Saturday, January 07, 2012


Yesterday I suggested to Brylee that she might like to try ironing her own dresses?
She said "Oh yeah, I would LOVE that!"...

ABOVE:  it took her 45 minutes to iron this ONE dress!  Somehow, I don't think she will be saying "OH YEAH" quite so quickly next time.

It's the weekend... goody.
Stew is home.  It's his birthday tomorrow.... so I  won't be asking him to do any jobs around the house.  I'll give him the weekend off.  Nice of me, I know.  *taking a bow*

Kelly and Rena are due here sometime today for the weekend.  So I better go and 'Rena-proof' a few places.  She is not 'house trained' yet.  Well... she isn't 'Grandma's house-trained' I should say.
Whenever she comes here I feel like I need to lock all the doors so she can't get into anything... so I did something about it last night. 

 ABOVE: this is what I asked Stew to do last night...

 ABOVE: Working on it....

 ABOVE:  almost done...

ABOVE: 1/2 a stable door!   Now we just have to put an extra hinge on the top half and re-hang it.  My first Stable Door!  
And now I can lock the bottom half  (on the corridor side) so Rena cannot get into the bedrooms or bathrooms and wreck havoc.
Seems a bit extreme, but it works for ME.
We have tried 'baby' doorguards, but she can open them now.  *sigh*

The memory of Bright Red Lipstick on me carpet has not faded, as it's still on me carpet, clear as day.  (above photo taken when it was first done)


So, it's raining... AGAIN.  Kinda over this wet summer we are having.
AND over standing on the scales to see a miserable loss of 400 grams.   Pfffft.  But I know it's a loss, so I should be happy I KNOW.  *sigh*
Going to go back over what I've had this week to see if I could have done better anywhere.

Kelly and Rena are here.  Toy box out.  'Stable Door' latched.  lol

I was going through my photos recently and found this photo for the Teddy I gave to Rena when she was born:

 ABOVE:  Rena's teddy when she was a newborn.

ABOVE: Rena's teddy NOW.  Much loved.  Looking it too.  I love seeing teddy's that have been loved.

ABOVE:  I cleaned her Teddy.  She's pink again.

ABOVE:  today is 'Day off Diet'... so I cooked cheese scones.  I had one and a half and was stuffed!  That is great.  Usually I could polish off double that.

Oh and Rena's Teddy is soaking in a bucket of napisan.  Hopefully it comes up looking a bit pinker?  She came out pink again.  (Photo above)

Who the hell do I blame for introducing me to Pinterest?   Several bloggers have told me about it, and this afternoon I finally had a look.  I've been 'looking' for hours now!  THANKS. lol
Awesome site.

End of Day:  wet all day.  Trapped inside with kids.... noisy kids... all day.  Ready to gag a couple.
ON TRACK:  not today.  Day off.  But been restrained.
nite nite


  1. So you have a good lock on each side? It will not take long for her to figure out how to drag a chair over and climb.

  2. Maybe it is the iron in her hand, but Brylee looks very grown up in that photo. Yeah, you are right, she probably won't think the ironing thing is much fun for long.
    I like your "Rena proofing" plan.

  3. My Grandma had a door like that, it was great (although I think she still had the child "proof" door knob thing on for a most of my years)

  4. Did you try insurance for the carpet?? We get claims like that so you may be lucky!

  5. Anonymous9:07 AM

    I know that type of door as a "Dutch Door". and I just LOVE them. Have never had any, but wish I did. Usually they are an outside door and the top part is glass, but inside would be great!! How clever of you!! ...debbie

  6. Love the child proofing.

    Give Brylee my love and tell her I said job well done. I'm proud of her. I don't iron much these days but I remember fondly!!!!! the hours spent at the ironing board with good music, singing along. It was quite relaxing. Next time won't take quite as long.

    Happy Birthday to Stew. Celebrate well.


  7. Ooooohhh I like that stable door and if Kelly doesn't don't come and stay then, or discipline Rena a little better! fullstop or your house will be ruined.

  8. Poor Rena I can see when she is 50yrs old she will still be told the story of how she ruined Nannas carpet with the lipstick. Time to move on

  9. Love the Rena proofing! Hope the rain stops and the kids can go outside soon....
    What is your official weigh in day?

  10. Love the door.... And exercise girl is what you need, you have agym in the garage just do it!!!!

  11. 2 years ago, i got my kids to iron their uniforms and it worked out well until my son burnt the iron. now i do their ironing. i don't have to iron me hubs clothing tho'.

  12. luv the door and the scones lol hope the teddy comes out brighter,try to have a nice relaxing day

  13. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Hey, A friend of mine shared this website with me and I thought "my virtual friend Chris" would Love this. Not necessarily the storage but it seems you get to collect little pictures / pins of cute ideas.

    Love the Rena proofing.

    Diet idea - although fruit is FREE - try to keep it to a minimum. I think you wrote earlier in the week you were aware of that, but I reckon a lot of us eat fruit thinking it won't hurt and like you said - it still contains fructose which is energy/calories.

  14. Love the half-door! My parents had one in the house I grew up in, and your picture made me think of it. It was very useful.
    You should work for a restaurant! You take such beautiful pictures of your meals. I could reach right in the laptop and grab that scone, it looks so good.

  15. Great idea with the door! That's fantastic.

    There is nothing better than a well-loved teddy bear. That makes me smile. Have fun with Rena and a very happy birthday to Stew.

    xo jj

  16. gilly8:56 PM

    if you have a treadmill - 4.5 km per hour every day and you will lose weight :) also best to exercise in the morning before eating as your body will use your stored fat for energy.

  17. Good idea on the door, smart too .
    Bis smile at scruffy ted , bigger smile at shampooed ted .
    The scone , I have never had cheese on a scone , I put grated hard cheese in the mixture and then butter
    Brylee , smart looking girl . Lovely shiny hair too

  18. Thanks for stopping by my pathetically empty Blog...yea Florida has a few cold days..not many but we cherish the change...actually October to March is gorgeous here...sunny and not too hot..after that it's brutal! Happy Birthday to him indoors..LOL

  19. LOL @ the ironing! 45 minutes on 1 dress? She didn't use starch did she? lol

    Let me know when you can get that lippy out. We have a red cordial stain on similar coloured carpet :o/

    On your back porch, whats that tall metal thing against the wall? Is that a candle holder?

    Love the teddy :o)

  20. I LOVE YOUR DOOR!! Your men are so handy. And Brylee. She is GORGEOUS!! She is going to have a lot of boyfriends if you don't lock her in the tower right now! :)

    I hope you are able to enjoy your time with Rena and that she minds you well.

  21. Anonymous3:28 AM

    Will have to look up Pinterest, I have no idea what that did a great job with Teddy, he was way past a wash job!! What a good Grammy!! ...debbie

  22. Great idea, I am curious, why half doors?

  23. O WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know which I love most ???? That Wonderful Stable door - or that yummy looking cheese scone? Any chance you might post the recipe????? I have never had one of those.

  24. Oh Chris - I did warn you and me about Pinterest - it is addictive!
    But gald you are enjoying it!

  25. You can blame me for sending you there for some weight watchers recipe.


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