Saturday, April 30, 2011


ABOVE:  Worth the wait, Kate looked absolutely beautiful!

ABOVE:  I hope they live a long and blissfully happy life. 

And in our humble home:

After breakfast today Stew is taking Joshua and Damien back to Whitianga.  Steve and Griffin are going too for a day trip.

Brylee and I are staying home and doing the housework...

Then once I'm happy with my house Brylee and I are going out for lunch and a bit of shopping.

I'm sure we can find a few pretty pretty's to buy!  Brylee is a real girly girl and loves dresses, jewellery and such like.  We are going to have fun.

So for now I am breathing a sigh of relief that shortly the house is going to be quiet again... AND CLEAN!


IT'S QUIET!  Stew has just left with the boys... I said goodbye and waited for a kiss and cuddle... but they just walked out the door and got in the car!  That sure made me feel flat. 

Brylee and I worked on the house for 4 hours straight... then went to the mall and had a nice lunch and a shop around:

ABOVE: Mine...

ABOVE:  Brylee's

ABOVE:  rather cute... OH and we also bought her some new winter school shoes.

ABOVE:  for the house.

Going to sit down and do NOTHING AT ALL for the next hour!

Hee hee... we fell asleep... me and Brylee. 
The guys got back from Whitianga safely and Stew took us all out for dinner.

End of Day: really happy with how much housework I got done today!  I know, I'm weird.
DIET: good.  And I worked off heaps of 'points'.
nite nite.


  1. Until the next batch comes over :)

  2. Ys, the wedding was beautiful.
    Sounds like a fun girls day for you and Brylee, well, except for the cleaning.

  3. Loved the wedding, the dress (the lace arms are gorgeous!!), and the hats (the bigger, the better!) and the .... I could go on. BBCAmerica has played it nonstop since three o'clock this am. I've watched it about three times.
    About the kiss and cuddle.. boys will be boys. My nephews are four and five and still love hello and goodbye hugs, but they will grow out of that soon probably. Sniff, sniff. Where's my crytowel? Anywho, as long as you love them, they will know.

  4. I'm with you on the clean house AND I LOVED the wedding it was just gorgeous!!!! Sorry your hubs missed the cuddle it was his loss!

  5. We watched the rugby, basketball WHOOP WHOOP the wedding it was spectacular!! we went to bed 1am a bitr tired FROST here beautiful day though.... Kids boys in particular short on hugs and smooches at times.

  6. with kids you have to remind them and make the move for a kiss and cuddle. It's not something they think of as etiquette when leaving someone's place. Don't take it personally, just next time jump in first.

    Enjoy your girly day, it'll be lovely for Brylee to have you all to herself for a bit :-)


  7. I was up getting ready for work, so I watched the wedding, too. It was beautiful! I feel like you... I hope they live a long happy life together.

    Nothing like a quiet, clean house is there, Chris? It's been a long time since I've seen it!!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. I totally know that "flat" feeling. Sadness.

  9. Haha Steve still chalking up those points? You know what kids are like. You want a kiss and cuddle - just go get it.


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