Monday, August 22, 2011


I took several short videos of the puppies trying to walk last night... wasn't that successful as they were trying to sleep... but here's one anyway:

OK forget that then!  I can't wait all day for it to download... will try again later.

Today:  going to do a grocery shop.  And keep our fingers crossed Steve gets a phone call saying he has a job???

 ABOVE:  Teddy getting spoilt on Steve's knee...

ABOVE:  he looks happy eh?  lol

ABOVE:  last night Stew and I took the dogs for a short walk... Coco was getting tired of being inside with her pups all day long obviously, as she escaped out the front door yesterday and we had a hard time getting her to come back!  some Mother she is!  Pffffft. 


I had a meeting up at the school this morning Re: Brylee.  The Special Ed Psychologist is closing her case with Brylee as she had done all she can.  All good.  Now I have to take her to Whirinaki (on their recommendation) to see if her anti-social behaviour is due to her feeling unwanted by Lacy?  *sigh*... so didn't want to go down THAT TRACK... and possibly give Brylee yet another reason to feel 'different'.

Steve was called back for a second interview at the job he interviewed for on Friday.  He will be told on Wednesday if he got the job or not.  AGAIN he has to wait. 

ABOVE:  maybe this video worked?  I've been trying since first thing this morning to get it to download!

ANON:  nope, it's Bee Bee (Big Bird).

Seems like I've been out and about a lot today... taking people here and there... and when I've been at home I've been playing that friggin new computer game!   Derrrrr.
Must go and sort out dinner now... Chicken Schnitzel and coleslaw me thinks.

End of Day:  had a lovely evening ... Lynda our coleslaw is very basic:  cabbage, carrot, onion, fresh herbs, spring onion, sometimes broccoli, grated beetroot and grated cheese. 
nite nite.


  1. O how sweet they are. Yea they really enjoy getting to "see the world"! LOL It is certainly good for us too. It is getting time for my crew to go with me on my walk-errr- our walk. LOL

  2. Anonymous10:46 AM

    how cute!! little wobbly but still a great job little puppy!! Hope Steve gets the job! fingers crossed!...debbie

  3. OMG how cute is that, good luck to Steve for todays interview.

  4. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Is that little tulip?

  5. Aww thats so cute. I want one.. yeah right.

  6. awwwwww how cute was that wee video :-)

  7. Fingers crossed for Steve, I hope he gets the job.

    Re Brylee - has anyone considered she is just a stroppy wee thing & that maybe there is nothing psychological about it at all?

  8. Good luck for Steve and the jog!! And... how do you make your coleslaw, I've never been able to make it yummy.

  9. Awwwwwwwwwwwww I finished work at 9.45pm tonight did a 13 hr DAY!!!!! i am tired sore and CRABBY BUT the video MADE it all better............. wish I had a spa pool.

  10. I saw the video. It's so exciting. I thought Coco looked nervous about the pup "walking". I would. A 2nd interview is a good sign. Good luck to your Steve. I feel for Brylee. So young and having to deal with all these. But with your love and support, I'm sure things will get better.

  11. My best wishes and best thoughts going out to Steve in regards to his job search!

    Those pups are just darn adorable now! Soon they will be running all over the house and getting in everyone's way.

  12. Oh my gosh, the video is precious! Before you know it they will be running all over the box, search for a way to escape!

  13. 700 for groceries?????

    thats insane! How much lobster do you guys eat down there, anyway???


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