Thursday, August 17, 2017


I know it's easily 8-10 weeks away yet, but I am in 'getting prepared' mode for our new puppy.

Yesterday I spent some time sorting out where/how to set up a puppy area in the garage, as a safe place to put him/her at bedtime, and when we are out and about.

ABOVE: There's Keera trying it out.  It has to be set up in such a way that Coco can still get outside, and we can still get to the areas of the garage we use too.  I think I've got it sorted perfectly.
Puppy will have plenty of room in there.

Another few days and I should get a phone call from Cuba's owner to let me know the puppies are here ... fingers crossed all goes well for her.

Now, back to today.
I've got a walk scheduled for 9.15 this morning.  I'm not leading this one, so I can relax and just enjoy it.
NOT that I don't enjoy leading walks too, but there is a little bit of added pressure to make sure it goes smoothly for everyone.

I'm definitely not feeling 100% today, my throat is still sore, my head is still foggy and so on, but I will take a good dollop of medication before heading out.  I'm hoping it doesn't rain, that might not help the head cold and throat.

But, it's only an hour or so, and then I can come home and jump into a good hot shower.  

After my walk, I will probably muck around in my sewing room(s).  I am going to move things around AGAIN... I'm finding it far too hot in my sewing work room... so am going to swap rooms with Brylee.  She is on the 'cold' side of the house, which will suit me better.

I will do as much as I can today and tomorrow, and leave the major moving to the guys on the weekend.

ABOVE:  How bloody typical that I have to move the contents of THREE rooms just because I can't stand the heat!   Grrrrr... I blame menopause for my misery.  
I don't have to move things out of the sewing 'work room' wardrobe though, so one less job.

Ok, time to get moving.... gotta get the kids off to school in an hour or so, then head straight to my walk meeting place.


7.27 am and I've decided it would be silly of me to go walking when I feel so bad. So it's going to be another stay at home day for me.
Rather that than make myself sicker.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Well... after having a walk three days in a row, it's time for a rest.

And that is totally what I am going to do today.

What else can I yabber on about?

Not much!

'REST' will entail doing some housework and then some sewing.
I have totally finished 6 Christmas bags now, so will make a start on a few more today.  

I'm really enjoying making them.

The ladies at my Hamilton Patchwork group think the bags are lovely, and an excellent idea too.  Nice to get positive feedback from fellow sewers.  

Our new puppy is due to be born in about 6 more days!!!!!  I'm kinda excited, but not really looking forward to the 'puppy' phase to come!  Potty training... *sigh*

Right, I'm off to get the kids sorted and then to school, so I can come home and be a lazy tart.  *smiles*


I've woken up with the most horribly sore throat and a snotty nose.  Great.  I do believe I will be spending the morning (at least) in bed.  Hopefully I can get over it fast, there is no way I want to have a big halt to my walking schedule!

2.15 PM:  And my day has been blissfully lazy!  I told you I was feeling yuk, well some pain killers and a nap later and I'm feeling much better.

I can't believe how fast the day has gone, even while doing nothing!    In half an hour I am out to pick up kids from schools, then home to prepare dinner.

I'm just doing something easy with mince tonight, still not sure what though.

I spent a bit of time in the garage, working out where to put a puppy pen area, for when we get our puppy.  I think I've got it sussed out.

Also spent some time thinking about names.  As I don't know if I will be choosing a girl or boy puppy, I need to think of two names.

My mind really can't come up with much yet!
Forrest  and Tinker is it so far!  *sigh*
I suppose I will have to 'consult' with the family too.  

Right, enough mindless blitherings... I'm getting off the couch and moving.

The mince went back in the fridge and we had fish 'n' chips!  I just did not feel like cooking afterall.  All good, I didn't feel guilty at all.

The final of Master Chef is on tonight... 2.5 hours long!  Exciting!
Time to sign off.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Today is full.

After dropping the kids off at school, I am heading into Hamilton for Patchwork group at Donna's Quilt Studio.

I shall be working on Christmas Bags again.

As soon as that wraps up I will be coming back to Cambridge, grabbing a quick lunch, then I have a Doctor's appointment.

I want to talk to my Doctor about my shin splints, and see if she has any ideas on how to alleviate them.

That appointment should take me up to end of school, so I will be picking up the kids after that  and coming home.

THEN I will need to get dinner sorted for the family.

I won't be having any till after my walk.

Which is planned for 7 pm, and I am leading it again.  This walk has a bit of a hill in it, right at the start too.  I'm feeling more confident about hills now, even though I still hate them, I know I can do them.  Just slowly, one step at a time.

So, that's my day planned out till at least 8.30 pm.  It's not that often I have a day mapped out so much.  But its all good.

ABOVE:  Yesterday's walk photo.   We were giving a cheer to the cows that WERE NO LONGER in the paddock behind us.  We have to try and come up with a different photo for each walk we do... So the caption for this one was :

"To the missing cows by COWley... cheers!,
even though they ended up being steers!"

Robbie, the Shih Tzu/Spaniel cross LOVED his milk!  *smiles*

Right, outta here... stuff to get sorted before I head out the door in a couple of hours.


1.00 pm:  back from Hamilton... I had a lovely morning at Donna's Quilt Studio.  The class is fairly full, with a few new faces today too.
It's neat chatting with everyone and just sewing in like minded company.  

It's the most dismal day out there, so wet and cold.  I'm hoping like hell it clears up by 7 pm!

Off to the doctors soon...

4.20 pm:  Home finally.  The Doctor remarked on my weight loss like... immediately!  How cool is that.
All good there, she's very happy with my progress.  But damn!  I totally forgot to ask about the shin splints!  How dumb was that.
Oh well... it will have to wait till next time, IF they are still playing up.

Now... sort out dinner for the family before my walk.

Dinner tonight was corn and bacon fritters... Stew and I loved them.  Keera ate them as she had no choice... Brylee and Griffin?  Nah.  They didn't like them.  Can't win them all.

Tonight's walk was a bit longer than the 'norm' at around 5.8 kms.  We were so lucky, it didn't rain and it wasn't too cold either.

Though, now I'm home I'm freezing!

Snuggled up under my blankie, watching a little TV before bed.

Monday, August 14, 2017


So yesterday's photos stopped at the beach.  I have a couple more:

ABOVE:  a nice one of us.

 ABOVE:  I have a 'thing' for waves and water!  *smiles*

ABOVE: The Mount. One day, in the not too distant future, I fully intend walking up that freakin' thing.  I've only done it once before, when I was about 15 years old.

After walking on the beach we headed to Jacqui and Martyn's for lunch.

On our way there... we saw this:

ABOVE:  Been hunting... got pigs!  Brought back memories of when I was a little kid and my Dad went pig hunting.

So, we got to Jacqui and Martyn's, had a very nice lunch, then we all went for a walk on the wetlands.

ABOVE: They live up a really, really steep hill.  And I walked down it, and UP it again.  Sure, I got a bit puffed going up, but so did everyone else! 

 ABOVE:  Taken from the wetlands, looking back up towards their home.

 ABOVE: The two little girls walking ahead of us.
Really cute.

 ABOVE:  I saw a black dog in the water among all the ducks and was a bit worried...

ABOVE:  But he had no interest in the ducks at all... he was playing fetch with his tennis ball.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Relaxing while the kids played in the playground.   We were so lucky with the weather!  It was forecast to rain.  Nope, no rain.

Now... I mentioned yesterday that MARTYN had a surprise for us.... WELL....

Martyn and Jacqui joined Jenny Craig about 6 months ago.  They both lost weight.
Jenny Craig were on the look out for a new person to front their advertising... and they chose:


He's lost 20+ kilos and looks AMAZING!

Jacqui has done exceptionally well too and looks fabulous.
Now when Jenny Craig adverts are on the TV, we will all see Martyn!  


PHEW... that's it for now!
I've got the usual sort of Monday ahead.
Kids to school

Walk at 10.30, then home to do some housework.

Catch ya later.


4.12 pm:  Hells bells, how did I forget to update all day?

So it's gone like this:

After dropping the kids at school I came home and did bugger all!
Then I went on the walk, which I was leading.  There ended up being 10 of us, a good number considering it started raining just as we set off.

I got a bit wet, but not too much.

The pace was fairly fast to begin with, but slowed down eventually, which was just as well as my shins played up.

After the walk a bunch of us went to a local coffee shop for a cuppa and bite to eat.  I had a date scone, which was very average.

Then I came home and did... bugger all!  I am knackered!

Come end of school time, I picked up the kids and came home.  
And prepared dinner.

ABOVE:  I'm trying a vege bake.  I've got it in the oven on about 180 degrees.  Hopefully it will be fully cooked in 2 hours or so.

Well... the vegetable bake was OK... but I wasn't too happy with how it had so much liquid in the bottom?  And I might have put too much egg in cos it was like an omelette with vegetables in it.  Weird, but edible.

Stew and the kids liked it, so all good I suppose.

Time to sign off... it's getting late and I'm still knackered.

Sunday, August 13, 2017


Yesterday's mission was to  hang some net in the lounge, to give us some privacy from anyone standing outside, and to enhance the look from the outside.

The lounge looked dark from the outside, and the windows looked

 ABOVE:  The before photo was taken in the morning, the after in the early evening.
But you get the gist.

ABOVE:  Top photos BEFORE, bottom photos AFTER.  

Now when sitting in the lounge we don't feel like goldfish in a bowl.  *smiles*
I really like the net.

Last night's dinner was a rarity... no meat.
I'd like to do more dinners without meat, we have far too much meat in this house.

So... any ideas people? 

I have on my pathetic list:

- mock whitebait fritters
- macaroni cheese
- corn fritters
- baked potatoes
- omelettes with cheese/tomato/mushroom

Not much eh?

As a side note, we have tried stuffed aubergines and didn't really like them much.  That's the only other one I can think of.

Moving on... we are heading over to Tauranga/Mount Maunganui today.... just to have a nice outing for a few hours.
And it would be lovely to take a walk on the beach... if the weather is nice enough.

We are planning on having lunch with our dear friends Jacqui and Martyn too.  We love catching up with them.

So, that's it for now... catch ya later.


4.15 pm:  home from Tauranga/Mount Maunganui... we have had an awesome day!
I am going to go through the photos then post a few, and more tomorrow, as I took HEAPS.

Coco missed us, so much so, that she did her business AND pee'd all over the floor! She's in the sin bin (in the garage) musing on her misdemeanours now.  So frustrating, and so unnecessary, she has easy access outside and never does it inside usually.  Grrrr.

And before you ask, DOGS are not permitted on the beach at the Mount, therefore we could not take her with us.

Thank you for so many awesome non-meat meal ideas too... I am certainly going to be trying some of them.

RIGHT.... time for a few photos of our day:

ABOVE:  Heading up the Kaimai's, on the Waikato side... FOG.  No idea what the weather was going to be like on the other side.

ABOVE:  It was gorgeous!  Not that many people on the beach though.

 ABOVE:  A photo of a home with a very interesting facade.  I really like it.

ABOVE:  We headed onto the beach, and took a walk onto Moturiki Island, all the way to the end and back.  It's beautiful!

ABOVE:  Happy family snaps.  A nice lady took the one of all of us.  So nice to be included in some photos.

ABOVE:  On the island, looking back towards Mt Maunganui.

ABOVE:  Far north end of Mount Maunganui Beach, looking towards Moturiki Island.

ABOVE:  We couldn't have asked for better weather today.  Perfect for enjoying the beach.

Keera loved the beach and running around.

After our walk on the beach, we headed over to Jacqui and Martyn's, where we had a lovely lunch, then we all went for another walk on the wetlands, which are a short walk from their home.

I will save those photos for tomorrow... there is a little surprise from MARTYN tomorrow!  

And on that note, I'm outta here.  Got to do a few jobs ready for tomorrow.  I'm leading a walk with the Fat Bottomed Girls tomorrow.

40.24 kms walked this week

Saturday, August 12, 2017


So I had a walk booked this morning... but as there was only 3 of us going, it got cancelled.

Now I have to either jump on another walk, or wait till Monday, when I have another one booked.   I'm still deciding.

If I don't go walking ... I will suggest to Stew that we do the grocery shopping.  That way I don't end up having to do it all on me own.   

We all know how much I  hate grocery shopping, so having him along makes it more bearable.

We don't have any plans for the weekend at all.  I'm starting to miss having heaps to do ... well, except for the housework!

There are not many 'projects' to do around this house/yard at all now.  Kinda boring really.

Though.. I AM wondering if I should put net curtains in the lounge.  From the road that room looks cold and dark, naked with nothing on the windows.    Perhaps I can look at net if we go out today.

On that note... which is saying bugger all really!... I'm off to get some washing on.


ABOVE:  And yeah... very glad I'm not out walking this morning!  I think I would get drenched! 
It's really iffy out there, sometimes we get the downpour, and sometimes the weather ducks around us and we don't get a drop!

But something tells me it's going to RAIN.  Like, lots.

ABOVE:  My lovely daffodils and jonquils are getting a hammering from the weather.  But some are still standing.

ABOVE:  I'm really excited about this tree.  All year long it just looks like a messy, twiggy tree.  But now it's starting to bud... and those buds turn into the most gorgeous blue flowers.
I can't wait to see it bloom in my garden for the first time.
It was already in bloom when I bought it last year. 

Stew and I are heading out soon to grab a few groceries, then it will be a blob out day.  I will be doing some more sewing/housework... just the usual sort of saturday.

ABOVE:  What an excellent idea to take Stew with me to choose net!  He zeroed in on a perfectly plain, but nice net... and Spotlight were having a sale so we got 40% off!  I got enough net for the entire lounge for well under $100.

If it had been left up to me I would still be there trying to decide which one to get!

After that we went and got some groceries...

ABOVE:  this had to be our SMALLEST grocery shop ever!  I tend to stock pile groceries, so this time I decided to only buy what we had run out of.  
It felt weird only having a tiny amount I tell ya!

Now home, and about to start cutting net, ready to hang.   There might be finished photos tomorrow.  

The sewing machine got a work out this afternoon.  I got all 4 nets cut, hemmed and hung before dinner.

Dinner!  Stew cooked mock whitebait fritters, OMG they were to die for!  He's not made them in years I reckon.  Well worth the wait.

Now... it's relax time.  Master Chef is on right now, and later.... Coronation Street.  

Friday, August 11, 2017


So.... I got a text from my Doctor yesterday with my HBa1c result.

ABOVE:  I was worried that I wouldn't have a drop... but I did!
Not as good as Stew's, but still a drop.
So, onward and downward, I just have to work a bit harder on the food choices long term.

There is NO WAY I want to end up on an insulin pump (which is what she wanted to do with me and Stew!).

Happier thoughts... I've got weigh in at Weight Watchers at lunchtime today.
I THINK I will have a small loss again.
Time will tell.

After the meeting, I am going to grab a few groceries (not a full shop) and come home.

By then it will be time to pick up the kids from school.  


I hate posting FAT photos of me... but come on... we all know I got fat again!
So.... here's where I'm at:

ABOVE:  Three months.  Last two walking at least 3 times a week.  Something is working... no doubt a combination of being a bit more careful with the food choices, and the walking.
Next photo in November.

ABOVE:  Keera has Mufti Day at school today... so this is what she wanted to wear.  Bloody cute kid.  *smiles*  She sure takes a nicer photo than me! 

AND THE WEIGH IN RESULT IS IN... I lost .700 grams this week.   So I'm happy with that. 😁

What an awesome day it is ... three positives today.  My blood result, my progress photos and a loss again.  Cool eh?  *smiles*

Thanks for all the lovely comments today... I was a bit hesitant to put those photos up... but bit the bullet!  

It's been a busy evening helping sort out a couple of walk routes with 'THE BOSS' lady.  But she got there in the end.

Time to wind down and enjoy the next couple of hours before bedtime.

Thursday, August 10, 2017


FAR OUT... which is a very polite way of saying "FUCK IT".   Seeing as I'm not that polite... fuck it!

Feeling rather crabby right now. Had a very unsatisfactory 'conversation' with Lacy late yesterday.  She's in 'flux' again.  Still going to her course, but her 'relationship' has gone belly up.  NO surprises there then.

I'm not 100% sure what happened, but controlling behavior and verbal abuse is a factor from observations by me and other family members.

Hopefully there was no physical abuse this time.  

She's no longer living with him, which is good. I don't want to get any more cryptic or nasty texts from him.

God know's where she is living though.  My mind boggles.  Under a bridge?

At least she's not in her car!  She ain't got a car anymore.

That's one consolation I suppose.

I JUST WISH for once she would make some good MAN choices!  She seems to stumble from one bad 'un to another.  She's 37 and has never had a good relationship.  That's pretty sad.

Perhaps it's that old saying 'Like attracts like'?
Act a certain way and you will only ever attract those sorts of people.

*sigh*   And she can't seem to understand that I still care, and want to know where she is, that she is safe and well.  

Our conversation ended badly, cos I got really angry after a while.  It's her life to fuck up... she's doing a really good job of it, if nothing else.


I'm leading a walk this morning, starting at 10.30, so I have plenty of time to get some housework done first.  And hopefully, my shins will warm up too.

It looked like the walk might be cancelled due to low numbers last night, but it's looking more positive now (thanks Robyn C and a couple of other girls).  Rain puts lots off... but NOT ME!
I'm mad... I love walking in the rain.

And as this walk starts and finishes outside a cafe, a hot chocolate will be totally on when we finish.


*** shit commenter:  There is 'ENABLING', and then there is doing what is BEST for one's grandchildren.  I CHOSE to do what was best for my grandchildren, and I will NOT sit still and allow anyone to bag me for that.  

Waiting to leave for my walk this morning, all I could see outside was a huge BLACKNESS!  I seriously thought it would get cancelled, or we would be walking in pouring rain, thunder and lightening, cos that's what was forecast!

Couldn't have been more wrong.  We had gorgeous sunshine!  And a nice even 8 of us walking... it was just lovely.

ABOVE:  Our walk photo... it was quite hard finding somewhere to 'stage' our photo that was innovative/artistic/brave or different, so this had to do.  It came out quite good I think.

Home now and cooling down, I got really hot.

Once I've cooled down I'm going to do some sewing, there's three bags 'almost' finished, so I will get on with them.

Well... I got a bit of sewing done this afternoon... then fed the kids left overs on toast for dinner.
Stew is out at a work function (staff only)... pfffft.

I shouldn't complain, there's not too many of them.

Time to wind down for the day and watch some mindless TV, just relax till bedtime.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017


Today I make a start on walking the other side of the river.
I'm two days behind some of the girls, who started on Monday.
But, I wanted my shins to have a good break.

The last time I had a few days 'off' it really helped them settle down.

So, I've got a walk today and tomorrow, then another one on Saturday.  I'm leading the one on Thursday, so have to make sure I'm 100% clued up on the route.

Once today's walk is done, I'm coming home to continue making the Christmas Bags.

I got a few new fabrics yesterday, two from Spotlight and one from Donna's Quilt Studio.

AS they are only bags, the fabric doesn't have to be super good quality, hence the Spotlight purchase.  Normally I don't use Spotlight 'patchwork' fabric any more.

I might have to take a trip over to Gordonton to see if Grandmother's Garden have any nice Christmas Fabrics too. 

There doesn't seem to be that much out there that's really bright and colourful!

 ABOVE:  This is one fabric that IS pretty and colourful.  Adding the bright green fabric at the top has helped cheer it up too.  
This bag is 75% done.  Once I add bright red drawstrings it will look lovely.

ABOVE:  These two new fabrics are much more ho-hum... but I am sure I can jazz them up a bit.  See what I mean about not being bright though?

Man if I was designing fabrics they would all be so bright and pretty!  lol

And that is all I have for now... catch ya later.


OMG another freezing, WET day for a walk!
But although (for once), I really didn't feel like going, I did.
We walked in steady rain, not torrential, but enough to get me soaked through by the time I got home.

At one point a car pulled up and some bloke jumped out, ran across the road and started taking photos of us!
He was from one of the local papers, and decided to just grab some photos of us 'doing our thing'!  I think he's taken photos before of earlier groups.

Anyway, that was rather funny, watching him run ahead to get a good shot of us walking. 

ABOVE:  Today's walking group, minus GWEN, she was behind the camera.  She leads heaps of our walks, and I often go on her's cos her pace suits me just fine.  

ABOVE:  I love cows, so it was especially nice to  pass these beauties on our walk today. 

After the walk I came straight home so I could get out of me wet clothes and warm up again.

My shins played up again today, but the pain was only about a 7/10, so I just walked on through it.

Next walk is tomorrow.  It's supposed to be raining then too. Yaaa.  *scowl*

I'm over the rain.

Once I'm warm I shall be sewing bags again.

Well I got some sewing done this afternoon.  Which was neat.  I am really enjoying the sewing right now.

There is now a lovely mince/bacon and tomato stew cooking for dinner. Accompanying it will be left over mashed spuds from last night and some mixed veges, fairly easy dinner then.

Just had a 'Grrrrr' conversation with Lacy.  More on that tomorrow.  I'm so not in the mood right now to go there.

Winding down for the day... it's been cold, wet and miserable... not nice at all.  I will be very happy to get into my bed tonight.