Saturday, September 03, 2016


This will be the first weekend that Steve, Bex and the boys will be here, and we have NO JOBS for Steve to do!
Only took almost 3 months.

We are looking forward to having a nice relaxed weekend.  

I took a few cute photos of Amanda's kids and Keera yesterday...

 ABOVE:  Miss Emily, cute wee girl.

 ABOVE:  I told them there was something 'new' and special in the back yard... but it took them a little while to see it!

 ABOVE:  The moment she saw it!  So sweet.

 ABOVE:  Emily wanted me to pick it up and put it on the lawn.  I don't think she liked all the trees around it.  I will get Stew to trim them some more I think.

 ABOVE:  Yes, Lacy got in it too! That's LACY'S silly head on the right.

 ABOVE:  I'm so glad I got it, all the grandkids seem to love it.

 ABOVE:  Afternoon tea time.  Marshmallows = NAUGHTY.  Mandarins = HEALTHY.  So... BALANCED!

Shame Keera was the only one to eat the mandarins!

ABOVE:  Miss Muppet was tired.  She perked up eventually.  

So, back to today.  I plan on doing sweet bugger all.  Except the washing.  THAT particular job never ends sadly.


Well... I'm bloody hot and bothered.... friggin housework!  I've done 2 loads of washing and have at least 1 more to go. And it's all getting hung on racks in me bedroom cos it is a wet day here.

Floors are vacumed and washed... now what next?

NEXT was visitors from Tauranga!  My Uncle Richard and Aunty Muriel.  I don't call them Aunt and Uncle though. Richard is only 10 years or so older than me after all.
It was another really lovely visit from a member of my family.  Now that we are closer, we plan on re-connecting with as many as we can.
My Mum is the eldest of 10, 5 girls then 5 boys!  So there's heaps of family scattered around.

Luckily I had virtually finished all the housework, so could relax for a while and just visit with them.

Now it's a late lunch, then I shall potter around a bit more.

Muriel is a patchworker/sewer like me, and she was very impressed with my sewing room.  *smiles*  And she loved the new Dresden Plate quilt (to be)... I've got two blocks up on the design wall... not sewn yet... but I wanted to pin them up to see how it might look.

So... now we wait for the next 'visitors'... Steve and Bex, Dante and Archer. 

OK.... family arrived... and it's busy, busy, busy here.

Lacy did her hair today with the 2nd lot of colour she wanted...

 ABOVE:  waiting ....
looks horrendous right now...

 ABOVE:  how cool is that!!! Look awesome... and she's very happy with it.

ABOVE:  lots of different angles.  Archer kinda likes her. Weird baby.

Not long before Lacy dyes my hair.  Doing a block of light brown... and PERHAPS a strip of pink and purple?  We will see.

Looking forward to a family evening, Coronation Street then bed.  BLISS.


  1. As always, you are a very busy lady on the go all the time. Have a good weekend with tour family.

  2. Anonymous3:10 PM

    My mum is the eldest girl of 10 but 6 boys and 4 girls

  3. And Lacy's hair is a success! How fun. It's nice to see all the liitle grand kids playing!

  4. OOh love the hair Lacy :-)

  5. Very nice .... I especially like the way it looks in a ponytail!

  6. it's purple underneath, can't quite see that in those pics but yea im stocked as with it :)

  7. Lacy's hair is almost as colourful as one of my cousins - she has her hair cut in a bob, and had fluro colours through her hair too - fluro yellow fringe, then pink, purple etc at the back. I will email you an example picture so you can see what I mean.

    Great to see the children (young and older) are enjoying the hobbit house :)

    1. Your cousin's hair is amazing!!!!

  8. Enjoy your family time, I am looking forward to seeing your hair.

  9. Anonymous2:06 AM

    Oh my dear lord! Lacy's hair is such a mess just like her. She should stop acting like a teenager and get a fricken job. Even her eldest daughter acts more mature! Tutt tutt!!

    1. Anonymous5:59 AM

      Love to see a pic of you Anon so we could sit and judge. Such a shame when nasty things like you crawl out of the internet.

      The hair is great Lacy - a real Britto doll! You're looking healthy and most importantly happy. Love it!!


    2. thanks for all the nice comments on my hair....we only live once right, and it's only hair.
      I am who I am, if you don't like it it really doesn't bother me....
      I hope you feel better after your little rant behind a computer or phone....sounds like your not happy in your own life and I'm sorry if that's so.
      Hope you have a better day.

  10. Omg Lacey best response to anonymous! You owned her lol. You keep on rocking your rainbow hair, I love it :)


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