Sunday, May 01, 2011


I don't care WHAT the weather is like today... I am going to have a blissful day.

I'm going to literally lock myself in the garage and I'm going to sew to me heart's content.

Them upstairs can do whatever the hell they like... they just better not annoy me! I have had very little time to myself for the past two weeks... and I'm over it.

ABOVE:  two photos Amanda sent me last night of Emily... who we don't get to see again until NEXT weekend!  So long.....

The other great thing about today is ... ONE MORE SLEEP and the kids are back at school.  I know it means back into routines, making lunches, homework etc.... but at least I will have 'me' time back.

ABOVE:  a quilt made using 'stings' of fabric... I want to make some 'doillie' type 'rugs' for the small shelving unit by the front door today using strings.  The shelves get masses of dust on them so I want to cover the tops ... so that's what I'm gunna do today.


Pffffft!  Instead of sewing.. Stew dragged me off to do the grocery shopping. 
Then I had to make everyone lunch... and now? 
Finally going to get back to me sewing...

ABOVE:  so there ya have it... 9 striped blocks ready to  put together into shelve toppers!  I'm happy with how they all came out.. and they didn't even take much time either. 

Cooking dinner now.. NACHOS again, they are so yummy.

End of Day:  it was lovely to finally get some sewing done... and watched a few of me favourite tv programmes too!
DIET: good
nite nite.


  1. that Emily is adorable... and I was told to tell you that Halo loves her yellow elephant an she sleeps hugging it every night...
    Love n hugs and have a great day!

  2. That little Emily is the absolute "cutest"! Who ever took the picture has a really sweet camera to capture her beautiful complexion. Plus, catching her beautiful little mouth as she is talking to them. She is such a doll.

    I like your idea about the dollie rugs for the shelf. If you need any more dust I would be glad to send you some.!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  3. Amanda and Andrew did GOOD, Emily is the cutest thing I am over UNPACKING and tidying but at 1.30am I did more until 4.30am neighbours were partying!!!!

  4. Sounds like you like grocery shopping about as much as I do ... when it has to be done. At least Stew went with you - my husband has been piking out lately. I'm really good at putting the groceries in the trolley - just loathe the loading them onto the checkout and the packing and unpacking bits. Happy sewing this afternoon!

  5. I hope you manage to get a bit of time to yourself.

  6. Locked in a room - sewing!
    What a great way to spend a day!

  7. After over a year of not being able to comment on any blogs we have today got it sorted. I love your blog and I read it every day. Love your family and am always in awe of your creativity. Your home feels a very happy home and I confess I too am a clean freak...well one never knows who might visit!!! I only live 30mins from Buckingham Palace. Looking forward to commenting...keep on posting xx

  8. Here in England we call those doilies ,table runners . cute baby--cottonreel

  9. She looks so cute peeking out of that outfit!


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