Monday, August 08, 2011


ABOVE:  and all the puppies have now gained about a third of their birth weights!  Can you see how much bigger they are?  I can.

ABOVE: I moved the Whelp Box out into the Family Room, as Coco was wanting to be with us and not closed off in a bedroom.  She's happier now... and even takes 'time out' from the pups when they are all asleep.  

ABOVE:  But, she is ever so attentive, she keeps on going back and checking on them.  It's so darn cute to see her fuss over them.

Today:  kids back to school, Stew to work.  Steve and I?  More of the same... home/housework/watching the pups grow. 
Steve is waiting to hear about his last job interview... I hope this lot actually get back to him.  The job interview he had a gew weeks ago sounded hopeful, but they simply did not get back to him.  Not nice if ya ask me.


ABOVE:  is our Whelping box too big... or are our puppies just too small?  lol
I wonder how it will look in about 3 weeks time?  I bet there is a lot less room in there!

LEIGH:  I think Coco will miss her pups once they are gone... but I'm sure she will be fine as we are keeping one of the boys (Steve has adopted him). 

Remember, this is our FIRST time breeding a dog... so it's all new to us too.

I can't believe how this day has dragged on!  Steve and I have done bugger all today!  OK... I baked some scones! But that's about all!
Lazy Tart I am.

End of Day:  Can't believe how awful I feel when I've done NOTHING today!  Think I will be getting out and about for a while tomorrow.
nite nite.


  1. Congrats to Khady on the house!!!

    And Coco could not be more cute. Do you think you will use the whelping box again?? :)

  2. Congrats to Khady, too! We may be looking to sell ours soon!

    The puppies are so adorable! I'm loving your pictures. This one of Coco checking on them is precious!

    Enjoy the weeks to come!

    Thanks, too, for stopping by my egg story! It was silly, but fun to write!


  3. Ok... I'm waaaaay too busy to read another blog, but I got suckered in by the puppy pictures and hooked by your humor. Darn that Cheaper than Therapy blog! I find too much good reading through her! Looking forward to following! We are parents of four teens and helping to raise a grandson. Might pick up a bit of wisdom from you. Or at least some sass!

  4. Congradulations on all the cute little pups, they just so CUTE!!!!

  5. Leigh9:58 AM

    Do mum dogs miss their babies when they go or are they relived to be back to normal? I know nothing about dogs. Cats don't seem to be worried, hope it's the same for Coco

  6. Anonymous10:54 AM

    None of our dogs have ever missed their puppies too the time they get to 10 odd weeks they are pissing their mothers off so much they've got to wave goodbye to them! :)


  7. They are so cute. Our dog had one litter and I was beside myself when the 12 weeks were up and they had to go to their new homes. We even kept one and one went to a neighbour and I was still so upset, I cried and cried. I am such a sook. It is amazing to watch your dog become a good mother. Your huge welling box is great. As ours grew the kids would get them out of our box and by 12 weeks they were full of mischief we still have chew marks.

  8. The puppies are fabulous. Isn't it just lovely to read about something nice like little cute puppies. I get so much joy and happiness just reading about them. We (that is all the blog readers) will be a little sad when we say goodbye to them, but unfortunately that is life. I get upset just thinking about it. Love to Teddy - love love the photos previously - he is a gorgeous little guy. Martine xx

  9. Those puppies are so cute, it must be so exciting to watch them grow (and I imagine REALLY hard to have to let them go).

    Good luck to Steve for the job, I really do not understand how people cannot be bothered to let someone know if they don't get a job, it doesn't take long & quite frankly it is just good manners.

    Have a great day puppy watching.

  10. Hi Chris

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! That was nice and quick of you!

    That 30-second tent is wonderful! Here's what it looks like -

    When I put my photos up on my blog I'll add a vid too :-)

  11. Confused?? I thought you were only allowed two registered dogs per household up there?? I dont see Steve moving out anytime soon and I dont see you re-homing Teddy or Coco, how are you able to have the third pup?

  12. Of course now I'm curious what you blocked out in that picture lol. Just ignore me for being nosy ;)

    I keep checking back to see if you posted anymore cute puppyness :)

  13. my goodness they are too cute! they will be such little balls of cuteness in 10 weeks!!!

  14. Chris

    Love that photo of Miss Coco looking over the whelping box to check on her babies. You are doing so well. Martine xx

  15. They have grown alot and no the whelping box is just fine. So pleased to hear the SIL got the house, fingers crossed for Steve.

  16. oh so cute... but big mummy and daddy have their work cut out for them... get plennty of rest... babies aere tiring... PS:I want a little one... that will stay that way...
    Hugs Dawn x x x


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