Tuesday, August 16, 2011


 ABOVE:  lots of hail....

ABOVE:  don't think I'll be lounging on this chair for a while...

ABOVE:  My black car trying to be white.

So, this very rare Antarctic Storm is expected to stick around for today and then dissipate over the next couple of days.  I will miss the mad weather to tell the truth... but maybe not the cold!

If I can get the portable gas heater working today I might just do some sewing!  I spent a couple of hours in the garage yesterday sorting out all my fabric and my sewing drawers... my god they were in a right mess!   


Spotlight's Sale was nagging on my mind... I need batting, so I went down to the local Spotlight and got some more batting... and ummm, more fabric too.

ABOVE:  the fabrics I got today.  They are all going to be made into Stay Open (CUTE) bags.  After there we (Steve and I) went to The Warehouse for pool chlorine, but ended up buying puppy toys instead!

ABOVE: each puppy will have one each to take to their 'Forever Home'.

It's really, really cold today... but so far no rain/hail or snow.  We have had to turn the heating up inside for the puppies so they don't get cold.

ABOVE: IT. IS. FREEZING.  and Teddy has the best seat in the house.  It is raining, and we had hail a while ago too... though not as bad as yesterday.

I just dropped Brylee off at Gym.  I came home rather than sit in that huge building freezing me buns off!  The outside temperture is, right now,  4 degrees Celcius (39 F for you in the Northern Hemisphere)... Brrrrrr.

FELICITY:  No, none of the pups has opened their eyes yet properly.  Tulip and Pinky have one eye partly open though... so it can't be long now.  The little buggers spend 90% of their time sleeping so it's hard to get them to even THINK about opening their eyes!  lol

End of Day:  and by hook or by crook I am having a spa tonight.  I don't care if it's pissing down... so there.
nite nite.


  1. LOOK at your BEAUTIFUL "tropical" plants!!!!!!!!!!! Will this weather kill them????????????????????????

    We actually had hail in the next town too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!All these surprises!

  2. brrrrrrrrr keep warm :-)

  3. An absolutely horrid frost this morning WE were only 4 degrees yesterday all day but the mountains today glorious.....

  4. Antarctica storms should stay away from people!

    You know, I teared up a bit about the gifts you bought for the puppies to take away with them. Sniff.

  5. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Love the Duck Didn't you use to make some duck thingys?

  6. Cute puppies for the puppies. You're such a softie, lol.

    Glorious blue skies and even some sun, no rain, sleet or snow here. Shame, I felt like a kid outside in the snow yesterday.

  7. i need to get a life I have checked in several times today just to see if puppies have there eyes open yet should be working hehehe

  8. Lovely sunny day here yay, love the pic of Teddy in front of the fire.

  9. Wow! Hail??? I don't think I've ever seen so much of it :o)

  10. Just posted some photos of our snow today. It's so beautiful but a couple of days will be enough. Can't wait to see the puppies eyes.. they are so cute.

  11. Anonymous9:11 PM

    What a lovely blog to visit, full of good things. Those puppies are getting well looked after by Coco. Teddy looks like he is worn out just by the thought of all that hard work his little sister is doing. I love your many updates during the day I keep checking back to see if there is any puppy progress, I need to get a grip ( need to get a life lol) Chris xxx

  12. Wow! Here in southern Georgia, it is hot, hot, hot! My hubby would love some of your cold temps! :o)
    Cute fabrics! Especially the volkswagon print! And your pups got the treasure chest of puppy toys! haha that is a lot! Teddy looks nice and cozy too!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Thank you so much for your kind comment about my little cathedral windows quilt. I would love to see yours with the sashing!
    Pls stop by my blog if you get a chance. ...And stay warm! :o)

  13. I just love the photo of Teddy in front of the fire....it just warms my heart :O)

    Michelle x

  14. Hope you are staying warm despite the chilly temperatures! I think you should kick Teddy off the rug and take his spot for a time.

  15. Hail? In August? thats insane!

  16. Dobby was peaking over my shoulder as I read this last night and she spotted your Kombi fabric. Did I tell you last time how much she LOVED the card you made just for her? She felt very special. Just thought I'd share that with ya.

    Hope you have a lovely day and those little rascals OPEN THEIR EYES! Talk about suspense!


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