Monday, January 30, 2012


Who would have thought watching the veges getting prepared could be so much fun?...

 ABOVE:  Bec suggested we try using the new Apple peeler/corer on potatoes... so we did.  And  it worked!  So last night we had curly fries baked in the oven.  Griffin was wrapt watching them being peeled and cut.

ABOVE:  we cut the 'core' bits in half and baked them too... no point wasting them.

Here's a few photos from yesterday's zoo visit:

 ABOVE:  such an improvement Steve... ya looking good!  

ABOVE:  yep, you too Brylee!

 ABOVE: our one and only elephant at Auckland Zoo...

ABOVE: so glad I'm not a girl tortoise, cos there's not much chance of running away from those pesky boys is there!

 ABOVE: can ya tell Steve took the photo?  Bit blurry... and just look at that 'girl pose' Brylee is perfecting!

ABOVE: two cute critters...

ABOVE:  and one not so cute critter.

 ABOVE: yep, another one Steve took....

ABOVE: cute little otter.


Steve and Griffin ... in the men's bathroom at the  zoo... both standing at a urinal, side by side doing the business:

Steve:  "Are you having fun?"  (meaning at the zoo)

Griffin looks over at him and replied: "That's a bit gay" ... followed with a withering look.

Too funny.   I suppose you had to be there!

Today:  making the most of Stew's last day on holiday.  If it's a nice day I hope we go to a beach....


STEVE has asked me to POINT OUT that he took the zoo photos... he wants credit for all of them.... which is fine as I wasn't even there!  lol
Clearly I wasn't there, I would never take blurry photos!  na na nah nah!

I was reading a magazine the other day which showed how to make your hair 'kinky' using a hair straightener... so I gave it a go on Brylee's hair just now:

ABOVE: how cool is that!  She loves it... and it was so easy to do.  Just make plaits then flat 
iron them, I used me GHD's and it was really fast.

We are off now to introduce Bec's to Sylvia Park, she's never been there....

Good fun at Sylvia Park.  Bec's was looking for a dress to her brother's wedding down in Invercargill... and found the most gorgeous, stylish dress in a super EXPENSIVE dress shop ...  but luckily for her the shop is moving to Newmarket, so everything was half price.  Even at half price is was a freaking expensive dress!

But, she's wrapt with it.  And that is the main thing.  Next she needs to find some accessories for it... so we spent some time happily looking in jewellery shops... and funnily enough we ended up looking at rings!  lol

She has modest tastes. Compared to me anyway!  

I just finished making meatballs for dinner, we are having them with sweet 'n' sour sauce over pasta.  YUM.

End of Day:  and my meatballs were really good!  Not dry and like cardboard at all... so many do end up like that... but not these ones.  Proud of that.
ON TRACK:  yes and no... been eating a bit more than I should in the past two days.
nite nite.


  1. In that picture of Braylee and Griffin it shows how much bigger Griffin is even though he is a year younger than Braylee. He is sure going to be one big young man!

  2. Curly fries! Awesome! I'd never have thought of that. Love your zoo pics, too. You have a real talent with that camera, lady. ;o)

  3. Credit where credit is due on the photos, I suppose. I totally want curly fries now. I love them.

  4. You guys are such a treasure. I loved all of the pictures. Loved Brylee's new do.

    I love Steve's "main squeeze" - she is so pretty & looks so sweet.

  5. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Never thought to do curlie fries like that! Great idea! Bet the kids thought they were super yummy! Enjoyed the zoo photos and I thought Braylees hair looked cute all curlie. It's nice to change up every so often!! ...debbie

  6. It looks like a blast to live at your house! I'm having fun just reading your blog, for gods sake. I love the curly fries!

  7. Looks like you had fun! That top pair of 'glasses' looks like bread.

  8. Curly potatoes, the zoo, AND crimped hair? You post is just jam packed with fun stuff today!

    The potatoes on the apple peeler reminds me of the potatoes they make at our State Fair. They have a jig set up similar to the peeler but it makes the spirals very thin and all the way to the middle. Someone uses a power drill to run the thing and the end result (after frying) ends up like a spiral of potato chips (or do you call them crisps). YummY!

  9. Love the zoo photos. We have not been to the zoo in ages. It's kinda small.


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