. That is so awful that everyone around you is getting sick. I wouldn't worry too much about the extra calories. Afterall, if taking care of your guys when they are sick is anything like what I have to put up with taking care of my guy when he is sick, you've burned off extra calories doing all their running around.

    I'm sending healthy thoughts your way hoping your don't catch their illness.


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