Monday, January 16, 2012


PINKY ... who I am going to refer to as Lisa from now on... well Lisa and her family have frogs.  And tadpoles.  In tanks.  And her hubby feeds them flies he catches in his bare hands! 

Well anyway... now I want frogs.  Remember we had a little frog for a wee while, but I got 'guilted' into releasing it?  Well... now I wish I hadn't.  Cos there is nothing wrong with having frogs.   Common, everyday frogs, not endangered ones!   Edit:  the Green Frog (above) is an introduced frog to New Zealand, and while it is classed as 'endangered', it is the most populous frog in New Zealand, and it is not against the law to keep them as pets.  If that was so, you would not be able to buy them at a pet shop.

So... once we get home from our little holiday (we are going away at end of the week for a few days), I am going to get a tank and then a couple of tadpoles and frogs.

WELL..... I have to convince Stew first.  He said everything we get that is in a 'fish tank' dies.    So... maybe we will, and maybe we won't.  I hope we do though, cos frogs are cool.  And cute.
And not really slimy.  Not at all.

TODAY: seriously.  We have to get out and about.  I'm going stir crazy.  And I really, really want to do some shopping!  lol

I saw some lovely smoked fish down at the fresh fish shop in Westfield Mall, Manukau yesterday.  So I certainly want to go there.... and get some smoked salmon.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it....  


It didn't take much to convince Stew about frogs.
We visited two pet stores today, and looked at the tadpoles (99 cents each), and tiny little baby frogs, and tanks specifically for frogs/reptiles... and decided we would go ahead with my 'want'.

The second pet shop we visited had the perfect size tank ... and it was $239.  So I said "Let's get it"... so took it up to the counter and to our delight, it was a full $60 off!  SCORE!  I sure know how to find them .... without even knowing.  lol

ABOVE:  the terrarium we bought. We are not getting the tadpoles or frog until next week when we get home from Palmerston North.

Just going to have smoked salmon and coleslaw for lunch now...

Smoked salmon is quite oily!  Never knew that.  But, on a whole it was OK.  Might get non smoked next time ... hope it isn't oily?

I was hit with the 'can't keep me eyes open' bug after lunch, so I had a little nap for an hour.  While it was nice, I'm now feeling a bit blah.

End of Day:  dinner tonight was Tegel Chicken Sausages (4 PPoints each), mushrooms (0), Feta Cheese (3) and Basil pesto (2).  Well, that's what I HAD.  The rest of the family had the above plus potato wedges and coleslaw as well.
ON TRACK: but crabby.  
I will elaborate on the crabby-ness tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. All frogs are endangered now sorry to say...... even the common everyday frogs.

  2. <<<love frogs, they come to the pond but the koi are killers and will drown them if they catch them...
    :) hope you get out to do som shoping... Am not much of a shopper... need to become a seller and get rid of stuff here.!
    love n hugs

  3. Ha Ha Ha - have you been thinking about me frogs!
    They are fun!
    Have a great day hope you get some shopping in

  4. I hadtadpoles that turned into frogs, alas they escaped my mum was not impressed I was 7...

  5. I know they are not illegal to have, but what is happening is that majority of people have no idea how to look after frogs and they die...... and hence they are becoming more and more endangered.

  6. Not too sure about the frogs but I am drooling thinking of smoked salmon. Dont get it very often but had some lovely slices at Christmas as a starter with prawns. Oh goodness I feel hungry now.

  7. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Frogs? oh my! and who is going to catch the flies??? My heavenly day! he may starve to death!! hahahaha!! You are a hoot Ms Chris!! ...debbie

  8. Hi Chris,

    You could say everything we had in tanks died too, but that doesn't detract from the fact my parents (I think my Dad was behind it) had tropical fish that lived for a reasonable time before they died. I am thinking years, but time does weird expanding things when you are a kid, and shrinking things as you get older (hope it doesn't speed up too much more or I'll be gone before I know it).

    As for smoked fish, my uncle has a boat and goes fishing from time to time - he serves smoked fish on crackers, then fish for dinner. Mmmmm! Hope you enjoy yours!

    Penny xo

  9. I priced getting a frog set up here last year. Too expensive, although a friend has one on the cheap so I might revisit later this year. I've been into frogs since my teens, and when we were in Qld they were almost a pest. Here, in Adelaide, they just don't exist, and I have to tell you, I miss them!

    For obvious reasons...

  10. Anonymous12:16 PM

    I think the thought of keeping the last frog was sad because he was wild and would be confined to a tank instead of out there in "the wilderness". But if you raise one in captivity I don't have a problem with it. It's like cats - if you get one that has been a stray then expect it to live inside that's cruel.


  11. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Don't do it! If Stew says you kill things in a fish tank then don't do it! SAVE THE FROGS! WOMBAT

  12. Now I'm really jealous :-(

  13. You are hilarious! Have fun with your froggies!

  14. Well ok lets think this through. If a species is endangered and gets bred for the pet shops it's numbers are going up right? If you get tadpoles and hatch frogs your adding to the frog population right?

    BESIDES which it's the stinkin people who I care about more. Fuggedabout it and have yer frogs ya tart!!!
    Catch and release a few for the enviornmentalists.

    who is Steve dating?

  15. Awesome looking tank Chris - Puts ours to shame!
    Will post some pics tomorrow.
    Enjoy the fly catching
    Ha ha ha

  16. O Chris,
    I LOVE your new tank! How cool is that!!! Plus, really cool of Stew to be so sweet and supportive. He is a keeper!

    I love frogs too. When I dug my two small fish ponds in the front yard I could hardly wait to get everything working and then I settled back to wait for the frogs to come.

    It did not take long and then I could hear them singing their little hearts out at night. I would prop my pillows up at the foot of the bed and plop myself down with the window open and listen to their music. Of course they are "bullfrogs" & they grow pretty big.(They are the ones that people like to eat their back legs)But death to anybody that tries to gig my babies! I would have "murder" in my heart!

    Then last summer they laid eggs and I was blessed with tadpoles and watched them turn into real frogs! How EXCITING!

    You should have seen me crawling on my belly with the camera -trying to get a picture of one little guy who was about an inch high! He was so drop-dead cute.

    Plus , there is a toad(don't swim) who lives in my flower bed and eats bugs for me. I even bought him a little "toad house" so he would have a house and people would know to leave the occupants of the house along!

    I also love lizards - they come in different colors.

    I love your new tank and can't wait to see what you do with it & who your new "pets" will be.

  17. Ribbit, ribbit! :-)

  18. you should do what I a small pond in your yard, and they just show up every summer! Just like the movie said.."Build it and they will come." I get 7 or 8 frogs every summer. That's not counting the tree frogs in the Spring who sing rather loudly while my husband plays his guitar outside!

  19. Sooo very cool! And what a great way for the kids to learn about amphibians and life cycles when they are over your house!

  20. I hope that was not the same pet shop that said you could keep fish in the vase thing..... How wrong was that, remember most pet shops wil tell you anything to get a sale.

  21. That would be cool to watch the frogs grow and change. Here we see frogs in a local stream and then I can leave and not have to take care of them, yay! :)

    I like your banner about sticking to your guns and saying NO to people that drain your energy this year, Chris!

  22. I like frogs too. We made a pond to try and attract them to the yard, But it didn't work coz my pond was a fail :o/

  23. Yum to smoked salmon! :) And how exciting getting froggies! Rachel is very envious indeed!

  24. Oh are you coming down to Palmy. You can pick the smoothie book up if you like rather than me posting it as it is heavier than I thought. Ring or text me on 022 160 4404.

  25. Sharinganharvey6:42 PM

    Sooo jealous with respect to the frogs! Me and Steve had some we got from those Malaysian neighbours we had in Hamilton remember? Cool pets. Oh and about the salmon, particularly oily salmon is almost always farmed (due to their rich and optimal diet) and most women tend to dislike it, prefering less oily wild caught salmon (it is consideribly less oily, i guess due to the struggles of wild life?). So there ya go, next time inquire as to whether the salmon your buying is farmed or not.

  26. Anonymous7:20 PM

    We had frogs for dinner last night! Yum, yum!!

  27. Frogs are cool. I have always liked frogs. Many people in the Caribbean are terrified of them.

  28. Good luck with the frogs. Hope you have a nice get away. Enjoy your holiday.

  29. We use to have frogs in our pond. Don't know what happened to them (probably eaten), but they use to croak really loud at night in the summer.


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