Friday, February 15, 2013


Day 8.  Still feeling fantastic.  Was a bit worried last night, I kept thinking of nibbles... snacks... chocolate.... ANYTHING!
But, I kept saying to myself:

- don't ruin 7 days of being spot on with my eating.

- Think how good I will feel when I go to bed and KNOW I am still on the right track.

So, I just hung in there... and now?

I woke up this morning and don't hate myself for giving in to a silly craving.


ABOVE:  I will NOT listen to the little devil on me shoulder.
I can do this. I can and I will.
Just take each day as it comes.  It is only 1 day.
I can worry about tomorrow ... tomorrow!  Just don't stuff up TODAY.

So... I won't.

If you are on the same 'journey' as me... you bloody hang in there too, cos it is worth it.

Take it from someone who has actually GOT TO GOAL and then lost it again.  Being a healthy weight feels a darn sight better than any block of chocolate EVER will.

And that bloody chocolate, while tasting really YUM when you are eating it... will make you feel MISERABLE just as soon as it's all gone down ya gullet.  YOU KNOW THAT.

My 'goal' is to have a good day... eat wisely, eat WELL and just look forward to tomorrow, and the next day ... and then on Day 30... I can look down at those bloody scales and they won't say "Get off ya fat bitch!"   
Instead, they will say "Well done!"

Who else is going to LIKE their scales in a month????

TODAY:  I feel the urge to sew.  It won't matter what... I just want to sew ...


I am getting ready to vacum the lounge, I pull my chair out and ummmm.....

ABOVE:  proof of past evil doings.  Whoops!
I was an evil, evil little Kiwi.  *edit*  I didn't eat them all on my own... Stew and Bex helped me. Just wanted to clarify that... ha ha ha.

The woman who wanted to use my snapper picture for her boat just sent me these:

ABOVE: her boat engine cover, featuring my snapper, it looks lovely!

Still vacuming....

ABOVE:  just moved the couch.  YIKES!

I'm still doing housework!  No sewing done yet.

Got the call with the start date for fixing our floor etc.
MARCH the 6th.  Almost three weeks away.  But I don't care.  We have a bloody date at last.

Bex and I had a lovely lunch of left over salmon quiche.  Filled the void!  lol

I'm really happy with what I got done today.  I sorted out all our 'papers', receipts, important "to keep" papers, stationery items... and condensed it all down to keeping just the necessary 'stuff'.  I've got a big black sack full of rubbish!  

I also sorted out books.  I've got a pile to take to the Hospice Shop tomorrow.
I love de-cluttering!

Steve and Bex have said they will make kebabs tonight... healthy ones!  Can't wait.  Right now Bex is having a nap with Dante.  She has caught a cold poor thing. 
Fingers crossed no one else gets it.  Or Dante.

CHRISTY: nope, not yet.  I might have it tomorrow. 

End of Day:  well the kids did amazingly well with dinner tonight.  It was just lovely.  Steve came and took my 'order' then proceeded to make it and hand deliver it to my chair.  I also had ONE glass of bubbly wine too.  It was very nice.
I took some time to relax after dinner and now... I'm going down to the garage to muck around a bit more... might even start up the sewing machine now that I've got it all sorted out!
nite nite.


  1. Keep up the good work. I have one week till I can get on the scales 30 days been hard since I got on them every day and that either put me in a good mood or bad mood for the rest of the day got my fingers crossed for a good result for u and me

  2. Well done Chris - keep inspiring!

  3. Anonymous7:20 AM

    You can do it Chris!! Keep busy and try not to think about food and goodies...debbie

  4. Anonymous7:25 AM

    You got a litle devil too? Mine always wants a wine around 6ish most nights. Damn thing, I wish it would go away. And yes, that feeling in the morning when not succumbing to that little devil feels so good. Just focus on that. I will too. Cheers.

  5. My devil won last night and yes, I regret it but as you say, one day at a time - back onto it this morning.

    Kate (444)

  6. Awesome! You rock! Keep it up:-)

  7. Well done you a great week and of course the first week is the hardest in giving up anything...

  8. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Do you eat fruit There is heaps of nice apricots peaches nectarines and my favourite peacherines. Great for a late nite snack and some natural sweetness
    How were the flowers yummy!!
    Mary H

  9. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Good on you mum, WE are all so proud of you down here in hamilton, keep up the good work...

    Love kelly

  10. Go girl!! It's an amazing feeling and makes us realise why we continued to feel like crap for so long.


  11. Wahoo go you awesome thing well done ...I too am in the right zone *but* as you say 1 day at a time. We all have to kick that lil devil to the curb chris but sometimes they are attached to a damn bungy cord...Have a great day sewing

  12. Your looking great! Keep at it your doing a great job! Sorry I haven't been in touch lately but things have been insane around here lately. My basement is all torn apart due to a flood and now all the snow we've had this year has put stress on our roof. We keep removing it but get more that replaces it and the ice damming is now starting to find it's way into the house. Hope you have a great remainder of the week and an even better weekend!

  13. Well said. Proud of your resistance/strength last night.

    I think I need some. Finished the day off with dried figs and too many nuts.

    One more day to hook up to your happy chain.


  14. Well done Chris on the eating... I'd like to say more but you know how I can get the wrong reaction.

    Maybe we can catch up sometime soon and discuss things other than food :)

  15. I am on week two now and so far so good I hope. I wish my resolve for not weighing myself every day was like yours. Today was the hardest day so far for me as I have felt very hungry today.
    Good luck to you and keep on eating well.

    The videos are gorgeous

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  17. Well done day 8!!!! It would have been so easy to fall for the "just one won't hurt" mindset but you beat it Go Girl!!

  18. Well done, Chris! proud of you!

  19. Good work Chris on getting through the first 7 days!! Hopefully things are getting a little easier as you progress. And you are so right about that chocolate!!

    Enjoy your day.

    Leanne xx

  20. Great work Chris!!! I am LOVING your postive attitude this week! Long Long may it last... I am only supposed to weigh monthly but they do accept weekly as well.
    Behind our couch looked similar a month ago when we pulled everything out....

  21. Great to see you so positive and in such a happy mood well done :) very proud of you!

    Remember to take some "me" time too each day be it only a couple minutes or an hour but to just recharge your batteries and to be continually focused on what matters most, you.

    Anne :)

  22. Yay good on you Chris your doing so well, I'm on day 5.... One day at a time xx

  23. Well done - the best you can do is take it one meal at a time, one day at a time. I need to get back into it - I don't think I can run 10km carrying this extra weight and I have an event in just over 5 weeks !!!!! EEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKK.
    Have a great weekend !

  24. Good work with the eating! Did you have your one "treat" at all this week? xxx

  25. Go Chris:-)

    The name of my blog is "one day at a time" and I know that has helped me getting over very hard times. Makes it easier to cope.

    You are going so well!

  26. I know that when I'm hungry there's nothing I want to do more than eat. Good work.
    I wonder, what kind of truck is attached to the trailer that has the boat that has your fish on it's engine cover? Crazy question, I know...

  27. Anonymous6:02 AM

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