Sunday, January 29, 2012


SPEED HUMPS looming.

I'm starving ... (well, sorta).  I am eating all my points.  But for some reason the past two days, I've been really hungry all the time.

Not sure why?

I'm craving almost everything.  Bread.  Sweets.  Pigging out - so want to!

But, I will try and hang in there.  The end result is going to be worth it.  Right?

Today:  no firm plans yet.... we have to hang around the house I think... Joshua is getting picked up 'sometime' after lunch.  Which sucks, cos when it's an open ended time frame, you really can't go anywhere.  


I'm feeling crabby.  Been doing a bit too much 'domestic' shit lately.   Need to get OUT.  


Stew bought some more of me 'Tipple' last night, I've not had any in weeks!  It was so nice to have a few last night, even though I got massively itchy feet! ... might just have a repeat tonight.  OMG, what if I'm allergic to grog???  I know I hardly ever DO drink, but what if I can't anymore without getting all itchy?  Now that would just suck.

ABOVE:  they are rather cute.... but then, I am biased... *smiles*

I'll be back later...

Would you believe... Steve and Becs have taken Brylee and Griffin to the Zoo!  
Poor Joshua had to stay here with us boring old farts, as he is being picked up soon and heading home to Whitianga.

Stew and I are going out...  OMG, just the two of us for afternoon tea somewhere nice.   Hmmmm... got me thinking cap on .... where to go?

I decided we would go to Sylvia Park and pick up some tadpoles and have afternoon tea at The Coffee Club... so we did!

ABOVE:  we got 5 tadpoles, two of them already have back legs.  I wanted a frog too... but they were $22 for a teeny tiny one... so I am just going to wait until my taddies grow!  
If I can wait.  Knowing me... I'll go back and buy a frog .. *sigh*.

NOW... I wonder how long it will take for the kids to notice we have tadpoles in the tank?   lol

End of Day: made chicken pies for dinner... and they were very nice if I do say so!
I tried drinking Bacardi and Diet Coke instead of me tipple, to see if I get the itchy feet.   *sigh*  and I still do.   Damn.
ON TRACK:  well if we don't count the pie?   
nite nite.


  1. Don't drink if you get itchy feet lol.... hope the hunger pangs go soon, nothing worse than feeling hungry like that.

  2. I love he wavy hair - more flattering I think on you. About the drink why don't you try an experiment. Drink something else - beer or wine, even though you don't like it - and see if you get that reaction. It could be the extremely high sugar content or caffeine etc of that drink you have. At least then you'd know if it was alcohol.

  3. Oh cool enjoy your free time and yes they do look cute together lol

  4. I get itchy feet after a hot shower - very frustrating!

    Suggestion re afternoon tea: I have heard the Cornwall Park restaurant does a really good and reasonably priced high tea. Probably not that WW friendly though!

    Enjoy your afternoon!

    Penny xo

  5. OMG you look so HOT in your new blog photo!!!!

  6. A long time ago, I lived in a village and we had a well. Inside the well there's always plenty of tadpoles. Occasionally, I catch some and put them in a glass bowl waiting for them to "hatch" but I've never witnessed the change from tadpole to frog because they hop away once they're able.

  7. I love the way Steve is looking at Bec in that second photo - very sweet.

  8. O my goodness - so much Good stuff going on in your life.
    I loved the color of your hair when you changed it - but I ADORE the sexy waves! You are definitely Gor-jezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

    Love , love the tadpoles - your camera takes such pretty pictures. You sure mastered that in no time flat!

    You mentioned starving & DH & I had just had the very same conversation because up until this week we both were having problems with that & it is TERRIBLE. you just keep stuffing things in your mouth until you are miserable & yet are still starving.

    But, (let me knock on wood) Remember that Dr. Oz I had mentioned . He had suggested Safflower oil to get rid of belly fat. Belly fat is so dangerous for all of us so I was anxious to test it out . 2 teaspoons of the oil - I mix a tad of orange juice in with it in a little shot glass , whirl it around & down the old gullet! Followed with another swig of juice - taken in the late afternoon when we had been getting the starving !!! DH passed by me & asked if that oil was suppose to take away our appetite & I told him I had no idea. But, FOR US - it lets us feel satisfied from our last meal . It is such a joy not to be searching every where for something to pop in our mouth! LOL I did notice that if we ate anything with sugar in it - the sugar tells us we want more . BAD, BAD - Sugar! :-) plus , I was SHOCKED to discover I had dropped several pounds without doing anything different! I just knew that scale was lieing to me.I got off & checked it to make sure the hand was on the right numbers & I poked it several times to make sure it was behaving correctly, but it kept insisting I had lost some weight. Just between you & I - I still Do Not believe it - but I will let it get by with teling me that for right now! LOL

  9. Fun fun! Can't wait to see the tadpoles turn to frogs!

  10. I don't agree with people having frogs..... I hope they survive and if they do 5 frogs in that small cage seems unfair.

  11. The tadpole looks so thin! I guess ours are way fatter here and are called bullfrogs. :)

  12. Love the new look!! It looks fabulous! And Steve and Becs look so good together :) Hope they survived the trip to the zoo!

  13. OMG Chris - I have been starving for the last two days as well!
    Can't understand why - Have been so good but for some unknown reason - PIGGY!
    Maybe its something in the water here in Auckalnd???
    Good luck with being "good!"

  14. I'm sorry you are having a craving fit. I've been having them too. I'm not as strong as you though, sometimes i give in, then hate myself. Alcolol gives you itchy feet?? never heard of that, but I would hate that, I like my 2 Rum and diet cokes with lemon on Fridays!! Love your taddies. Won't they be fun to watch grow!! Great idea. The kids will LOVE THEM!!! ...debbie

  15. Nice (new) photo!!!

    Sorry about the itchy feet. Hope you figure out the cause soon.

    I've never had tadpoles before. I'll be watching for photos to see how they progress.

    Feel good. xo jj

  16. I can't stop looking at your new photo!! My hair envy is showing:)

    Starving is no good. Could I suggest perhaps you need more food? Or different food? More volume or something.

    Taddies are cute but I also fear for frogs stuck in a glass box. Hopefully if they are born and raised that way they won't be too unhappy. Pity you can't ask them!

  17. Tess, NY10:57 PM

    OMG Chris, don't you look mighty hot in your blog photo.

  18. lol - you really do look awesome!

  19. Superb transformation. You look good without worrying about the weight issue . We are not all meant to be skinny

    The baby is looking real cute


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