Thursday, August 11, 2011


Steve finally found a name for his puppy... one that I approved of!  Some of his early names were bloody yuk!
Any way.... here is Steve and his boy:

ABOVE:  the puppy's name is KIBA... pronounced 'Key-Ba'.   I have NO IDEA where he got it from... but it's different and we like it.

TODAY:  taking Griffin to his Speld lesson... think I will go have a browse around Pukekohe while he's having his lesson.


I went shopping in Pukekohe... it was nice to buy some fabric ...

ABOVE:  I am going to make a Stay Open Bag with this fabic.... it's gunna look amazing! (yes, it's a KIWI Fabric)

ABOVE: these two will be made into Christmas Cards! 

Home now and catching up on some housework and a couple of 'tee vee' programmes I've taped...

OH and while I was out Steve re-arranged the Family Room so we have room to extend the puppie's area as they grow.  Photos on that tomorrow.

MIKE (sharinganharvey):  why thank you for your lengthy and informative explanation of Kiba's name.  Much appreciated I'm sure.

End of Day:  a nice day.  I got out and about and even got to buy some more fabric.  Gotta be happy about that.
OH and Lacy got engaged....AGAIN!
nite nite.


  1. I am on complete cute overload with Kiba! That little face and those tiny squeezed shut eyes!

  2. Oh he's SO cute!!!!!!!
    You do know I'm talking about Kiba don't you ;o)?!
    Awwww, just look at those teeny tiny toeses :o) - adorable.
    Joy :o)

  3. Does Kiba respond to "Key-ba"? Can't wait for the eyes to open. Wonder how the pups feel the first time they see you all. haha. The owl fabric has kiwis. (look like kiwis) Must be made in nz?

  4. Kiba's a great name!! But now you have me curious as to the first tryout ones. :)

  5. sharinganharvey4:17 PM

    Kiba is a japanese name inspired by the anime and manga series naruto. It translates to english as 'fang', an ironic name in my opinion considering the overall size and nature of the breed. Previous names Steve considered that i know of where Renji and Kuchki (also both Japanese names, though these 2 where taken from the anime and manga series Bleach). From this one can conclude that Steven is an avid fan of Japanese anime.

  6. Oh that little wee puppy is cuter than cute and those little feet ...........

  7. Very cute photos! Glad the pup has a name :o)

  8. Kiba is a good name, especially since I now know it means Fang!
    Love all the pics too!

  9. Hi Chris, Love, love all the pictures! Coco is so sweet with all her younglings!

  10. Thanks for the comment/ explanation! :)


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