Thursday, February 07, 2013


I want you all to cross everything...for excellent news this morning from our Insurance Company.  The lady handling our 'case' said she would be ringing me this morning with news on when our flooring etc will be fixed.

As I'm not a very patient person, I am hoping like hell she says it's going to be SOON... like this month would be awesome.

It's not a problem right now of course, we can use the rooms/garage just fine.  What is a problem is KNOWING that it all has to be ripped up, and the disruption to our household will no doubt be immense while the repairs are done.
I am dreading that.

It's hard enough keeping everything ticking along nicely without having your floors ripped up... not to mention the back wall of the garage!     I am hoping they don't uncover more damage once the wall is down.  They will be able to see into the back of the kitchen cupboards once the wall is down... hmmmm.

I am going to be taking Miss Muppet to Sylvia Park for her access visit of 1 hour with her father today too.  
Keera has established a bond with her father now, and enjoys her visits with him.  So, hopefully in a while he can be the one who comes here to get her. 

I'm a little 'over' being the one who does all the running around to be honest.
There was an 'understanding' that the father would contribute a small sum towards MY running costs,  incurred getting Keera to and from her access visits.  If there is nothing forthcoming today then I will have to re-think our 'agreement'. 

Gone are the days when I would just go 'Oh well, nevermind'... I've been used once too often to let it happen again.

ABOVE:  see that guy?  I was sitting in me car yesterday while Stew and the kids were in KMart looking for a new school bag for Brylee when I got a nasty fright from him.  

He came right up to my open window and asked me for money for the bus!   I was freaked out cos he just appeared right beside me. 

I was ruffling around in my bag at the time trying to find something and he could have easily just grabbed my bag and run!
But he didn't of course, but still.  I got a fright.

I don't get how anyone can just roam around a car park asking for money!   Anyway *sigh*, he was weird.

Right... off to start the day.  Lunches, washing, pick up Keera bla bla bla.... oh and wait for that important phone call.


Today's access visit got cancelled.  Seems he's been sick and doesn't want to pass it on to Keera.  Awesome.  Now I can stay home and look at my phone!  lol

Well .... I am also going to be looking at the loo... cos my tummy is NOT HAPPY.  I think the increased dose of Metformin is making me sick.
I woke up a dozen times during the night feeling like I was gunna throw up.  Ghastly feeling.  I hope it doesn't continue all day too.

So... me tummy is still doing nasty things.  And I keep feeling like I'm gunna throw up any second.  Ikkkk.   My Mother had this happen when she went on Metformin.  She was so bad she had to stop taking them.  
I think the fact that I havn't been taking the Metformin every day has saved me from being ill.   Yesterday I took all me pills. And maybe this is the result?

ABOVE:   who else is bombarded with ANONYMOUS SPAM comments all day?  I am.  And I'm over it.
So... I have activated the comment option where all comments on posts older than 1 week get put in the SPAM box, and everything else is automatically published.
I will check all the SPAM comments once a day, and if you have left an ANONYMOUS comment and it's not published, just hang in there, it will be as soon as I can go through them all.

I get between 50 - 250 SPAM comments a DAY. Anyone else got this problem???
This morning between 8.56 am and 9.01 am,  I got 79 ANONYMOUS comments... grrrrrr.

Sitting here looking at the phone, willing it to ring.  But it hasn't yet, so Bex and I are going down to Spotlight to get some fabric so she can make absorbent pads for inside her bra.  She's been going through the disposable ones so fast it's really starting to cost too much.
I bet the phone rings just as we drive down the road!

JACKIE: I'm sorry you are having some problems with Chico.  As far as I know none of our other puppies have had any problems at all. In fact they are all doing very well indeed.

Bex and I have been out... 

 ABOVE:  Dante in his pram.  He loves being in it... almost always sleeps the whole time he's in it... which is great.

ABOVE:  Our new Spotlight store in Manukau.  We love it.  The arrow points to yet another poor old bloke sitting in his car waiting for the wife to finish shopping in Spotlight!   Stew does not have this 'problem' as he enjoys shopping as much as me!  YES, I'm blessed.   lol

ABOVE:  two fabrics that were on the sale table... $6 a metre.  SCORE.

I had seen a really nifty needle threader a couple of years ago, and I really wanted to get one, but none of my usual haunts had them.  

Then last night I suddenly remembered where I'd seen it.  A fairly new fabric shop in Manukau, it's tucked down a little driveway out of sight.  So, we dropped in there and to my delight, she had two left!  

ABOVE:  the colour choices were Purple, or Purple.  So I got a purple one!   I can't wait to use it. 

Lunchtime here.... off to make a sandwich ...

Lunch done.  Long yak with me Mother done.
Now it's time to do a wee bit of sewng.... Bex wants to make some washable breast pads.

I got the phone call I was waiting on after lunch... the insurance company have assigned our 'job' to a building company.  But they couldn't tell me when they will start.

So I rang the building company myself.  And the bloke who has our 'job' is away until Monday.  So I have to wait to hear from him now. Bugger it all.
ABOVE:  Bex is sewing!  I think she's scared of my big machine... apparently she has not sewn in many, many years.
She's making the nursing pads.  V..E..R..Y  S..L..O..W..L..Y.   HA HA HA!

End of Day:  thank god I felt better after about 10 am this morning... no more nausea. A quiet evening has been spent watching tv and cuddling our baby boy Dante.
nite nite.


  1. Remind Wade that he needs to contribute to your costs. Make an agreement on the amount & how & when it is yo be paid.

    The guy asking for bus money - cynical cow I am- I suspect it is a scam. I had one last week approach me at the petrol station saying they lived in Warkworth & their cashfliw card was stuck in a machine so they needed money for petrol. Apparantly it is quite a common thing to try & get money from strangers.

  2. Scary. I am sure it is a scam, too. You would think there would be rules against people sneaking up and hitting them up for money like that.

    Hope Wade gives you a fair deal on the cash there... you are giving up a good part of your day, too.

  3. Just wondering if you have heard from any of the other puppies re: hiccups, Chico gets them all the time, far to often and the vet is concerned. She also does these things like she might be spasming... (he has seen it on video that we showed him in her sleep), he was wondering if it could be a heredity thing, so I said I would ask... we are going to get her an x-ray thing done on her lungs, cause it may be a breathing issue, you don't happen to know if the father had any issues??? We are just trying to look at all options.

  4. I hope your call has come through by now so you at least know when thing will happen with your floors.
    We talked to a guy who begged money like that once and he told us he usually made over $100 a day. That would have scared me too.

  5. I get loads of the spam comments every day. It's been like that for a few months. Occasionally some get past blogger and get published because I don't have comment moderation turned on.

  6. Yes-the dad need to contribute toward your running costs for his daughter. You might need to put it in writing and have him sign it.
    That guy roaming around parked car asking for money is because people gives him money-stop giving him money.

  7. Hope Wade does cough up something towards your fuel costs as well know fuel certainly ain't cheap these days!

    Any news from the Insurance Lady as yet???? I hope so :)

    Dante looks so relaxed and cute in the pram! Glad he enjoys it as some babes hate their prams which makes going out more difficult.

  8. Lorraine4:41 PM

    Way to go Bex on the sewing.

    At least Chris you now know who is going to do your Insurance repairs.

    Southgirl x

  9. Sorry to hear your tummy is upset, I had flip flop tummy this morning but mine was nerves!!!! lol Well that was nice you didn't have to go out re Keers visit, Bex sewing ohh bet that was hard not to step in and whizz those puppies up right there!

  10. I hope you get the work done soon and you can move on. Sorry to hear about all the spam. Take care and feel better.

  11. People are always asking for money around here. So annoying.

    I made it so I can't have anonymous comments. Solved that problem :)


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