Monday, June 11, 2007


Our teenagers (them that left home) came to visit last night... it was lovely to see them both... Steve has been back a few times already. They are freezing their buns off in their house, too scared to turn on the heater cos of the cost!

Lisa was a dag, she was dressed in her Pyjamas and a jacket, said it was the warmest stuff to wear ! I felt sorry for them so gave them some Hot Water Bottles to take home... that should help them I hope. Actually, we have a couple of Portable Gas Heaters, could give them one too I suppose? Anyway, here's a photo of Lisa last night:

Oh yes .... Brylee lost her 2nd tooth last night, Mike pulled it out actually. On the right is Brylee's wee "precious" box, and the teeth go in there to be picked up by the "tooth fairy"... in this house that's Stew!

Right.... today... kids to school, walk the dog in the rain, go to gym


  1. Ah yes, kids just don't know where they are best off sometimes and they take advantage but by heck when it comes to having to support themselves they get a shock, might make them appreciate us mam's a bit more in future eh?

    You are probably right about Lyn - the lady in Asda, I just could not get over the size of her, I too put on a happy face sometimes but inside I am so ashamed and embarrassed because I have been very VERY slim on a few occasions in my life only to gain the weight back and some.

    Have a great day hun

    Hugs to ya

  2. Trust me mate, the cute bit will fade. But nah, it's really good when they come home for a VISIT (being the operative word) !!!! You can get to give them ONE good feed a week and then pack them off back to their place. That way you're displaying your motherly concern and maintaining control of your home and fridge. We had two of our teenagers around last night too.

    As for the tooth fairy, we suck badly. We fell asleep before the last visit and woke up to one upset kid. I felt like crap. We offered up some lame excuses and that night the Tooth Fairy left a little "bonus" as well for not making it the night before.

    And don't worry, you poor ole tart, I'm working on an update right now - don't want to have you looking at my holes any longer than needs be.

  3. Awww isn't it so sweet when kids still have that belief system?? Funny enough Lauren had a tooth come out last night too (not her 2nd tho) and she is too clever for her own good, she knows there's no tooth fairy but still expects to be paid!! lol

  4. They're creeping back in...I told you so!

    Brylee Looks so precious....doesnt take after you for sure.

  5. "Ya cheeky bugga... Brylee is the SPITTING image of "precious" me!!!! LOL LOL"

    If thats the case, that poor, poor kid when she gets older....

    Brylee, my condolences....:D

  6. Your so cute when you doing domestic stuff! Sewing uh? What did we break this time...?

    I have nothing but free time...little one is in bed....:D

  7. She looks like a little pixi.. and they are very muscheivious... just as well we dont live close by... Bry and Jo would drive us insane...

  8. Love the room! You did GOOD! Love Brylee More! WHat an awesome box for her teeth to go in. She is one lucky girl. Poor cold older babies though! Give them a portable gas heater! Try one night without turning the heating on and see how you feel. The cold goes right through to your bones. I remember many MANY moons ago when I stone cold broke and living in a one bedroom flat. I would put the gas oven on in an attempt to take the chill out of the air!
    As for cats, they are awesome, my love for them is only equalled by love of dogs. I understand some people don't lke cats but if you actually get to know one, there is no turning back. I reckon you'd really like them if you got to realy know one (I don't mean have one arond the house...I mean REALLY get to know one) cos they have alot of spunk ( a bit like someone I know *wink*). The have attitude, they are smart and sass and have hearts of pure gold.

  9. OMg... do you ever stop???? haha
    still painting the second coat on the ceiling now... Have started painting colour round the door and window... hmmm dont know if i like it anymore...arghhhh

  10. I have no idea how you manage to catch up on all the blogs you do, post everything that you do and still manage to do all your housework, renovate your house, exercise, cook dinner and hang out with your family. You're truly a legend.

  11. hey you have a seriously cool skill/talent with your decorating skills.
    Mine tends to be quite hit and miss, and I've been known to paint one room THREE times because the first two choices looked way different (well to me) on the wall then just out of the tin.
    I think you've missed your calling. People would pay big bickies to have a decorator who actually knows what they are doing.
    Not that they all don't, but Curtain city in Auckland once sent a 'consultant' to my home and although they may have had some knowledge, they certainly didn't have the ability to convey their thoughts to me and I felt like I spent the entire hour telling them what I thought they should do, rather then them giving me advise. With your personality and talent, you could have a great business woman.

  12. Brylee is so darn cute.

    AND I adore that bedroom!!!! You for hire?

  13. Bet Brylee was over the moon when she got home and saw her room.

  14. What is a dag?

    Come decorate my house please?

    And Brylee is ADORABLE!
    Is she as much of a character as she appears to be in her pic?

  15. Brylee's room looks lovely. You get things done so fast! I need you around here. ha!
    Aren't kids so cute when they are waiting for the tooth fairy. Lots of fun. Have a great week.

  16. Oh, those beds looks so cute. Cute beds for a dear little cute girl!
    You did a wonderful job.
    Nice to have the teenagers back for a visit. Nothing worse than being cold. Thankgoodness for Mum and hot water bottles ;-)

  17. Don't hate me! :)

  18. The beds are soooo cute!!!

  19. We just had roast chicken and roast lamb and all the baked veg to go with it.....wooohoooo yummmmmoooo
    And yeah I am as full as a fat lady's sock... But boy oh boy did I enjoy it!

  20. Ooooh yes. I love what your'vedone to Brylee's room.

  21. Good night... painting has come to a halt... will chat later on.. take care.. and sleep well..


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